42 Years old and still slaying, Dr Hazani. Sacramento, CA

I am currently looking for feedback with anyone...

I am currently looking for feedback with anyone that has had this procedure. I work 10 hours a day at a desk so I'm sitting all day. How long do you all recommend I take off of work. And I've been looking at Drs in Miami, anyone have recommendations for a CA Dr? I would prefer to stay in CA, Sacramento if possible. Any suggestions or pictures or local work would be appreciated.

Finally set up a consultation

Went to my consultation last Thursday with Dr Kaufman in Folsom Ca. I love him and I've decided he's the Dr for me. He answered all my questions regarding high blood pressure and the surgery and also reassured me I could go back to my office job within a week of surgery. Cost is 12000 which is average in CA. My projected surgery date is Nov 14

Changed Drs.

Had another consultation with Dr Hazani. Have date set to go to him for surgery, 10/4. Excited and nervous

Deposit paid, supplies ordered

Paid my $500 deposit to secure my date. Found an Airbnb in Beverly Hills that I will book 4 nights. Still need to book flights and car rental. Paying for my friends expenses as she is coming with me to be my caregiver.
Supplies I purchased were foam boards, chux pads, ez pee, maxi dresses, arnica pills and cream, large night shirts, ab pads, compression socks. Still need shower curtain to cover bed and dark cheap towels. Dr provides bbl pillow, binder and compression garment

Booked Airbnb (Beverly Hills, CA)

Plane tickets purchased for myself and my friend who is going to take care of me. Airbnb for 5 days under $800 in Beverly Hills reserved!!(score????????). Rented a full size SUV to get is to and from airport. Almost all supplies have been shipped minus arnica pills and lipo foam pads. Trying to get all paperwork ready for work for time off! What's the shortest amount of time others have taken off from work???

Pre op pictures

I'm 2 1/2 weeks out until SX. I'm 5'9 220 lbs. Here are a few before pictures. I will do measurements soon. I've got a little bit of booty but I could use more????

My BBL pillow came in!!!!

So Dr. Hazani includes a pillow in the coat of his surgery but I've decided to buy a second one to keep at work. I work at an office job for 10 hours a day so it was imperative that I have the pillow at work. I'm taking it to work next week so no one will be suspicious of it when I take two weeks off and show up with it. It sits high, and I'll bring a regular pillow to set behind me while sitting at my desk. Less than two weeks until I get a new booty!!!!

Would love my curves to be more defined

I have a curvy body but I would definitely love for them to be more defined. And the tummy to be flatter, that will help show off the booty more also!!

Staying at an Airbnb In Beverly Hills

If any of you are doing your surgery in Beverly Hills check out the HomeAway app. I rented a 2 bedroom bungalow a few blocks from Dr. Hazani's office for $174 a night. That is way cheaper than any hotel down in that area!!!!! And it's close to Rodeo Dr if you want to shop. Here are some photos.

What I'd like

These are a couple of realistic results that I would love. I'm a tall, thick woman already so I believe that either one of these is doable for my frame.

Next Friday Nov. 4th!!!!! Hazani here I come!

I just packed my supplies tonight. I've got the brameline, arnica gel and tablets, maxi dresses and night shirts, chux pads, ab pads, lipo foam, BBL pillow, compression garment, compression socks, pee ez and wrap for bandages. I still need my prescriptions, dark towels and extra strength Tylenol. I'm possibly going to get an ab board as well.
Dr. Kaufman, Folsom CA

Very informative Dr. Soft spoken and great bedside manners. The ladies in the office are also very kind and helpful.

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