37 Years Old, 2 Kids, 5'10" Ready for a Mommy Makeover - Sacramento, CA

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I've been wanting a mommy makeover for the longest...

I've been wanting a mommy makeover for the longest time and finally booked my surgery for July 28, 2016. I am scared to death of having surgery so am hoping others can lend me some support. I have a belly pooch that never seems to go away. I'm 5'10" and 160lbs. I'm currently a 36A and am thinking about getting 450cc implants. Still unsure about the size so have been stalking RS. I want to look natural and am hoping to be about a D cup. It's just so confusing when you're tall and broad because 450 looks huge on some women and not too big on others. Looking for any advice others can offer.

Trying to decide on size

I'm going back and forth between 425 and 450. I'm currently a 36A and am hoping to be no bigger than a D. I'm 5'10", 160lbs and don't want to look too heavy. Any suggestions or comments are welcome.

Less than 2 weeks to go and decided on a size!

I can't believe I have less than 2 weeks to go. The nerves are starting to set in! I finally decided on 400cc moderate plus silicone under the muscle. I really went back and forth between 400, 425 and 450, but went with the smaller size because I'm afraid of looking massive. Hopefully, I don't regret it later.
Now I'm stocking up on things I might need. I'm planning on getting an electric recliner and borrowing a walker. Hopefully that helps with my mobility.

Post op day 1

I made it through my surgery yesterday and am recovering at home. The pain is way worse than I imagined! I go to see my PS so am excited to get this binding off my chest


Whoops , that posted before I wanted it. I will post my dreaded before pictured.

Post op appt went well

I had my first post op appointment yesterday and everything seems to be going well. I didn't have enough extra skin so in order to keep my incision low, she had to do a chevron incision around my belly button. I'll try to post pictures tonight when I do a sponge bath.
The pain is definitely improving today. The first 2 days it was really bad.


Here's a picture of my incision. Since I didn't have a lot of extra skin I had the choice of having a higher incision that was straight(and probably wouldn't be covered up by a bikini) or a lower incision with a chevron where my belly button used to be.

Post op day 3 sponge bath

I had a sponge bath today and washed my hair in the sink so I snapped a picture. Seriously felt like I was going to collapse by the time I was done. The electric recliner has been a godsend, that's for sure.

Abdominal binder

Does anyone else have trouble with your abdominal binder riding up? I'm supposed to be wearing it low so it goes over my hips and incision, but it won't stay there. It keeps riding up higher above my incision. I know it has to do with the fact that my hips are wider than my waist so the natural tendency is going to be to settle in the narrowest part, but it's really annoying and painful to keep adjusting. Anyone have any ideas on what I can do?

5 days post op

The pain is definitely getting much better. The worst is the back pain from being hunched over. It feels like my back is on fire if I am upright too long. My drains are still draining quite a bit of fluid so I won't be getting those out anytime soon, but am looking forward to getting the pain pump out tomorrow at my appointment. I think I dislike that as much as the drains.
Taking off the binder for my sponge bath makes me feel like my insides are going to fall out. Hubby helped me with my sponge bath and washing my hair in the sink, but can't wait until I can actually shower!

Day 6 post op

So, I was really hoping I would maybe be able to get one of my drains out today at my appointment, but nope I'm still draining too much fluid. So glad to get the On Q pain pump out as that thing was really annoying. My PS said it looks like I'm overdoing it based on the fluid my drains are putting out, but I seriously feel like I've got my rear parked in the recliner all day! Oh well, I guess I'll continue to sit back and do nothing.
Oh, it also looks like I had an allergic reaction to the surgical prep as I have a rash on my abdomen so that's no fun. Now I have to use Benadryl and hydrocortisone cream.

Day 8 post op

I'm feeling better everyday and my drains are definitely draining a lot less now that I'm putting hydrocortisone cream on my abdominal rash and taking Benadryl so I'm hoping Monday I will be able to get these drains out. I really think the most bothersome thing at this point is not being able to walk straight. I'm tired of being hunched. I go back to work in 10 days and didn't tell anyone at work what I was having done so it's going to be a little obvious if I'm hunched over.


So, I think one of the things I was most looking forward to during my recovery is sleep. I couldn't wait to sit back and do nothing and just sleep. Unfortunately, I CAN'T sleep. It's so frustrating. Maybe it's because I'm in a recliner and not used to sleeping on my back, but I think I got a total of 4hrs yesterday. I feel like I try all day and night to sleep and am never more successful than getting an hour here and there. Part of it is these drain holes have become soooo painful. The longer they're in the worse it gets. I can only be in one position. It's day 9 with these drains and they're the most painful part! Seriously cannot wait to get these drains out. They're hardly draining anything anymore so are definitely ready to come out, but of course it is now the weekend so looks like I get to wait til Monday. Yay for me! Me yanking them out myself has definitely run through my mind a few times ;)

Boob update

So, thought I would give a boob update since what else do I have to do all day other than watch the Olympics :). I think I'm happy with the size, but am unsure how much of this is swelling? Does anyone know how much swelling your boobs have on day 10?

Day 12 post op and drains out!!

So excited I got the drains removed today. I am finally starting to feel more like a normal person. I also switched over to spanx which has made a world of difference. The abdominal binder kept riding up and wouldn't stay in place and felt like it was becoming more of a tourniquet all bunched up. I'm almost wondering if it was doing more harm than good.

Day 19 post op

Went back to work yesterday. I have a sedentary job, but quite a commute and I think the commute was the worst. You don't realize how sore you are until you feel every bump in the road.

I feel like I'm in the process of trying to figure out what compression garments will work for me. I bought both Marena and Spanx. Spanx are definitely more comfortable. The band at the top of the Marena really digs in. I finally got fed up and cut the top off so it's better now.
I still don't feel like the Spanx or Marena on their own provide enough compression. I wore the Spanx by themselves today and my abdomen was killing me by the end of the day. I ended up having to put the abdominal binder on over them.

I can't stand wearing the abdominal binder on its own because it's constantly riding up and it keeps pulling my surgical tape off. The surgical tape is supposed to stay on for 4 - 6 weeks, but I don't see how that's possible with the stupid binder.

I'm still walking a little hunched. I can straighten out, but only for brief periods. I find I need to have the abdominal binder on really tight before I can stand straight. I don't know what it is about not having compression that causes me to immediately hunch over because I don't feel secure.

4 weeks post op

I made it to the 4 week mark and am so happy. Still working on walking normal and fully straightening out. I think that's my biggest battle. I feel like I'm about 95% of the way there.
I do notice quite a bit of swelling around the incision, especially at the end of the day and it really throbs at times. I'm hoping that slowly improves.
Boobs, I think my left is dropping faster than my right. I really hate the feeling when I bend over in the shower to shave my legs and it feels like my implants are going to flop out of me. Don't know if I'll ever get used to that feeling. That is the only time they feel heavy. Other than that it's just soreness in the boobs all the time.

One month post op!

I'm FINALLY sleeping in my bed! No more recliner for me :). I will say it's still not the most comfortable experience, but at least I don't feel like my insides and skin are going to rip apart if I lay flat on my back. I definitely wake up a lot because I'm on my side most of the time and my boobs start bothering me along with the tummy, but at least I'm out of the recliner.

I am definitely starting to feel like my old self again. I'm walking pretty straight now and some of the feeling is starting to come back on my abdomen. I still have a triangular shaped area from just above my belly button down to my incision that is still numb, but it's improving. Boobs are still numb in some areas as well so hoping that eventually goes away. Nipples are hypersensitive, but areola is kind of numb, very weird.

5 weeks post op

I feel like the 4 week mark was really a turning point. I started walking straight and sleeping in bed as opposed to the recliner.
Now that I've been back to normal activity for a week I do notice more pain in the boobs. I don't know if it's because I'm sleeping on my side or just doing more with my arms, but my left one just starts throbbing at times, especially after massaging. Has anyone else experienced that?
The tape finally fell of the incisions under my boobs and I had some fun trying on swimsuits.

All the pics didn't upload

6 week post op

Had my 6 week post op today and everything seems to be going well. I still have pain in the left boob whenever I lean over or massage it so I'm hoping that it doesn't mean anything and resolves soon.

I no longer have to wear the binder except for when I exercise, yay!!! I'm so ready to burn that thing. Looking forward to slowly beginning to exercise again. I can also transition to regular bras, but she said not to wear a push-up bra for a whole year :(

I asked my PS about a hard area under my skin just above the center of my tt incision and apparently it's fat necrosis and happened because she really had to pull me tight since I didn't have a lot of extra skin. Hopefully over the next year she said it may soften up.

She said I can start using silicone gel on the incisions and can also do massaging of the incision to help with the scar. Hoping my red scar will eventually fade to a nice white line.

11 weeks

I'm now at the 11 week mark and I think everything is going well. Still have some soreness in the left breast when I bend over or push it up when doing massages.
I seem to be a 34DD at Victoria's Secret, but am a 34D in other brands.
I'm alternating between silicone gel and silicone scar strips. Definitely anxious for my scars to fade.

10 months and so happy

It's been 10 months and I couldn't be happier that I did the surgery. Only wish my scars weren't so red and visible. Doesn't seem like the silicone gel did much of anything for the scars and I used it for 8 months.
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