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I am currently looking for feedback with anyone...

I am currently looking for feedback with anyone that has had this procedure. I work 10 hours a day at a desk so I'm sitting all day. How long do you all recommend I take off of work. And I've been looking at Drs in Miami, anyone have recommendations for a CA Dr? I would prefer to stay in CA, Sacramento if possible. Any suggestions or pictures or local work would be appreciated.

Finally set up a consultation

Went to my consultation last Thursday with Dr Kaufman in Folsom Ca. I love him and I've decided he's the Dr for me. He answered all my questions regarding high blood pressure and the surgery and also reassured me I could go back to my office job within a week of surgery. Cost is 12000 which is average in CA. My projected surgery date is Nov 14

Changed Drs.

Had another consultation with Dr Hazani. Have date set to go to him for surgery, 10/4. Excited and nervous

Deposit paid, supplies ordered

Paid my $500 deposit to secure my date. Found an Airbnb in Beverly Hills that I will book 4 nights. Still need to book flights and car rental. Paying for my friends expenses as she is coming with me to be my caregiver.
Supplies I purchased were foam boards, chux pads, ez pee, maxi dresses, arnica pills and cream, large night shirts, ab pads, compression socks. Still need shower curtain to cover bed and dark cheap towels. Dr provides bbl pillow, binder and compression garment

Booked Airbnb (Beverly Hills, CA)

Plane tickets purchased for myself and my friend who is going to take care of me. Airbnb for 5 days under $800 in Beverly Hills reserved!!(score????????). Rented a full size SUV to get is to and from airport. Almost all supplies have been shipped minus arnica pills and lipo foam pads. Trying to get all paperwork ready for work for time off! What's the shortest amount of time others have taken off from work???

Pre op pictures

I'm 2 1/2 weeks out until SX. I'm 5'9 220 lbs. Here are a few before pictures. I will do measurements soon. I've got a little bit of booty but I could use more????

My BBL pillow came in!!!!

So Dr. Hazani includes a pillow in the coat of his surgery but I've decided to buy a second one to keep at work. I work at an office job for 10 hours a day so it was imperative that I have the pillow at work. I'm taking it to work next week so no one will be suspicious of it when I take two weeks off and show up with it. It sits high, and I'll bring a regular pillow to set behind me while sitting at my desk. Less than two weeks until I get a new booty!!!!

Would love my curves to be more defined

I have a curvy body but I would definitely love for them to be more defined. And the tummy to be flatter, that will help show off the booty more also!!

Staying at an Airbnb In Beverly Hills

If any of you are doing your surgery in Beverly Hills check out the HomeAway app. I rented a 2 bedroom bungalow a few blocks from Dr. Hazani's office for $174 a night. That is way cheaper than any hotel down in that area!!!!! And it's close to Rodeo Dr if you want to shop. Here are some photos.

What I'd like

These are a couple of realistic results that I would love. I'm a tall, thick woman already so I believe that either one of these is doable for my frame.

Next Friday Nov. 4th!!!!! Hazani here I come!

I just packed my supplies tonight. I've got the brameline, arnica gel and tablets, maxi dresses and night shirts, chux pads, ab pads, lipo foam, BBL pillow, compression garment, compression socks, pee ez and wrap for bandages. I still need my prescriptions, dark towels and extra strength Tylenol. I'm possibly going to get an ab board as well.

Surgery in less than one week away

I have surgery with Dr Hazani this Friday Nov. 4th. Here are a few pictures pre op in my swimsuit and when I fully heal I'll take more pictures in same swimsuit. Also I added pictures of my final supplies bought. Body wipes, ab board, waist trainer, shower curtain to cover rental car and bed at the Airbnb for any messes, extra strength Tylenol and anti bacterial soap.

2 more days until surgery

I fly out to Beverly Hills tomorrow night for my procedure. My so is this Friday at 7. I just bought this dress and wanted to take before and after a to compare. Biggest thing I'm looking forward to is losing this lame pouch in the front, I really don't like it.

Tomorrow is the BIG day!!!!

Yes I'm a procrastinator!!!! Although I have completely pack my clothes! After work today I'll need to do a few house chores to make my life much easier when I get home. I live alone. Luckily I have an amazing support group of friends that will be here to check on me, cook, shop and clean for me. I leave to LA tonight with one of my long time friends who will take care of me after the surgery. I don't fly back to N. Cali until Monday afternoon. I'm surprisingly more excited than nervous about tomorrow!!! One thing I'm disappointed in is that I didn't get a damn pedicure. My toes needed some loving. Oh well I'll at least have a banging ass!!!

Big booty day

Off to the surgery center!!!! Surgery is today!! ????????????????

I made it!!!

Talk about pain, I feel like I've been ran over by a Mack truck. My face and lips are so swollen. Dr Hazani was able to get 1200 cc in each cheek.

I'm loving it????????

It's only been since Friday afternoon since I've had my surgery and I already love the shape Hazani has given me. I know that it will go down a bit but the shape is beautiful. ??????

Forgot the "from behind photo"

I can't wait for the days to see my shape form more. If it's looking this good at 4 days post op it's going to look amazing at full healing!!????

Looking mighty fine in a thong

I just had surgery Friday afternoon and here at 5 days post op my butt is taking a nice shape. Unfortunately I haven't seen any of my swelling subsiding yet. I'm in pain still but it's mainly from laying on sides and stomach all day long. On a good note my diet has been amazing and healthy.

Over 200 lbs but don't look it????????

I'm still at my pre op weight of 215 lbs. but my body doesn't look it. 6 days post op and still extremely swollen. My tummy is the worse, it's so swollen. Waist looks much nicer. Finally gave in and took a pain med due to not being able to find any comfortable position. I feel much better.

The swelling is real!!!!!

So my backside is shaping very nicely but my tummy is a different story! I am extremely swollen and it's actually causing pain. I've tried the arnica and the bromelain everyday since surgery and I really don't think it's helped. I've totally cut out salt in my diet and I'm drinking tons of water. I am being patient I know the healing process can take up to a few months, it's just a bit painful and irritating now.

What a difference a day makes!!!

Today I am feeling so much better. I am still swollen but not as bad as yesterday. I actually was able to drive (with my pillow) to go into town to shop. My bruising is minimizing but of course still everywhere. I slept the entire night without any sort of pain meds. Hope this is the start of feeling better daily. Here's a sneak peek of my cute bum.????????

The all so common, bruises and swelling

I do see a beautiful booty coming through just wished my sides and tummy would go down. Luckily they aren't as bad as they were a few days ago! I just know it's all going to look fantastic so I will remain patient ??????

Just peachy ????????

Just a bit over a week and it's a beauty????

Hazani is a pure artist

So today is im feeling fabulous!!! I'm getting ready to go shop a bit. I took a photo with clothes on and no garment to give you a feel of what magic Hazani did for me. Let me remind you I am 5'9 220 lbs.

Finally hit the 2 week mark????????

Well 2 weeks have gone by since my surgery and I'm feeling pretty good. I go back to work this Monday and I think I'm ready. My biggest fear is sitting so long at my desk. I will be sure to get up every 20 minutes and walk around. So far I am pleased with my results, while I know this isn't final I am hoping for shrinkage in my waist and tummy. They are swollen and I'd love to see them get quite a bit smaller. Biggest milestone so far is that today I can rid myself of that uncomfortable binder that i've been wearing the past 2 weeks. Hope everyone has happy healing????

Officially 3 weeks post op

Swollen more than ever this week. Going to go back to wearing my binder at home to see if that helps. On a good note I was able to wear jeans today????????

This healing process is a trip!!

So yesterday I was so frustrated from being swollen so I put my binder back on and wore it over night. Woke up today and stomach is flat with no swelling. Binder it is until I get this swelling under control!

Started massages and getting results

So I got a little hand held massager and it is helping my swollen lower ab to go down. I am still extremely swollen but this has helped quite a bit. Some photos with clothes and a picture of my massager.

6 weeks out, Hazani has magical hands!

So tomorrow will be 6 weeks post op. I still swell but not as bad, I'll continue wearing my faja most of the day just because it really does hold everything together and it feels good!!! My ass, oh my ass I'm in love with!!! He did a great job, it's big but it looks real! I'll never get questioned if I had surgery which was a goal of mine. Here are some pictures, enjoy!


Here is a picture of the fajas I wear. They are comfortable, the black one is leonisa and the other one I found on Groupon. The tan one I can't wear to work due to it cutting into my thighs and I had lipo there. It is good to wear with a dress though since the legs are shorter.

Panty shopping

Butt is softening up quite a bit so why not treat it to some Victoria's Secret ??

10 weeks post op

10 weeks post op now and I don't think I will lose any more volume. I'm very happy with my decision to do this SX. Next up is breast augmentation:)

3 months

Valentine's Day was much nicer this year. 3 month mark, I think what I have now is what I'm stuck with. No complaints though.
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

Very informative Dr. Soft spoken and great bedside manners. The ladies in the office are also very kind and helpful.

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