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I've thought about this for a long time. I mean...

I've thought about this for a long time. I mean like years. Day after day, looking at myself in the mirror and wondering what would it be like to fit my tops the way I desire them to fit. To actually fill up a bikini top or a bra without padding, & feel more sexy and feminine. I'm tired of having inadequate breast and having to wear all the padded bras and inserts. So I've done my research and I came to the conclusion that this is what I want. I have some consultations scheduled for next week. The most important thing to me is not the cost, but finding the right PS. I plan to get the surgery done ASAP so I can be healed and ready for the summer. I'm considering saline smooth round moderate plus profile implants. My current size is about a 34B, or less. I will be sharing my story and posting photos and updates of my journey for all you ladies who are also contemplating breast augmentation.

I'm 5'5 and 140lbs. I've had 2 children.

I'm 5'5 and 140lbs. I've had 2 children.

So I have my first consultation tomorrow with a...

So I have my first consultation tomorrow with a great PS. I've seen actual photos of his work and read really good reviews about his work and his excellent bedside manner. I like his work and already without even consulting with him I'm convinced. I also have another consultation with another doctor coming up the day after I meet with this doctor. As far as the cost, I'm not sure how much it will be but I'll know tomorrow. I'm not worrying about the cost. I'm more concerned about having the right plastic surgeon. I know I'm ready to get this done. I've been telling myself for the past 5 months that this is what I want. I've watched many boob review videos, viewed photos, & researched. I have some cute dresses just waiting in my closet. Dresses which I've bought but didn't have the confidence to wear due to my lack of cleavage. Don't get me wrong, I still love myself the way I am but a bigger breast size is something that I desire. Besides they would go great with my butt and hips.

Well I had my first consultation yesterday. I was...

Well I had my first consultation yesterday. I was very excited to go. I kept telling myself, "Wow I can't believe I'm actually going to a consultation for breast augmentation." It went very good. I felt very comfortable talking to the surgeon. He explained everything in detail and answered my questions thoroughly. He even told me that if I come up with more questions I am welcomed to call him up. The facility was nice, clean, professional, and organized. The staff was very professional and friendly. I got a chance to feel the implants in my hand. The silicone filled implant felt very nice and natural. The saline filled implant had a different feel, of course because its filled with salt water. The outer shell of both were very soft. I had my mind set that if I were to get this done, I would go with saline. After feeling both, I started wondering if silicone might be a better choice for me. However, though I like how the silicone implant feels in my hand I plan to stick with the saline. The surgeon explained to me that some women need breast lifts along with breast implants to eliminate sagging. In my case it was not necessary thankfully. I only breastfed my girls for 3 months. I have a cousin who always had nice D cups, that is before she gave birth to her first child. After her milk dried up she became depressed over the changes in the appearance of her breast. Her breast were left looking long and deflated, going from a perky D cup to unfortunately a sagging A. So today, I've entered into the wonder & worry phase. I'm wondering how are implants really going to feel inside my chest? Is my body going to feel normal and comfortable, or will I be feeling uncomfortable like I have two objects in my body? This is the same way I felt before I got smart lipo. I knew I wanted it done but I became nervous. That procedure went smooth and 3 yrs later I still love the results. Can someone please tell me how it feels to have saline implants? I hear a lot of people say that it was the best decision they've made. I'd like to feel that way too :) Thanks and I will continue to keep everyone posted. (Sorry about the duplicate post in the comment area. I accidentally posted my update there)

My biggest concerns right now are how the implants...

My biggest concerns right now are how the implants will feel inside my body and I'm trying to decide on where I want my incision. I'd like the incision to be through the armpit. The surgeon I consulted with yesterday says the areola incision has a better advantage being that its closer to the breast area. I just don't want a noticeable scar on my nipples.

So today I had my second consultation. It was at...

So today I had my second consultation. It was at the same facility, different surgeon. Again I felt very comfortable consulting with this surgeon as well. He also answered all of my questions. He also answered my questions that I came up with overnight after my first consultation. Now I feel better. One of my concerns was how the implant would feel inside my body. He explained to me that implants placed behind the muscle, most women say that after a few months it usually feels like their own body regardless if its silicone or saline. ITs very important that you choose a size that fits your body. Another question was about the areola incision. He explained that most areola incisions should heal well and be barely noticeable. He also says that if there is any discoloration it can be fixed simply with micro-pigmentation (cosmetic tattoo). So now I have to decide if I want to keep looking, or select one of these excellent surgeons. Sooooo... I have decided to go with the surgeon from my second consultation. Now all I have to do is go in tomorrow morning to pay my deposit and set the date. I'll be choosing smooth round 400 cc saline implants. I'm excited! Well I'll keep you all posted.

Its done. My pre-op appoint is set for March 15th....

Its done. My pre-op appoint is set for March 15th. My surgery is set for March 20th at 8:00am. I was given a pre-op packet, instructed to arrive an hour early and no food after midnight. The pre-op packet contains additional info such as do's & don'ts, risks, and what to expect before and after surgery. There's so many things that you can't eat or drink before surgery. It almost looks like you can't have anything. Maybe I should just eat cereal and peanut butter sandwiches till then. LOL!

My post-op appt was originally set for March 15th...

My post-op appt was originally set for March 15th but today when I talked to the appointment coordinator she asked if I'd like to come in tomorrow for my pre-op. I'm glad to go in earlier. I'm really looking forward to the day of my BA on March 20th.

Post-Op Appointment My post-op appt was quick....

Post-Op Appointment
My post-op appt was quick. First my vitals were checked. Next I met again with my surgeon to discuss size, placement, meds, and any other questions. He wrote me prescriptions for Percocet (pain reliever), Keflex (antibiotic), and Zofran (for nausea). He also took photos. After meeting with the surgeon I met with his assistant for sizing. She was very nice. I tried 400 cc. I liked them but I liked 420 cc more. So that's the size I'm going with. For my body it should put me at nice D cup.

I feel a D cup will help balance out my figure. I have a small waste with wide hips and a natural round Brazilian booty. Lol! I always felt that my butt made up for my inadequate breast. Its not too hard to look good in most clothes especially since VS has bras for enhancement. However, when its time to go to the beach I can't fake it. My bikini tops are empty and that's no fun. All that's about to change in 2013.

So today I will be getting my prescriptions filled. To prepare for my BA I purchased 2 Danskin zipper front sports bras and few other comfortable sports bras. Also antibacterial soap, Arnicare arnica gel, pure unrefined shea butter, Neosporin antibiotic ointment, 2 reusable cold compress packs, saltine crackers, and Gingerale. I can't believe my BA is next Wednesday! Wow. The only thing I'm worried about right now is where I want the incision, under the breast, periareolar, under arm... I have a tan skin complexion and I heal very well. I have to decide by Wednesday.

3 Days Pre-Op The day is near and sometimes when...

3 Days Pre-Op
The day is near and sometimes when I think about it I get excited, and other times I get nervous. I'll just be glad when its done and over. I just want everything to go good like it should. I'm also planning on moving out of Cali no later than May. So I've been packing some stuff now because I know that after my BA I'll be restricted from carrying heavy things until I'm healed. So no box lifting for me after 3/20. I could have waited to have my BA after my move but I wanted to do it now and get it over with. Besides all the good surgeons are getting all booked up. I didn't want to end up with a June or mid July appointment. Summer will be here and I want to be healed, dropped & ready. So anyway I'm just looking forward to my big day. Its crazy how when you know you're getting boobies and you go to the mall you start looking at those cute tops and dresses differently. You can just picture yourself wearing some of those cute tops or swimsuits and you say to yourself, "I'll be able to wear that". Lol!

I noticed in some of my previous posts I...

I noticed in some of my previous posts I accidentally put post-op when I meant pre-op. I wish there was a way to edit my posts. Well tomorrow morning is the day. I'm a little nervous but I trust my surgeon. Hopefully everything goes well.

Post-Op day 1 Well the girls are finally here!!!...

Post-Op day 1
Well the girls are finally here!!! I feel great just tired. When I arrived to my appointment, I was very nervous. I was greeted by a very nice nurse. She had me change out of my clothing and put it in a locker, then she lead me into the surgery room where she started my IV. I chose IV Sedation rather than General Anesthesia. IV sedation is safe and it allows you to be sleep, feel no pain, and breath on your own. My surgeon came in to confirm my desired incision site, my desired breast size, and he did his drawings. That's really all I remember. Next thing I knew I was awakening in the recovery room all wrapped up. No pain, just slight pressure. Oh and soooo sleepy. A friend drove me home and I slept all the way.

It's not as bad as I thought it would be. Now I'm just feeling exhausted but I feel great. I felt a little sore when the mess wore off but the Percocet works. Well I'll post more info later. I'm sooo tired. I'll add a few post-op pics now and more later when I get some energy.

Just checking in to let everyone know I'm feeling ...

Just checking in to let everyone know I'm feeling great. To anyone who is considering getting a breast augmentation or if you have a BA appointment coming up soon and you're nervous like I was, I just want to say that it's not bad. Go for it! As long as you do choose a surgeon who knows what he's doing you should be fine. One of my concerns were how would the implant feel inside my body. I have 420 cc saline implants and I don't feel them at all. As of now, I just feel like my breast are very full right now. The other concern was pain and how much. During surgery there was absolutely NO pain. I chose IV sedation basically in a deep sleep and breathing on my own. After surgery I didn't feel pain right away just pressure. I did start feeling some pain later but I'm managing the pain with 1 1/2 Percocet and it works. Sleeping, many ladies complain about they can't sleep. Well my sleep is just fine. I'm sleeping comfortably in my bed upright with pillows stacked behind me. The key is to use a travel pillow to support your neck. I bought mine from Marshall's and its made of memory foam and micro fiber. I hope this info helps :)

2 days Post-op Getting through the first two days...

2 days Post-op
Getting through the first two days after my breast augmentation was not bad but tough. I know I will feel much better when the swelling goes away and when they finally drop & soften up. Right now I feel like I just gave birth and my breast are engorged with milk. On top of that I have to wear a strap over them to help them drop and it feels annoying. I feel pain when the meds wear off. The pain I feel is mostly tightness in my chest and my back. Stretching helps. I can't wait till I'm 5 weeks post-op.

3 days Post Op Today I'm feeling much better....

3 days Post Op
Today I'm feeling much better. Less pain and the girls are feeling softer. I can move around more freely. I can lift my hands over my head. I've been applying Arnica gel and Bio-Oil daily. I really feel good today.

Post Op day 4 I don't know if its is normal but I...

Post Op day 4
I don't know if its is normal but I think I've lost my appetite. I get hungry but when I get ready to eat I can only take a few bites and then I don't want it anymore. I felt good yesterday and I was in a good mood. I took my daughter to see a movie and in the middle of the movie my breast began to hurt. They felt so tight. Luckily I had my meds with me. Also, I had trouble sleeping last night. I felt tired but just couldn't stay asleep. Morning boob was horrible this morning. Oh I'll just be glad when the swelling goes away, when I'm completely healed and these things drop & fluff already. Lol!

I'm so glad I did this. I notice changes each day...

I'm so glad I did this. I notice changes each day I continue to heal. I notice that at 6 days post op my breast are looking better each day. I tried on some of some dresses and tops that I've worn previously and mannnn what a difference a breast augmentation makes. I love it! I can't wait till summer. I'm super excited! Lol! I'm glad I went with the size I chose. It definitely works for me! I love my results so far & know its going to get even better. If you're debating over size I say talk it over with your surgeon but don't be scared to go a little bigger ;)

Post Op Day 24 Well time sure flies when you're...

Post Op Day 24
Well time sure flies when you're having fun. I can't believe I'm now 24 days post op. My results have gotten even better with time. I've noticed changes each day throughout the healing process. I remember they were riding a bit high. They're dropping and they look great. I'm still glad that I made the decision to have the procedure. I'd do it all over again because for me, it was very well worth it. I'm happy and I love the way I'm able to fit my tops and dresses. I'm loving them and having so much fun! Why didn't I do this sooner? I went out for drinks recently wearing a cute tank top. I felt so confident. There I was with womanly "cleavage" enjoying the night with friends. Lol! Guys will look, women will envy. So what. I did it for me. I like them and they're mine because I paid for them. They're starting to feel softer. I had nipple hypersensitivity for about 2 weeks. It was uncomfortable but its finally starting to subside. I've been applying Shea butter to sooth them. My surgeon cleared me for the gym, just no arm workouts yet. My incisions were under the breast. I've been applying Scar Control (Wholefoods Market) each day and night to help heal and prevent scarring. That stuff really works. I post some new pics later today or tomorrow.

Post-Op Day 29 I went to the mall the other day...

Post-Op Day 29
I went to the mall the other day and stepped into Victoria's Secrets. I felt it was time to get sized. I found that I am now officially a 36D. So I purchased a few Body by Victoria wireless bras. Talk about comfort! Finally, I can wear my bras without padding and it feels great! I've posted new pics.

6 weeks post-op My PS said they would get better...

6 weeks post-op
My PS said they would get better with time and they did. The feel soft and look great. I'm still very pleased with my decision to have it done. I would do it again because I love the way they enhance my figure. I remember being very nervous about it before the procedure. I didn't know what to expect. It pays to do your research. Research the procedure, research plastic surgeons, get consultations, and ask questions. Don't go looking for the cheapest surgeon. Look at professional skills, background, ratings, & quality of past procedures. Now I'm just preparing for summertime. I feel absolutely fabulous!

Over 1 year post-op - It's been a while since I've posted an update

Hello ladies! I'm back. I know its been a while since I've posted about my recovery. It has been over a year since my surgery. Want to know if I'm still pleased with my choice for breast augmentation??? Well... Yes, absolutely!!! I'm still loving them. I don't regret my decision not one bit. I'm happy with my boobies. I'm out living life and having fun too! I think of my boobies as accessories. Lol! They go great with every outfit. I have no issues with them what so ever. I'm able to sleep comfortably and everything. I would do it all over again, and if I could do it all over I'd go 450cc rather than 420cc.

I wish I had made my decision sooner. My confidence level has elevated! I feel good. I'll post some pics later. Good luck to all you ladies who are considering this cosmetic procedure. I wish you the best!

Over 1 year post-op - Updated Photos

I've uploaded my most recent pics. I healed very well. My scars are very light and hidden. I don't even worry about them because they are truly out of sight.
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