Binelli lift with augmentation

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I'm having difficulties deciding what I want to do...

I'm having difficulties deciding what I want to do and who I want to do it. It's between two doctors, Dr. Scott green in Sacramento or Dr. Murphy in Reno. They both have amazing before and after pictures of their work. Dr. Murphy is the master of breast surgery his results are just immaculate, but he's in Reno and I am in the Sacramento area so I feel that it would be more convenient for me in case anything unexpected happens to just get it in Sacramento. I also can't decide whether I want a full lift with augmentation or a Binelli with augmentation. I would go The full lift except for I'm afraid I won't be able to go as big as I want. I'm thinking I need another consultation with Dr. Scott Green in Sacramento because he was my very first consultation and I didn't really ask all the questions that I have now after so many months of research.

I've finally made my decision!

So I went back and had another consult with dr.scott green and decided on a donut lift with augmentation. I just called and scheduled my surgery date this morning and it is going to be with dr green in Sacramento April 7th and I am beyond excited!


My b4 pics. I can't wait to post some afters!

Finally decided what size I want!

So I'm 3 days away from my surgery now and can't wait!! I went in today to try on dozers again because I was very confused and indecisive at my pre-op. So I've decided to up with 525cc. I'm 5'7 162 with larger chest and am just all around big boned so I think they will be the perfect size and still look nation my frame. I wanted large but not too large so I can dress them down or up so we will see how they turn out!!

Today's the day

On my way to my surgery as we speak! They called me lastnight and told me to be there at 11am (surgery supposed to be at 1pm) then they call me as I'm on my way and ask if I can come earlier @10:30. So it gave me some anxiety but it's good to know I might not have to wait that long to get on since I am hungry lol. Wish me luck????


All done and on my way back home. Feeling pretty good but really soar and tired. So I went on wanting 525 moderate profile and ended up coming out with 480 ultra high ????lol. He couldn't fit the 525 in. It honestly I'm kinda glad because they look good size! I have total faith in my doc so hopefully I will be very pleased with the finals results.

Implant card


6hrs post op

I'm able to be up and moving around just fine but there is a good amount of pain, as expected, but nothing I can't handle. With th pain meds of course!

Post op report

So, I had my post op yesterday which was Monday the 11th. Everything went fine of course I had a lot of questions for him because when I came out of surgery with was the opposite of what I thought I was getting. I went in to surgery wanting 525cc to 550cc Mod to mod plus profile and I came out with 480 UHP. We never really did discuss the actual profile that I wanted before surgery so I guess I just assumed, because I have a larger rib cage, that that's what I would be getting. Apparently the decision of which profile used is from your BREAST diameter and not your chest diameter. So that being said i'm just waiting to see my final results that I will end up with and hoping I will be happy with it. As for the size change she said that when he put the Sizer's and he was trying to go higher and my nipples started turning purple and then Wyatt so we were stuck with the 480 mL rather than going higher. I'm totally fine with his choice with that being said because I would rather keep my nipples, lol. So that's how my 1st post op went and my pore boobies look like frankinboob LOL.

3 days post op????

3 days post op I have FRANKEN BOOBS! Lol. I'm feeling really good with a little chest soreness but totally off my pain meds since sunday ( my surgery was Friday).

1 week and a day post op

Healing process has been going well WAY LESS pain than expected. Now that they are healing and stretching they have been ITCHING like crazy. All the incisions especially the ones in the fold because my bra rubs on it. I keep gauge over all my incisions and have been using Polysporin as recommended by my PS to reduce risk of infection and keep the area clean. I have also been using bio oil to avoid stretch marks because I felt my skin was getting itchy from stretching as well. I've been very careful to keep the Bio oil away from my incisions though. First ill put all the new dressings on then I will just on put the oil around it.

2 different breasts, one with double bubble

So it's been about 2 months since surgery and I could tell pretty early on that one was different. I've talked to my doctor and he said he lowered my left crease on purpose because he thought it needed it ( I'm positive my creases were even before surgery) so I don't know exactly why BUT I do know I'm going to need another surgery to correct this problem. I will be seeing my PS agian July 11th which is 2 months from my previous appointment because he said he didn't want to make any corrections until they were more settled (which I completely agree even though I want them fixed now) so we will see what he says and go from there. I really hope that they don't expect me to pay more because we will have a big problem since this is 100% caused by a procedure that didn't need to happen. Also I am COMPLETELY HAPPY with my right breast and just want the left to look the same!
Dr. Scott Green

After over 6 months of research I've chosen who I think is the best Surgeon in the area with great reviews and great work that I've seen on his page. So far he is very kind and knowledgeable. I feel I'm in good hands and am anticipating my date!

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