Fat Middle Section, Need Liposuction. Sabah Medical Centre, Malaysia

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Tried dieting and gym for 1 year. Everything went...

Tried dieting and gym for 1 year. Everything went down except my mid section, when I got busy and quit gym for 5 months, my middle section stored more fat and I now look like a skinny pregnant lady. I would love to share this experience to everyone since there has not been that much review from sabah

Chicken-ing out

15 minutes before reaching and I feel like Chicken-ing out. All that's playing in my head is Dr's "this is still surgery so we can't rule out Complications." And hubby's "make sure there won't be no complication. We can't afford any complication".... let's wait and see what happens when I reach the hospital. I'm loosing courage as minutes goes by....

changed my mind.

I am now officially a chicken. Sorry guys! I cancelled the surgery 1/2 before it begun. I keep getting this bad feeling that I'm going to die, so why risk it right? Don't ignore your instinct. I've decided to go for thermage/ultrashape instead. Should I create another review or should I continue it here?

ultrashape/new life

Dr Charles told me not to worry for he himself doesn't do procedure if a person is not mentally prepared. That's the reason why he sees the patient 1 week and 1 day pre surgery to make sure that the patient is prepared.
I sure was fully prepared yesterday(a bit nervous) but the full horror instinct happened today.

Dr Charles advised me about ultrashape. He said since I'm afraid of general anesthetic, I could try to reduce my fat with ultrashape and lipo the remaining stubborn fat under local anesthesia after 4-5 months.
I intend to control/limit my food starting today. White meat, vegetables, protein shake. And run 2 hours 5 times a week.
Dr Charles Lee


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