First Consultation

I am a 24yo with no kids, 5'5", 116lbs, and wear a...

I am a 24yo with no kids, 5'5", 116lbs, and wear a 32b. I am planning on getting my BA on Jan 3rd and am thinking of getting anywhere between 350cc to 425cc. Yesterday I went to my first BA consultation. When I pulled up to the building I thought it looked welcoming. When I walked in the office was very dimly lit at it look outdated. I know this kind of thing doesn't matter to some people but to me it mad me feel a little uncomfortable. It didn't feel welcoming, it's hard for me to explain. The staff was really friendly and welcoming so it made me feel a little better. I filled out some paper work and was quickly called to the back. The front desk worker explained to me what the consultation would entail and the process of the post op and when I would be able to try on sizers, 2 weeks before op day, which I don't know of its the usual. The PS came in and I feel like he gave me his rendered consultation explanation which I have no problem with because I am sure he has these consultation probably on a weekly if not daily basis. He provided to tell me what that he does natural BA, used silicone implants, under the muscle, and though the areola. I was confused because from reviews and videos and questions on real self that PS answer there is a discussion if what you want and and what look you want. He was pretty much telling me the only option I had were the ones that he was telling me about. When I tried to ask about the inframammary incision he gave me a good explanation to why he prefers the areola incision is because the scar can be hidden better. I don't want the areola incision because I do want to in the future breastfeed and the incision through the areola cuts some of the milk ducts. I was nervous and a little overwhelmed by all the information that I didn't tell him my concern with the areola incision but he seemed so set on that incision. He examined me but we didn't discuss sizes, he didn't measure me and he didn't ask me what look I wanted. It felt less of a consultation and more on this is what I do and how I do it take it or leave it. When the consultation was done I waited in the waiting room for a couple of minutes and was called back by the their financial person who was super nice! She explained the procidure a little more and more op and post op appointments and at no time made me feel obligated to schedule an appointment then and there. The staff was super friendly the PS himself was very welcoming and also friendly I just am not comfortable with having my surgery with him. This was my first consultation and I have another one with a different PS on Tuesday Oct 18th. With the experience from my first I am going to be less hesitant with questions and stand my ground with what I want. Any suggestions that you guys may have would be much appreciated!!
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