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I am researching Brazilian butt lifts, I am 24,...

I am researching Brazilian butt lifts, I am 24, 5'5 weighing 169 lbs. I live in the Sacramento area, I have 2 kids and still haven't lost my baby weight yet. I have never been in love with my body, especially my butt. After ruling out butt implants I fell in love with the results of the BBL. Now I am looking for the perfect doctor for me, so far I am interested in setting up a consultation with Dr. Beck, I haven't found any other doctor that has impressed me.
I have soo many questions..and would love any answers, advice, tips, recommendations and personal experiences/bbl journeys


What should I expect during the consultation?
What are pros and cons of bbl procedures?
Are there only certain places they can take fat from?
Should I gain weight before the procedure?
I plan to have more kids should I wait until after to have my procedure?


Even though I am so far away from my big day. I have been reading reviews non stop. Its all I've been doing since I found this site, my boyfriend is so frustrated that all I want to do is browse reviews and pictures lol, oh well =P.
I was really interested in having a consultation with Dr. Beck, he had good reviews and was only a 2 hour drive from me but after coming across several ladies reviews I've fallen in love with Dr. Hazani's work. Not only does he have great reviews but his after results are all amazing. I know the smart thing to do would be to continue researching other doctors just to make sure he's the one (I probably will) but I feel he would be a perfect fit for me as my Dr. and for the results I'm looking for.
Do you ladies think I should still find other doctors to have consults with even though I am set on hazani?
I'm so anxious now that I have been researching, I wish I could schedule my consult and surgery =(
but since I plan to have more kids within the next year I guess I will just stalk profiles and enjoy watching you ladies get your new bodies.

So ready!

Seeing all these ladies go through there procedures coming out with amazing results, makes me so impatient. I just don't want to wait anymore! I Hoping to get pregnant sooner than later now that I plan to have a bbl, I've had baby fever since I had my son anyway =) (9 months old today) so why not start trying now =D.

As for researching doctors, I still haven't found anyone better than Hazani that I would be interested in doing my surgery but I feel that I NEED to interview more than one doctor, so my search continues. If there is any doctors that you would recommend me look into that have just as many amazing outcomes as Hazani please let me know, I am in the Sacramento area and not looking to leave the state. So far Dr. Beck is the only other doctor that I've considered

Now I am in the process of saving up as much as I can, hopefully when my time comes prices won't have increased to much and I will have saved enough so I won't have much to finance. I know this is probably a dumb question but since my procedure would probably be a 1+ years out theres no way to lock in a price with a doctor (Hazani)??

Also should I wait until I am ready to schedule surgery to apply for care credit or can I apply now and use it when I am ready?


Do you need to wait around the time your ready to schedule your procedure to have a consultation?

BBL on hold =D

I have been researching getting a bbl for the last several months, after talking with girls and doctors about waiting to do the procedure until after I had my next baby I was unsure when that would be so I was still considering it. I am now definitely putting my bbl plans on hold because I am now pregnant =D, we found out in November. I'm definitely glad I waited and I am so excited for our new little one.

My question now is, for Dr. Hazani I would like a locked in price in case the price changes even though I do not the date of when by procedure would be could I lock in the price now by putting down a deposit?

Time off for bbl

So I had to put my bbl plans on hold because I wanted to have another baby. Now that I have had my daughter, I am trying to figure out how I can pull off getting my procedure done.

How did you ladies qualify for taking time off work for your procedures, and how much time should you take off. I have a sitting job, I work at a call center and do not want to risk messing up my results by returning to work too soon.
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