Two Part Breast Lift then Implants After Massive Weight Loss. Age 55 - Sacramento, CA

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Lost 125lbs 3 years ago doing a meal replacement...

lost 125lbs 3 years ago doing a meal replacement type diet that my insurance paid for. I was planning on being a fabulous babe afterwards. Instead I was a grotesque monster and could not even look at myself naked. My boobs were the worst. After breastfeeding 5 kids, wt loss and age I just had wrinkled empty sacks. For a long time I would cry every time my husband tried to touch them. I had always had large breasts which I knew he loved and it just killed me to be so ugly now. He would always say he loved them no matter what but how could anyone be excited over an empty sack! I could roll them up and stuff them in a bra for a decent look but without a bra I was flat down to my tummy. I tried to get the insurance to pay for a repair. I have a pacemaker and with no more fat up there it flipped all around when I bent over. So they paid for my first consultation with Dr. Lim their breast reconstruction PS for cancer patients. His office was very clinical and he had no bedside manner at all. Also no before and after photos. He said I was so bad I would need 2 surgeries to get my breasts back. Lift then implants. It would stabilize the pacemaker but insurance said no and I had no money. After a while I decided the cost didn't matter I had to get them fixed. I started looking for the right guy to do it. This was a problem because of my pacemaker and heart history. Many just refused me. One I had a surgery date and even paid for but his anesthesiologist canceled the surgery. Said I was a poor risk. I really wanted it done in one surgery not 2. The PS's were split on that, but any that agreed to actually do the surgery said it had to be 2. I saw 9 surgeons. I even went to Utah to their best guy based on all your reviews. (Plus it was almost 1/2 the price), but he said no. One of the PS I saw who couldn't do it, said I really should see if Dr. Lim would do it. He said Dr Lim was the best he had seen (besides himself) at the kind of reconstruction I would need and he was connected to the hospital if I had a problem. He did not know I had already seen him. After meeting all these awesome, wonderful surgeons in their fancy offices with silk robes I had no desire to go to DR.Lim. So I kept looking. I went back and talked to him two more times. He still said two surgeries because the blood supply to my nipples would be comprimised doing such a big lift and past open heart surgery and my pacemaker. Did I want my nipples to fall off?
My husband was convinced that going to a surgeon who would have all my records and was operating where all my other doctors would have access was the best thing to do. He was also less expensive. (Someone has to pay for those robes!)So after 3 years I was ready, so ready I did not care anymore who did it! The before pics are the night before surgery when I was all marked up. See they are not even boobs any more! I had the first surgery Sept 30th. Update coming soon.

Teenager boobies?

I had the surg on Sept 30th 2016. The pain was not to bad. the worst part was he said to lay flat for the first few days. I hate that and it hurt my back so I took pain pills to sleep through it. On the third day he removed all my dressing. When I looked down I was in shock. From my angle all I saw were these strange small lumps with man titties! My friend was there and she kept saying I had teenager boobies! I felt a little sick and actually fainted in the office. Luckily I got to a chair when things started going black! Very embarrassing! The next day when I could examine more closely and see the whole thing in the mirror I was much happier. I was still concerned about the size of the areola because mine had been so huge and these looked so little. I was really upset when my husband did not seem impressed. I cried most of the night and did a ton of research on this site about it and got a better idea about normal. The PS had also said that there was a purse string stitch around the areola which would relax when it dissolved and then they would be bigger and flatter.The next day I told hubby all I learned about areola and that they would get bigger. He just laughed and said there was nothing wrong with them. He was just freaked out by me being all cut up. (wish he would have said that at the time!) It is true they are getting bigger and I think they are ok now. When I went for my next PS appt he was all impressed with my breasts and said they were so big and wonderful I wouldn't need implants now. Humm I think he is used to mastectomy patients and I am probably bigger than them. I have mixed emotions about it. I guess I will just have to see how they continue to heal over the next 9 months.

3 weeks tody!

I gotta say I have been more sore this past week than the first week. The incisions seem to rub all the time and feel a little burning. The PS said the nerve endings have woken up. I am still wearing the sports bra 24 hours a day. There is glue on the incisions which is starting to peel off. maybe that gets pulled by the bra. Also last week I got really tired where all I wanted to do was rest. The last 2 days have been better. I guess I have been doing to much. I have a lot of swelling on the sides under my arms. The PS said on the one side there is a lump which feels like a hematoma (bleed) formed there. But it will go away and has not gotten bigger. I like them more and more every day!

still scabs?

So I am at the 5 week mark. I did get a little opening in my suture line at the areola and the vertical line. I was totally freaked out because I was out of town. After reading several of your posts about it happening fairly often, I put some antibiotic ointment on it and tried to relax. I have been wearing the sports bra day and night but I know I am lifting things I shouldn't. It seems to be healing now. I also read about using the silicone sheets on the scars. I did start that on the sealed areas. The thing I am wondering about is I still have scabs around my areola. Did any of yours last this long? The photos make one side look bigger or higher than the other. In real life one may have dropped a little more but I can hardly tell. My chest is a bit uneven because of heart surgery and scar.In my mirror they look the same. I am still wondering about getting implants. I feel like I am a full b small c at this point. Maybe small high profile would be more what I am looking for?

wide scars 7 months

My breasts have changed a bunch. They are no longer high and firm like after surgery . They are sagging, scarred and not attractive. I knew I was a bad scar candidate. Because of previous open heart surgery with the big scar on my chest. All the plastic surgeons I went to did not seem concerned with that. But I do have some ugly wide scars. They are also a little raised around the areola. (Yuck) Which really bugs me. I'm bugged also because there's no upper pole fullness which I know I can only get with an implant . I sure wish they could have done it in one surgery. Because now the idea of another surgery and the cost is overwhelming to me. And probably out of my reach. Being that I also need to get a tummy tuck to take off all the extra skin around there from my weight loss. Laying down on my side one of my breast looks pretty nice. We call that the professional breasts. But standing up it's not really attractive. Also the scars along the sides of my breast toward my arm pits are very sore. Sometimes at night it feels like it's tearing inside along those scars. Well at least I know they can't sag much more. And they are breasts when before they were just sacks.
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

Very clinical. Not warm and fuzzy at all. Same demeanor as a heart surgeon. Office hard to get a call back. But he is an expert at breast lift and reconstruction!! Amazing results!

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