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I'm going to be 59 this year and I've lost a...

I'm going to be 59 this year and I've lost a considerable amount of weight the last couple of years that has given me this horrible sagging skin producing large jowls and turkey neck. Really, my face looks like a popped baloon! I'm not trying to look younger, just want to look healthy and rested.

So I'm going for a complete face lift including neck, middle face, upper and lower eyes and brow lift. I'm scared, that's for sure. Scared of the pain, how long the recovery time, will I look like a scared clown after, will everything turn out okay?

Been watching You Tube which probably isn't a good idea. They are so rough with your skin!! Wouldn't you think that would cause excessive brusing?? Can't they be nice and gentle and produce less brusing? Seems like they are in a hurry. Well, I'm in a hurry to recover.

US doctors with facilities etc in California are charging anywhere from $15-25K and even more. Costa Rica or Mexico doctors including lodging and air fare around $10K. Staying 10 days. I've got the 10K cash so it looks like that's they way I'll go. Financing my facelift, well just seem wrong.

I've read more good than bad reviews on CR and MX doctors. Just need to choose one.

Any input is appreciated. I've been looking at Dr. Luis Suarez in Tijuana. I like that TJ is close to home so just in case, no big deal to go back. Also my daughter will be going with whomever I choose for a breast lift and implants. Mother/daughter experience. Suarez looks like he does more body type plastic surgery than he does facelifts.

Almost ready to make my decision on doctor. I am...

Almost ready to make my decision on doctor. I am learning so much about this type of surgery. Anyone had a Z-Plasty incision? One doctor told me because I have so much extra skin on my neck he would do one under my chin. I'm looking at around 6 hours of surgery. YIKES! Here's some before pics.

I'm in Tijuana and surgery is tomorrow. Scared but...

I'm in Tijuana and surgery is tomorrow. Scared but feel confident in my decision. Will post pics as appropriate. Wish me luck!

We had surgery yesterday. Me a full face lift and...

We had surgery yesterday. Me a full face lift and chin implant and my daughter a breast lift and implants. We are at the Marriott in Tijuana recovering. Dr. Luis Suarez and his staff were wonderful!!! We've had a great experience so far. The hotel staff is very helpful and kind. I have some pain especially in my chin and neck area which needed the most work. Here's some pics when then took off the bandages today.

Day 3

Neck hurts a lot, but that's where the most work was done. It feels itchy and burns. Eyes feel tight like stitches are kinda pulling. See the doctor tomorrow and hope to go home Saturday. This has been harder than I thought and more pain than I thought. But my neck and jowls were pretty bad plus I had a small chin implant. My neck is totally purple. I am sure things will be better soon.

Day 4

Today I saw the doctor and got the stitches out of my eyes and neck where he did the lipo and chin implant. Still have a lot of pain in my neck area. I can see the bruises are fading fast.

Day 6

Tomorrow will be 1 week since my surgery. I am happy how fast the bruising is turning yellow and leaving especially around my eyes. My neck is pretty uncomfortable and it's stiff, numb, kinda lumpy and feels really tight. The incision under my chin also hurts. They did lipo and chin implant there also. The area around my ears is also very tight. One side looks really good, the other is purple, super tight and lumpy looking. Been sleeping a lot and I'm sure that helps with the healing. This has been a lot more than I had anticipated and the pain also more than I thought. A month from now I'll let you know if I think it's all worth it or not.

Not Happy Right Now

My left side is really purple and the skin looks like it is going to peel off. The right side looks like I think it should.

Right Side Looking Much Better Than Left

Wonder why?

Couple new pics 1 week post-op.

1 week post-op.

How Long After Surgery Did You Start Wearing Make-Up?

It's been 8 days now and I'm scared to put any eye make-up on yet.

Look, I have a jaw and neck again!

Today is day 9 and the swelling and bruising are healing nicely. Still have that ugly patch on my left side that looks burnt and blistered but it's a little better. Getting more feeling back in my face but the neck is still numb and hurtful. I hope this isn't it for my eyes because I really wanted more eyelid showing.

Swelling Keeps Going Down

Numb and leather feeling on the sides of my face.

Day 14 - One Step forward, two steps back.

Well, I guess we'll blame it on not wearing the compression garment as often and as long as I should. I hate wearing it. I home office and I can't hear on the phone. Makes you feel like you're in a bubble. My neck is swollen and looks like I've taken some steps back.


Well today I decided to put on a little make-up and pop on a wig I have. I still can't do my hair yet as I still have about 6"-8" of stitches in my scalp that will come out in a few days. I am still swollen and with green/yellow bruises. But I have to share a few pics. I know it will only get better, but for 16 days out I'm pretty happy so far with the results!

Almost 4 Weeks Post-Op

On Tuesday June 11th will be exactly 4 weeks. I still have some swelling and bruising and tenderness on my neck. I wear the wrap often when I'm home and all night sleeping to keep the swelling down in my neck. Still numb in areas around my cheek and front of my years. Some other minor irritations but really doing well. My daughter took a before pic (no makeup or hair done) as we were waiting in the lobby of the Marriott to be taken to the clinic for surgery so I've added that and then a few taking today. To don't like having to style my hair forward around my face to cover the ear scars, but hey a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Not Turning Out So Well 3 Months Post Op

I must say, things are starting to fall down. The swelling in my last pics looks good. Now that it's almost all gone, I'm well...very disappointed. I've got these dimple looking things at my mouth, my eyes are uneven even more than before and my neck is sagging and still numb and sore to touch. Still have some numbness around the front of my ears. Not turning out a well as I hoped for. Do I look better than before? Maybe, just a little.

Time for a revision? Maybe.

Well it's almost 7 months now. I don't want to take anything away from Dr. Suarez. I think he did a great job and my experience with him and his staff was wonderful. I would choose him again. Maybe I have too high expectations. Yes, probably I do.

What I don't like. My chin is sagging some and when I'm not smiling like in the pic, I have small jowls and dimples at the corners of my mouth.. I gained 7 lbs since surgery, but I still have a little waddle at my neck. I had an injury that kept me from being very active for the last several months, but I'm better now so I'll get back to some walking and light weights. My one eye brow is much higher than the other. It was already before surgery, but now it's even worse.

People tell me it looks natural and not too tight or weird which I was trying for. I'm still numb in my neck area and in front of my ears and it's very slowly going away.

This picture was just taken last week on Thanksgiving.

My daughter is over the moon about her breast lift and implants and really happy she had it done.

Dr. Luis Suarez Tijuana, Mexico

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