44 Years. Blessed with 2 Young Kids. Finally Decided to Do a TT with Muscle Repair

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So here I am 9 days post op... It has been...

So here I am 9 days post op... It has been difficult 8 days, but today I feel much better, so grateful! Finally walking a bit more upright, less swelling, less helpless, less emotional and off all strong pain meds. I finally decided that I will post this review just in case it will help other women.
So glad I found this site. I was a total nervous wreck for two weeks before my surgery, but I found the Real self website and reading other women's experiences helped me so much! I was terrified I might die, scared of what implications my IBS might have on TT recovery, but grateful that so far no problems.
I loved reading Kimmers tips on 12 things I wish I knew before surgery. I thank each of you who replied and encouraged me before surgery and during the last 9 days. I am looking forward to my check-up on Friday. I just want to know that all is well with the healing of my incision. Don't know what's going on underneath the surgical tape and plaster. Positively hopeful that all is well. Wishing everyone a speedy recovery.

13 days post op and feeling great!

So between day 9 and 11 I developed a seroma. Ifelt a tender, swollen spot the size of my palm during night 10. It was above my BB where I had muscle repair. Luckily I had my follow up appointment tge next morning. My PS had to draw out the fluid a needle. I though I was going to faint because she did not inject a local anesthetic first. Thankfully I was still somewhat numb on that particular spot, so it was not too bad. I felt a huge relief after aspiration. My PS suggested that I fold a pad and put it on the spot underneath the garment. Extra pressure can help prevent too much fluid buildup. She emphasized that it is crucial to wear my garment 24/7. She also said that she might have repeat the aspiration in a few days. I have to go back 5 days.
The nurse then changed my plasters and I was told that the incision is healing nicely. I had a brief glimpse at my BB and although it had stitches around and a bit strange looking, I think it will look so much better than my stretched ou bb before. The nurse said I will have a cute bb once healed :) I asked the nurse to take a photo before applying the new tape. When I got home and looked at the photos, I was a bit shocked at how long that incision is. Of course I knew it would be from hip to hip, but seeing the incision without plasters on made me obsessing about scar treatment afterwards. :) I went out for a nice lunch with my husband after my appointment. First time out in public post op and it felt great! I was a bit self-conscious about walking slightly bend over though, but it was just so good to feel half-normal again. Day 12: Beautiful sunny day and I felt great. I got up and I managed to walk more upright, yay!!! I decided to go out for lunch with my husband and gorgeous kids. Ended up staying for 4 hours, it was just wonderful to be outside in the sunshine. We had friends coming over for dinner in the evening. My husband was wonderful and did everything. But by 8pm I was exhausted, stiff, sore and swollen. I realized that I overdid it. By 11am I was in bed feeling wiped-out and sore. Very bad swelling and breathless. I took a tablet for pain and went to sleep.
This morning (day 13) I slept late and felt better. Still a bit swollen, but not too bad. Taking it easy today, because I am scared of the seroma. I have to remind myself that it is still early days and I need to take it easy.
I have been very good with eating clean and limiting salt in my diet. I also make myself a protein smoothie daily and it is definitely helping my recovery. I have IBS so I have to drink Kefir every day. I make a smoothie with fresh Kefir, protein powder, one Kiwi (magical health fruit :), blue berries and then I add some raw organic superfoods like chia seeds, raw Cocoa and some coconut water. Pineapple is also very good. It is a powerful health smoothie and it taste delicious.
That's all for now. I will try to post another update later in the week. Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery.
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