46 - 5'7 1/2 - 135 Lbs - 1 Child. Sacramento, CA

I was a large B or C cup prior to breast feeding. ...

I was a large B or C cup prior to breast feeding. Now I'm a very deflated B. I'm very happy with my body but want larger breasts to feel more balanced. I usually wear a very padded bras to have a more balanced look. Having wide shoulders makes me feel like a linebacker in tanks or strapless tops. I'm scheduled for my pre op Oct. 21 and my BA is set for Nov. 21. I think I will go for 400 - 440CC. That is a guess after looking at this site. I'm looking forward to the pre op to try on sizers and discuss placement options. I KNOW I don't want the high up boobs that make you look thick.

My "before" boobs.

Getting excited for pre op and size decision.

Pre op is done. The PA started me with 600cc.! Way too big for me. Then we finally got down to 400. They said that about 50cc would be lost under muscle. I'm between 485 cc and 435 inspiration Moderate Plus. I'm pretty sure I'll go 435. Exciting!! Oh and we did the imaging… It seems very in accurate. I'm starting at a 36a and this is showing me with a 600cc. I would love this finished look but I think 400 is more realistic to achieve it

Before.... my itty bitties.

Vectra Imaging 600cc. Not accurate

Sizers 500, 450 and 400

Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

I haven't met her yet but will review after pre op and procedure.

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