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Currently I am 5'7 and around 155 lbs. I have been...

Currently I am 5'7 and around 155 lbs. I have been contemplating getting a BBL for about two years now. The main reason I am wanting to get a BBL/fat transfer for a butt augmentation is my un-satisfaction with my waist to butt to leg transition. I formed ridiculous dents between my natural hips and my butt width from wearing low rise jeans. I am Portuguese so naturally I was born with wide hips and love handles (which I don't mind the curves much other than its not a smooth transition from natural waist to butt) but I got a white-girl butt instead. The bottom of my butt is so skinny, it hurts to sit for longer than 20-30 minutes at a time. I have tried dieting/exercise combined and these hips are going nowhere and I wont gain muscle in my butt either... oh genetics. I'm not expecting miracles, but I would love to end up with my butt filled out more and a smaller waist. In my hips I wear a size 9 and my butt I would be a size 3. Lets just say I wear A LOT of leggings.

I live in Sacramento, so I have been having trouble finding a BBL surgeon out here (plus its hard to tell if anyone has had a BBL before so its not like I can ask girls who they went to for theirs). I have had a consultation with Dr, Hegg in San Leandro, CA about a year ago. Super nice man but I am pretty iffy on extra spending the gas and what I will have to spend on a hotel to attend my post-op appointment. I like the idea of being able to take a less than 30 minute drive in case anything happens crisis-wise. So far and emailed multiple surgeons out in the Sacramento area, patiently waiting for email backs.

Another reason why I wanted to post about my journey, was I found only one woman who was a similar body type as me but she didnt post any pictures, so hopefully I can help someone else out with the same body as me. I'll update more about my journey after a few more consultations!

So I went to a consultation in Folsom yesterday. I...

So I went to a consultation in Folsom yesterday. I really liked the fact that it's located in a plastic surgery center. So it's extremely convenient. I also thought the waiting staff was extremely nice. And the doctor I met was really cool and answered all my questions, I also loved he had a huge book of surveys and thank you letters. They also had a good timeline for appointment openings. But cons were the price quoted for me, I understand it includes everything except meds, but I am most likely getting a loan so I will end up paying over $10,000 after interest and all. But I definitely understand "good labor isn't cheap, cheap labor isn't good". Another thing I thought was odd is they didn't have a before and after look book already made for clients for my procedure. But when I asked about it one of the staff said she could have one made for my next visit.

*** still shopping around. Called another doctor...

*** still shopping around. Called another doctor to make an appointment last Thursday but they didn't answer or call me back after I left a voicemail. I'm about the benefit of the doubt so I called today and left another voicemail. Maybe I will email them because they seem to respond to that more.
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