Sick of Sitting on my Tailbone - Sacramento, CA

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Hey ladies! I am lovin this site and all of you...

Hey ladies! I am lovin this site and all of you out here so willing to show your gorgeous bods and inspirating stories! So I was born with ZERO booty (thanks mom AND dad lol). And I'm sick of sitting directly on my tailbone and ischium (butt bones). It's so painful and I've always had back issues which are inoperable. I underwent spine/neck surgery early April (from a motor vehicle accident), my spine surgeon released me to undergo a bbl as early as July! So I've decided to take my settlement $$ and finally BUY A BUTT =D

Mine (and the BF's) wish pics....feeling discouraged

Met with my boyfriend for lunch. We talked in length about this surgery. He's SOOO supportive and is my biggest fan :) Yet I'm feeling insecure, which is unlike me but I'm putting nakie pics online hehe and my bod is totally under a microscope right now. Anyone else struggle with that? Something else popped in my head....I had a full abdominal hysterectomy at 26-years-old so my ab muscles/skin/fat hang over that scar somethin crazy =\ You can kinda see it in my "before" pics. Does anyone know if I'll need a TT to get my "wish pics" results? Wondering if the skin will be tight or if it'll just hang? So now I'm wanting this more and more everyday....I don't want to rush it though and wind up with a botched body. My budget is $10k but CA is so darn expensive. I'm concerned that in order to get anywhere near my "wish pics" in CA would cost me far more. Thinking to travel. I'm hearing about some great doctors in Miami. Having a moment of weakness....feeling like his is outta reach for me (sigh) Can anyone give some feedback? Anything and everything is welcome!

I'm being a complete chicken!

My million dollar question today. After a bbl, can I realistically fly from Miami to Sacramento, CA....ALONE? Baggage, connections, wearing garmets and fajas, walking like I just had surgery, etc? All of you ladies just seem so brave to me!! I'm inspired by every single story I read, even the not-so-good ones because I see how these ladies overcome their individual obstacles. I find strength through these RS beauties but right this moment I'm being a chicken and doubting my own capabilities. Plus I have a low pain tolerance and pain meds don't always work on me. Ugh!!

Got over the drama!

Hey dolls! So I'm no longer chickening out :) I scheduled a bbl with Dr. Suarez in Tijuana for July 8th. The only thing holding me back now is my passport! Due to arrive the end of June. Hurray!!

I spoke with Suarez's office staff and was told I wouldn't need a TT. Hmmmmmmmmm.....thoughts?

Advice needed!

I'm torn between Dr. Gongora and Dr. Pantoja. Gongora quoted me $13,500 for a mommy makeover minus breast augmentation, add a bbl with no implants. Does that seem like too much $? Hmm! Calling Pantoja tomorrow in hopes for an early (mid July) procedure date. I love both doctors work and can't seem to decide on who to go with.

Passport to arrive in 2 weeks! Doctor choosen!

Hi everyone! I applied and paid for my passport to be expedited so it should be here in 2 weeks YAY! I mentioned that I received a quote from Gongora's office. Yesterday I told them it was out of my budget. They called me back this morning and said they'd take $2,000 off the total cost but I've yet to see anything in writing. They're only willing to communicate with me over text messages. BIG RED FLAG. I then spoke with Suarez's office for 30 minutes. They've already emailed me paperwork, all costs and what to expect from A-Z. His assistants are great, very knowledgeable and give me the time of day to help calm my nerves a bit. I don't find myself pulling teeth to get answers or having to threaten to walk away in order to get noticed. Suarez's staff is straight and to the point, no muss no fuss. It's too bad because I love Gongora's work and he's probably a great doctor but I'm not willing to haggle over my body or only communicate with a doctors staff over text messages. In the end, I'm paying Suarez $7,000 for a full TT, liposculpture w/ BBL. All meds and garment(s) are included. Excited!!

My fat arms

I sent these to Dr. Suarez's office to make sure I could get lipo in my arms. I feel like they're as big as my calves, yuck! P.S. The uploads look the they're sideways....not sure how that happened....?

The girls :)

One of the first things my bf said, "You're not gonna let them cut up 'the girls' right?! He can't mess with perfection" Hahaha :) I've always loved my boobs (which is why I decorated them with piercings). Those, my slender legs, hair and face are my biggest attributes. Dr. Gongora's office told me I need a lift and implants. Yikes!! I wear a 38DD, if I had implants I'd topple over :o PASS! Dr. Suarez's office said absolutely not. Also, my mother breast fed all 3 of us and still has nice perky tits at 64-yo, go mom! Genetically, I'm a shoo-in. But I'm open to all opinions from you RS ladies :)

Holy smokes, this is real

Sx AND recovery house deposits paid. Plane tickets purchased. Hurry up and get here July 8th! :)

BBL Pillow/Booty Buddy

Hey all you sexy ladies! Wanted to share this....I'm sure you've heard of ithis but I thought it'd be helpful to re-share. I also got the garment/faja shoulder strap cushions. I've heard those come in really handy especially for us tall dolls :) Happy day!!!

5 weeks left with this uneven bod!

So excited! Talked with Dr. Suarez and couldn't be happier! I never thought I'd be here....everyone I've told is like WHAT?!? I'm a confident gal but after my major neck surgery on April I realize in order to be pain free in my back this is a must! I also realized after my abdominal hysterectomy (at 26-yo) I'll never have a flat tummy w/o surgery due to the ab muscle damage. Anywho....I've been stalking RS and the net since my decision lol just like so many other dolls on here :) My friends keep teasing me about all the T&A I've seen. I also found a great "surgery and vitamins" list online. Not sure if anyone's reading these but I'll still post my supply list shortly!

Buyer Beware!

Ladies, check it out! I ordered the Booty Buddy and garment shoulder straps/pads on May 30th, totaling approximately $115. It's not due to arrive until June 13th, 2 weeks after my order! We'd be better off using regular pillows or rolled up towels and saving the $100 bucks. Sheesh! I contacted them and attached screenshots of my email corespondence...

Supply list

As promised (but I think I went a tad overboard hehe): Purchased at local stores: Boppy pillow Chewable Vitamin C Folic acid (heart and nervous system support) B-12 (blood cell function) B-6 (protein metabolism & nervous system support) CQ10 (heart, nerve and muscle health) Milk thistle (liver function) Papaya (supports protein absorption) Alcohol prep pads Baby wipes Flushable personal wipes Body lotion and soap Deodorant Stool softeners/laxatives Gauze Tums Shampoo/conditioner Toothpaste/toothbrush Neosporin Qtips Face mask/ear plugs Latex gloves Pineapple pool float (the shape provides head support) Large pill container for vitamins (can't take all those bottles on the airplane) Purchased online (mainly Amazon): Iron (hemoglobin levels) Bromelain (inflammation) Probiotics Hibiclens (transferred to a 3oz bottle for flight) Arnica cream and pills Female urinal Compression socks Face down pillow (made for sunbathing) J-pillow (sleep sitting up) Booty buddy Garment shoulder straps/pads Other items: Guess, 3-combination lock carryon suitcase ($50 at Ross) 3 tank tops 3 maxi dresses 2 flex bras 5 granny panties Cheap thin bathrobe Cell phone charger Passport And I still feel like I'm forgetting something...

So one of my roommates...

So one of my roommates just told my neighbor (thanks roomie) about my upcoming trip to Tijuana. I'm so sick of having to defend my choices and explain myself. Argh!!!

Surgery moved up

Dr. Suarez's assistant, Mafalda called me yesterday and asked if I wanted my surgery the day I arrive (July 7th) instead of waiting until the following day. I'm glad because this gives me an extra day of recovery near Dr. Suarez. Of course I asked if he had surgeries to perform that day and, nope, I'm the only one! I'm so excited and praying that everything goes well. Hope all of you are healing nicely!!

5 days until the big show

I'm less than a week away!! Fly out Thursday, July 7th. I'm nervous and excited, anxious and a chicken shit all-in-one haha I've never been outta the county and am going alone. Still feel blessed to have Linda at Eureka Medical Guesthouse! Couldn't imagine staying at a hotel alone....Mexico doesn't have 911 ladies! My personal nurse, Amanda called a few days ago to get to know me....nice touch! They also offer a lot of other services. Looking forward to a bedside or ocean side mani/pedi 5 days post op :) I find myself going over and over all the items I'm bringing, wondering if it's too much or if I'm forgetting something? I guess that nesting thing is setting in :)

Happy healing RS dolls!

Waking up from anesthesia

My doctor told me people usually wake up from anesthesia the way they went under. I had major neck surgery on April 5th (disc replacements) and had a panic attack in the pre-op room. I was so scared to have surgery on my neck, bones and so close to my spinal cord...fear of becoming paralyzed. I don't remember the first 12 hours post op but was told I was a nightmare to deal with. That makes a lot of sense! So I will be happy and positive going into this surgery :) Hopefully I'm easier to handle this round!

I hope I can sleep!

I fly out tomorrow at 9am, surgery early afternoon! My doctor decided to do the surgery tomorrow instead of the 8th so I have more post surgery days near him. I'm so nervous and excited all at's hoping I can sleep!

I'm going alone so not sure when I'll be able to get some good after pics but I'll do my best. I hope all you ladies out there are feelin great!

Some complications

Hi ladies! I had some complications and needed a blood transfusion so I'm not feeling all that great, just wanted to post that I'm ok now and the surgery was a success. I'll post more when I'm up to it.

Hope everyone is healing well!

I hate my body

I feel like I have no projection and he didn't give me enough fat in my ass. I'm so sad about it. I definitely see a round 2 in sight next year with a different doctor. I'm very depressed today and trying to keep in mind it's the anesteshia and the complications I had but it's really hard to be positive today.

I really hope everyone out there feels better than I do!

I'm a mess of regrets. I hate my body.

"You really have a flat a$$! Hahaha!"

I'm at the recovery house. Feeling discouraged and that I made the worst decision of my life. Apparently my nurse (which isn't really a nurse) didn't know what procedures I had done. She helped me into my faja for the first time today. As soon as I took off my maxi dress she giggled and said, "You really have a flat a$$. Hahaha!" I immediately started crying. I told her I had a BBL and a TT.....the look on her face was pure dread and she started back peddling. But that's confirmation for what I already knew.....he didn't put enough fat in my a$$. I have no projection and I'm tired of hearing that he can only put what fits. That sounds like a bullsh!t cop out to me. Don't get me wrong, I know I'd never get a Kim K booty but I also know my body could've handled more projection as I still have loose skin down there. I've seen, talked with patients and doctors, researched the BBL so much, and know that there are ladies out there who have zero ass and end up looking drastically different with 1500+ cc's of transferred fat. My doctor also put my drains on my hips so I can't lay on my side. I've been laying on my back and/or sitting upright since surgery as he told me the fat takes as soon as its injected and the whole idea of "you can't put pressure on it" is not true. Wth?? I feel ruined and I paid $7k for nothing.

Arrrrrrgggggg! I'm so emotional, lonely and totally being a negative Nancy but I gotta get this sh!t outta my head else I'll go nuts!!!!

The TT and BB

Good morning RS beauties! So after laying in bed last night going round-n-round about my sx (as I'm sure most of us do) I decided to suck it up LOL! My TT looks great and it can only get better with time and less swelling. I looked at my before pics last night and I must say that he did a wonderful job with the excess skin that I've struggled with since my abdominal hysterectomy at 26-years-old. That skin/scar was a constant reminder that my ability to have more children was taken from me at such a young age. I'm thankful that it is behind me now. Hehe, get it? He put the fat in my ass so it's literally behind me :)

I don't have any complaints on the TT, just some comments/concerns. I don't know anyone who's personally gone through a TT recovery so please comment if this has ever happened to you or if you can give me some advice.

#1-Before I went under he marked my TT/BB incisions. When I woke up I was told he did an extended TT. I was kinda shocked but then realized those are more $$ and he did not ever mention wanting more money from me (even after the blood transfusion). I'm not upset at all just seems note worthy.
#2-After looking at my before pics last night I realized both hip tattoos aren't visible. Did he cut them off since he did an extended TT? Or maybe they're just hiding under the bruises?? Weird right?
#3-I haven't taken the tape off and I'm that dent between my crotch and new BB my old BB? I feel like that might look funky since it's indented? Hopefully it'll go away as the swelling goes down. Anyone else's incision look dented in right there? Hmmmmm
#4-He didn't do muscle repair because he said my ab wall is very strong and I didn't need it. Has anyone else gone under thinking they're getting muscle repair and then don't? I kinda feel that my waist would've been more defined with the muscle repair. But still no complaints!

The swelling struggle is REAL! I never swelled up while pregnant and right now my feet look 2 sizes bigger, yay flip flops :)

I hope you're all getting to know and love your new bods like I'm trying to do! Any info is so much appreciated :) Have a blessed day!

Drain maintenance and no BM

Sunday morning I emptied my drains at 6 and they didn't fill up all day, it just stopped. I started leaking from the lipo and drain incisions just didn't have anything IN my drains. I researched and found that sometimes you have to milk the drains especially if hours pass before you emptied them last. I'm shocked that I wasn't told to do this by my doctors office! There's a couple of YouTube videos out there if needed. And yes, my blood clotted up in both tubes/drains because it had been over 6 hours since they were drained last. It's not common but it IS a thing so wanted to share. It set me back an entire day of recovery and I was bleeding/leaking everywhere, yuck! I attached pics of both drains, they're graphic but you can see the clotted blood I pushed through. I've been draining 200-250 cc's (8-9 ounces) a day out of each drain since and haven't leaked out anywhere else.

Also, it's been nearly a week since my sx and I haven't had a bowel movement. I took metamucil 2 days ago and laxatives yesterday but still haven't gone :( I emailed Violet and she says it's ok but I'm kinda worried. I'm passing gas but that's it. I feel so bloated and it's uncomfortable to eat. What to do??

I'm septic

And being admitted to the hospital. I feel like this was the worst decision of my entire life.

I truly hope no one else is going through this!

My body feels ruined

Well I've been in the hospital for about 5 days now and it feels like there's no end in sight. I'm laying in this hospital bed depressed about spending $7k when all I really wanted was a bbl to fix (or at least help) the pain in my back by providing extra cushioning.

So not only did I NOT get an acceptable bbl for pain relief, now I'm laid up in the hospital with a staph infection AND MRSA in the TT drains and I didn't even want the TT to begin with!

Here's hoping this mess heals up somewhat nicely.

BTW, my doctor is Luis Suarez in Tijuana. I have not heard from him directly since I left Mexico. I was admitted into the hospital 2 days after I returned home. His office wishes me a speedy recovery but so far hasn't offered to do anything.

Being discharged

I am being discharged from the hospital this afternoon with a permanent PICC line so I can administer IV antibiotics to myself even after being on IV antibiotics for 8 days. I'm not sure how long I will be doing this for. I am in constant pain and feel exhausted with the simplest tasks such as getting dressed. I'm no where near being able to do much of anything for myself.

My body looks terrible, it is ruined and with everything I've been through these past 2 weeks I do not think it will shape/mold properly. I am disfigured and am so very sad about it. I want my body back. I feel that this was nothing but a big, expensive, painful burden for myself and my family. If I could go back, I would never have done this.
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