36, 6 Kids, Much Needed Long Awaited Vaser Lipo Sacramento, CA

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I'm a mom of 6 5'6 152lbs pretty healthy. Due to...

I'm a mom of 6 5'6 152lbs pretty healthy. Due to the children, no matter how much exercise I do I still have fat around my abdomen. I went in for a consultation last month and they quoted me 10000 for abdomen and back bra area. That was way to much for me. I shopped around and found a place that I like better for a more reasonable price. I'm getting my upper and lower abdomen and my waist and flanks. My surgery is in a week and I'm just as nervous as I am excited.

5 more days!!

I'm so nervous. However, every time I look in the mirror without clothes I realize it will all be worth it. I'm uploading a couple more before pics to keep reminding myself why I'm doing this. I decided to stay in a hotel for the first two days after my surgery. I feel like with all of my kids at home it will be more peaceful place to heal. I'm going shopping tomorrow for all of the essentials. Ladies please let me know if there's anything that the doctors may not tell you that was a must-have for you.

In here!

However they said I may be to anemic for the procedure to be done today

Not today

I was unable to get it done today do to my low iron levels. They sent me to Kaiser, Kaiser wants to do a blood transfusion. However, since it's not an emergency, they will not do it for a week or two. So right now I'm in limbo. I have no idea when I'll be able to have my procedure done. I'm so disappointed .

Everything happens for a reason

I've been working closely with my primary Doctor since Friday to find the caul of my bad blood work. He's narrowed it down to my birth control(paragaurd). I got a blood transfusion today. Getting the iud removed Thursday . I'm on iron pills 3xs a day. Hoping for better levels next week.

Ladies I need your help

What is that disgusting fat called right there under my arm? I need to call the dr and let them know that I'm including that area first thing in the morning! Eww

I got it done today

How long does the nausea last? I will update when I'm not nauseous :(

1 day post op

Feeling much better. I'll update later I just wanted to post the pictures really quick. Sorry they are not very good pictures but it was hard to take them by myself I'm really sore.

2 days post op

The procedure went as I expected. Lots of pain. Even though they say it's not very painful I knew it would be. Every time it got to be to much the doc would stop and put more numbing stuff. I was still able to talk through the process so it wasn't that bad. After I was able to stand right up. The nurse put on my garmets. The compression garment wasn't even tight, I asked her shouldn't it be tighter but she said it was fine. The binder of course is tight. They didn't give me any meds to take home. Just said take Tylenol. Kind of disappointing. The ride home is all a blur, when I got home I was soaked. I changed and passed out till midnight. I got up and ate took Tylenol and was sleep on and off for the rest of the night. Day 1 I woke up and showered. It was fine and I just rested for the rest of the day. Today I feel better. Every since I got home the pain has been no more than a 5. I'm happy so far with the results.

Fat removed

End of day 5

I'm feeling fine but I'm having issues with my comprehension garment. It's to bulky and its leaving bad creases in my back. I wore a waist trainer to work today instead but it was way to tight. By lunch time my husband had to bring me my garmet. I'm not sure what to get now. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Swelling and itching

I've been super itchy for the last 2 days. It's so annoying. I'm also swelling, definitely don't look as small as before. I was going to take pictures last night but it was to depressing. I have a few hard spots that I did some massaging to last night. I'm either wearing my comprehension garmet or waist trainer at all times. My pain is gone. I'll post new pictures soon as I look a little better.

Not happy today

2 weeks

2 weeks

2 weeks yesterday. I wear my binder all night and waist trainers all day. I haven't been without them at all. I like my results so far but I'm hoping for better.

Progression pic

Huge today

Swelling is going down a little

My waist trainer

Is getting loose. I finally got it on the last hooks ( there are 3 rows) and it's not super tight. My stomach is still not flat but this shows progress.

Clothes pic

I look a lot better in clothes. There's no difference in my bra fat rolls yet though. I don't have any good pics though.

1 month update

I had my 1 month checkup today. The nurse just asked me how everything was going, took vitals, measurements, and pictures. In the upper abdomen area I lost 1 inch. The waste area I lost 5 inches. In the lower Ab area I lost 2 inches. I haven't lost anything in the bra roll area so that's why upper abs is only 1 inch but they said I'm still healing so hopefully it goes down. I'm cleared to exercise which is a great thing because since the surgery I've actually gained 1 pound. She said I should start to see final results at the three-month mark and I'll go back in September.

Newest pics

Not much has changed since the last update

Week 5

I'm in week 7

2 month update

Not much has changed lately. I feel like I'm pretty much healed. Although I do get soreness when I do not wear my waist trainer for long periods of time. For the most part I wear my waist trainer every day. I Watch what I eat for the most part. I'm pretty happy with my results I will be getting a revision on my brawl rolls and I'm undecided on my lower abdomen depending how it looks at six months.

Still doing well

Still doing well no size updates I still look the same. I still get very sore if I go to long without my waist trainer so I guess that means I'm not healed yet. But the big deal is I've decided I want to go to Miami and get a Brazilian butt lift. I'm going to start a new review now =)

Before and after

Before and after

My review

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