Pulling the trigger! 34 years old, 5' 5" 150 lbs, 2 breastfed children with 65+ lb weight gain and loss.

I am right in between of NEEDing a lift and...

I am right in between of NEEDing a lift and wanting one. The whole reason for the augmentation is perkier and fuller...not just bigger. But I don't want scars. Does anyone have experience or know anyone who had a "doughnut lift." My consult yesterday said, she could do a minor one on my left. She then made a comment that she would cut me as much as I want, but she doesn't think I need it unless I want perky boobs...um, yes! Yes, I do.

2 more consults down

It is true what the say...3 doctors, 3 opinions! Ugh!! How does one decide? Doc 1) no lift needed ($8,000) Doc 2) full lift with 330 ccs in one procedure ($10,500). Doc 3) full lift, wait 3-6 months then 400 cc implants ($15k)

I have one more on Thursday, then I have to make a decision!

I have decided on a doc...

And put down my deposit!! October 19th can not come soon enough, but at the same time I am so freaked out if it got postponed it wouldn't be that awful! Ha

Pre-Op Today

I am not sure why I am nervous for the pre-op. I am bringing my husband with me for sizing concerns. Neither of us want me to go to big. After 4 different consults, every doctor had different suggestions and in the moment, they all sounded like the best idea. Plus, if I get my husbands opinion, I can blame him if I don't like them...ahhahaha!

My concerns are scaring and them making me look bigger than I am. Also, I have seen a lot of "lifts" that don't look so "lifted" fairly soon after surgery. I am really hoping that I can achieve the look that I want, but I am also hoping the surgeon will be brutally honest with me so I don't get my hopes up if it is not achievable.

I have really tried to focus on "wish" pictures with people that have had the same procedure and similar befores. I am just trying to be realistic.

Rice (Quinoa) sizes

My biggest fear is going tooooooo big, but I don't want to be another..."should have gone bigger." I have always felt like I have bigger boobs...but turns out they are very modest and just very wide. Tonight I decided to make sizes so I could get a little more comfortable with the 450ish the doctor suggested. I only made 375 cc's (1.5 cups of quinoa) thinking that they will be under muscle and after a lift with minor removal. From the top...my view...SCARY! From the front and side...acceptable. I have 6.5 days to get use to these ladies!

Pictures of quinoa sizers

One more try...

With trying to post sizer pics

38 hours...but who is counting!

I feel like I have nothing prepared. I DID write out a schedule for my husband for 3 days...when is the excitement suppose to kick in?


I say good bye to these poor unfortunate sad boobies. Hopefully within a week or so they will be happier, fuller and perkier. 1:00 appt= starving!

They are here...

...along with an elephant who seems to be standing on a fence post on the top of my sternum. It went smoothly, but I am excited to talk to my surgeon in the morning since my husband isn't a mind reader he didn't ask lots of questions that I want answers to. I do remember asking cc's but bright of us can remember if the nurse said, 410? 415 or 420? But either way I am currently comforted that they aren't 450-475.

Post Op appt

First off...I slept great. I was awake from 1-2 am waiting for my next dose of pain relievers, but went to sleep and didn't wake up until my husbands alarm at 6:00 am...I was painless (as long as I didn't move) so waited a bit to take the next dose of meds.

Went to the doctors and Borge the nurse and doctor were supposed how lucid I was and my pain was minimal. I want to get off the happy pills ASAP, so they confirmed I could take Advil in between doses...and move from 2 Oxy to 1.

There is a little skin rippling under that concerned me, but he said it's good because it will put less tension on the incision as the implant naturally settles. The girls are SUPER swollen today. I am glad they were not like this yesterday or it would have been hard to convince me they weren't going to look like this.

Fingers crossed the next few days continue to go smoothly. Biggest next worry is that my kids (3&4) understand that they can't love on mommy.


...guess they did give me one. Ha! My husband failed to mention that.

2 days post op

So the pain was decent yesterday, worse as the day went on. I have been sleeping well, which is good. I emailed a nurse pictures, because I feel as though I am bleeding too much still...but when I took pictures of my dressings...it wasn't that bad. We will see what the nurse says.

I like the way they look from the front, but I am so swollen...the sides look terrible. It looks like I have an implant in my arm pit as well. Ice doesn't seem to help with swelling, but it does make me feel better.
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