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So I realized my reviews were wrongfully cataloged...

So I realized my reviews were wrongfully cataloged so Im switching them over so they are appropriately found.

so starting from the most important one:

Last minute consultation/Pre-OP Appointment scheduled
14 Oct 2016 5 days pre
A lot has happened since I submitted my very first review on here.

So to cut it short and be specific about said things I'll reverse and start over. As you may know I reside out of the country; however, I wanted to do my surgery somewhere there are board certified surgeons and with someone who has experience working with complicated cases like mine.

I had posterior surgery for scoliosis when I was 12/13 years old and due to my muscular/skeletal system being asymmetrical (scoliosis) my case is a not average to say the least. I decided I would prefer to do my second surgery (in life...ever) in similar conditions as the first ie: at home so my family would be able to assist me in healing. So after searching on RS for doctors and reviews of doctors in Sacramento I decided I wanted to have my surgery with Dr. Scott Green at TPSC (Sac/Rosv in northern Cali).

I am flying a lot so it is hard to calculate timing and availability for this such as this, but I have fortunately been scheduled time off for vacation this month. I contacted the PSC hoping to schedule a last minute appointment within two weeks of having the surgery.

So after much going back and forth in between my working schedule I was able to schedule a pre-op appointment for the 13th of October (yesterday) under the premise of paying the total balance cash at that appointment. That appointment was bright and early at 7 am at their Sacramento facility. My mother and I were welcomed but the receptionist who handed me a small stack (exaggeration much) of papers and asked me to go to their waiting room. Their waiting room was lovely and my mother and I were shortly ushered to the back to discuss things with one of the coordinators.

In total we spent the bulk of the appointment discussing things with her of which I practically knew after doing so many years of research. Then the doctor came in to have a short brief with my mother and I before going to his surgery. He examined and asked me what I was considering and then we talked about the complications i could potentially have. Due to one breast being significantly smaller than the other (and not wanting to get a lift on the larger one because Im adamant about not having those scars of any hindrances to a future breast feeding possibility as I do not have any children yet) we are faced with many options that each carry their own risks.

So the known factors we discussed:

I prefer silicone (no saline)
No lift
Ok with them being "cousins" and not identical twins

Option 1: Get them over the muscle.

Pro: With doing so Dr. Green would be able to significantly predict how the implant would settle into the created pocket and influence with the implant settles behind the nipple on the left hand side to make the appearance better than the disproportion I currently have.

Con: On the right side (my smaller side with less tissue) the tissue could be so considerably smaller and with this being the smaller size it will need to have a larger implant to get as close to the "size" the left will be. With having less tissue the implant may be easily felt or "seen" as there might not be enough tissue coverage.

Option 2: Get them under the muscle.

Pro: There will be no issue with coverage from the tissue as the implant is under the muscle and I have sufficient breast tissue that will make that "natural-looking" so my right side would not be affected. Also doesn't interfere with future mammograms (once I start them), and I will be able to forego doing mri's for that.

Cons: There is no way to fully know how the implant will react as the muscles contracts and then proceeds to heal. So on the left (the larger side) the implant may not settle into the pocket that Dr. Green creates for it and I will have one breast (the right side) that falls perfectly in to place but then the other having an increased off nipple placement.

After going over these Dr. Green had to go to begin his surgery and left me with these things to think about and update him the morning I return for the surgery. Once he left we decided on doing sizers. Of which I did notice there was a bit of a push towards going more modest on the 300 side. I wasn't quite pleased with the proportion with the 300, so we tried 400 and then 450. 450 gave me more of the proportion I wanted. My mother liked the 400's.

The coordinator wrote 400-450 on the paperwork and asked me to bring in photos of "wish boobs" for the day of surgery so we can finalize on the decision. From there I left the coordinator to proceed to Kelly who deals with finances. Kelly is "different". She's very nice but very serious and seemingly was disappointed that I asked if there was a possibility of a paid-in-full cash discount. Although she was disappointed they did remove 200.00 from the total cost and I paid 6,600.00 to secure and reserve my operation with Dr. Green on the 20th of October at 10 AM.

I still am heavily weighing the pro's and con's of those options and would love to hear some opinions from you guys.


Nervous T- few hours ????

I am so nervous right now. After catching two flights to arrive home last night, I finally made it to Sacramento.

After arriving home I wen tot target to buy the staple items... Leggings and loose button up top, some tank tops and one dress which will be the items I will wear over the next two weeks.

I have been having moments of doubt and feelings of regret before even doing this. Mostly I am anxious. I know this is best for me. If y'all are around or reading this, please comment so I can have something to do this next 24 hours so that I will stop stressing lol.

This is it...

This morning I will be saying goodbye to my asymmetrical breasts. Something, I have looked forward to for years and learned to accept that would just be a part of me forever. Somehow I figured I would have to forever deal with this due to my scoliosis, but not any longer ??; At least, not to this extent. I'm nervous but excited as well.

Time to go shower with dial now and remove all of my piercings.

Wow that was quick!

On the other side!

I can't help but to think I went a tad too small.

375cc-L (high profile) -MENTOR SMOOTH ROUND
535cc-R (ultra high profile) -MENTOR SMOOTH ROUND

Day of surgery update P.1

So on the day of surgery I was getting so nervous. I didn't honestly think I could go through it without anesthesia.; but, the was no turning back.

I needed to. E there around 9 to do my urinalysis and started talking to me to get the needed information as well as playing my requested maroon 5 to calm me down wearing me into a relaxed state of mind.

At this point I was waiting for he doctor to come and mark me up and discuss final placement
Concerns/issues. After having time to think about over or under the muscle I chose under. From here he asked me to stand and he marked me up until he finally said, "you know that could work. Your crease is in fairly the same position, likewise with the nipples being fairly same position just one droopy breast.

Further he explained that the right breast would be going nowhere, but the left may still have some droop. After Dr. Green left to do his preparation the friendly surgical assistants we like now let's administer you some feel good medications. She gave me one for nausea and then entered the one to make me drowsy. I remember telling her that it was making me slightly dizzy and heavy and then I was waking up to ok let's get you dressed sweetie. Your ride is here.

Part 2 coming up next

I cried like a newborn

Today was the absolute worst, yesterday I was ok. Today I had to come in to meet with one of the doctors who wasn't my surgeon (but he was very kind and considerate) and I was given the strap today. This is no joke. The pain is honestly like unbearable as I feel as though there are ten little children sitting on my chest at one time.

I'm also feeling these fire and burning sensations.

I will no longer

Be posting. I figured my unique situation would be helping anyone but there is no one reading. So maybe I should focus on healing. If you'd like to ask questions, let me know.

Morning boob is real

I hate it so much.

They're sooo heavy. But I'm only 6 days out.

So that draft was started at six days out and here I am now at exactly 2 weeks out from the surgery. Not sure if I am just getting used to them or why but they don't feel as heavy anymore and the swelling has gone down.

Boob greed may be setting in but I do know that they will keep changing over the next few months. As of now I think they're perfect. My right incision has been a little troublesome no discharge or anything it's just the scabbing and the tape fell off this side first so the scar looks a bit weird. I keep telling myself not to stress as again I'm only two weeks out.

My nipples are so sensitive!!

I have attached some photos for anyone who may be viewing but I don't think anyone is. I already love how I look in the same outfits but now with my augmentation.
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

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