Double Chin, Neck Lipo - Done..finally - Sacramento, CA

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So I FINALLY got my upper eye lift and neck lipo 2...

So I FINALLY got my upper eye lift and neck lipo 2 weeks ago. This review will focus on the neck lipo for now.

The day after surgery I was very swollen and bruised around my neck. and the day after, and the day after. I have been using ice/warm compresses and 2 weeks later I am still VERY swollen and VERY puffy and Im getting so depressed. I look worse than before. My face looks weird because my jawline is so puffy. I know it takes time and all that but I cant go out in public and it's so uncomfortable. I have been wearing compression but it makes me feel like Im suffocating so it's hard to keep it on.

I am VERY frustrated at this point that the swelling hasnt even remotely gone down. Thankfully I work from home. If I had to go back to work there is just no way. You cant wear a scarf high enough to cover it up. ive seen no improvement and there are hard areas. My doctor said all of this is normal but its very difficult to live like this. (Not to mention the 2 black eyes from the eye lift)

No photos yet- too depressing

Day 14 not much improved

I'm still swollen and lumpy. I've been trying to do warm compresses three times a day. I do need to get better about using the compression garment at night but at this point you would think I would see some improvement

3 months- doing better

Swelling has gone down but it is still more puffy than I'd like. I think losing some weight will help push this along. We will see.
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