Coolsculpting for Advanced Practice Nurse to Abdomen and Flanks with Coolcore Applicator. Sacramento, CA

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I'm 5'9" and 128 lbs. I've always had a tummy and...

I'm 5'9" and 128 lbs. I've always had a tummy and its the primary place where I gain weight, especially after having 2 children. I chose CS over sculpsure because of its proven record over 5+ years. Sculpsure is just out over one year and proven results long term are yet to be seen. And yes, sculpsure is a lot faster procedure but I didn't mind putting in the time if CS is proven to work.

My esthetician marked my belly and took before pictures. I had CS done in a diamond shape with the coolcore applicator placed around my belly button (4 quadrants took 4 hours) and read this is a great way to have it done by a RS highly reviewed plastic surgeon. The coolmax applicator would have been too large on me. The first applicator was placed on my lower abdomen and it wasn't too bad - just took my breath away with the suction that it created..just told myself to breathe from my lungs instead of my belly. After about 5-6 minutes it didn't bother me and I watched a documentary on netflix.

Day 1-4 were fine, just numb and some general swelling with dull ache on the abdomen but tolerable until last night (night of day 4). I've been wearing a compression garment since right after procedure. It has helped with the general swelling and I tell myself that it will help my skin to retract nicely. I have been working out with weights and cardio day 2 and day 3 without any problems.

Anyway, I'm on day 5 and was awoken last night with burning and pins/needles type pain. So I took 200 mg Neurontin and lathered 5% lidocaine ointment to my belly with good results as I went back to sleep easily. I prepared myself by reading up on the pain and neuropathy that can occur with CS (here on RS) so I have been taking neurontin 100mg at night since night 2 even though I was comfortable (so as to have it take effect quicker when days 5-10 roll around and wanted neurontin to work) I had read that neurontin has to build up a few days in your system.

Heres what I recommend that has worked for me:

1) Compression garment has helped with swelling and possible skin retraction but no guarantees folks!

2) Neurontin early (under physician supervision) at night until needed more frequently.

3) Lidocaine ointment (or Biofreeze over the counter at drug stores-has worked well for many here on RS)
4) Drink plenty of water and exercise to maximize chance of good results!

I'm anticipating more of the same pain for the next few days. I will post more when I see results or if I don't.

8 weeks

3 month update

I can see the difference! However, I have an obvious unevenness above the belly button now. Wondering if another treatment above the unevenness would smooth this out? I think i need one more treatment to the lower abdomen as well. Top pic is before CS. Bottom pic is post CS @ 3 months.
Destination Aesthetics

I'll review them after I get results! Overall Destination Aesthetics is a booming practice for facial procedures- botox, fillers, facials, Ultherapy. Also a busy practice for CS!

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