63 Years Old, Implants for 25 Years, Wanting Implants out After Menopause - Sacramento, CA

I'm posting these photos before I write a review...

I'm posting these photos before I write a review because last time I had written my lengthy review and than dang, accidentally erased it before it was posted. So pictures first, then story. :) My basic info is I'm a runner, 5'6", 135 pounds. I don't have any health problems. I want the implants out because of most of the reasons other women give. Mostly, I feel they are too full and big for my age. I'm very active and they do get in the way of yoga and finding cute tops for running and cycling. I will probably have a problem with the nipples flopping down over the areolar incision, because that has already happened even with the implants (3rd pair in 25 years) but oh well. I hope that my photos and pictures will be helpful, as I've been helped by everyone else's story as well.

Anyone late 50's, early 60's want to explant or already did?

I'm spending a lot of time on this site because I'm anxious to get scheduled for explant; however, I'm pretty sure I have to travel for the surgery. My question to realself community is what might I expect in the way of results at my age.

Explant Date Nov 9, 2016

I've set a date for explant of my silicone implants with Dr. Fryer in Draper, UT for Nov 9. I really wanted to have this procedure done with Dr Sweat in Sacramento, but I'd rather not travel that far. Dr. Fryer has great reviews and my meeting with him was everything I could hope for. Emotionally, I'm ready to get this done. I think. I go back and forth fretting about the results, but that doesn't accomplish much, does it. So Nov. 9 it is. I'm thankful for all the women who have shared their explant journey here on this site. Thanks to everyone who contributed!
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sweat is an awesome surgeon who did my third set of implants a few years ago. My original and second pairs were done by a retired doctor. I trust Dr. Sweat and have been around long enough to learn who can be trusted. I don't trust just anybody. He has been supportive and understanding of my reasons for an explant.

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