Petite 24 Yr Old 5'5 100lbs Pre Op 32AA Cup, post op 32C/D 300cc Mod+ Silicone Implants Submuscular, Inframammary Incisions

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24 years old and have always had a small figure...

24 years old and have always had a small figure (5'4, 100lbs) with little to no breasts. In the past few years of my life I have seriously considered getting breast implants. I looked at the average cost, what the risks were, and did some in depth research on different types of implants(silicone or saline. High, mod+, moderate or low projection), the placement (over or under the muscle), different incision locations (under the breast fold, nipple, or through the underarm), what the recovery would be like, i also read alot of other girls stories to see what its really lIke to go through. Finally decided that I was ready, this is something that would make me happier about my appearance and started saving up the money. Finding a reputable clinic near me and qualified board certified surgeon was important to me. I looked at what options I had for my location and made an appointment for consultation with the best rated clinic and surgeon in my area. During my first consultation I told the doctor I wanted big breasts with lots of cleavage and we originally decided that anywhere from 350-400cc of high profile silicone, round smooth implants over the muscle would achieve that look. I tried on the sizers and they felt so big and heavy. A few months passed and over that time I did alot more research with the new information I had after my first consultation. You learn a lot during the consult. Like how when choosing a size you can go in there asking for a c-cup but when it's all over and done with you can end up with a d-cup due to the fact the doctors work with "cc's" not cup size. After doing some more research and taking a few months to think I decided that I wanted to go for a more natural look that is proportionate to my body. So I went in for my second consult, tried on a few smaller sizes and we ended up deciding that 300cc moderate plus profile silcone under the muscle through inframammary(under the breast fold) incisions would achieve a better proportioned and not overpowering look that I desired. After my second consult with the same doctor I was ready to book my surgery and pre-op appointment. The next few weeks up to my surgery passed fairly quickly. I focused on eating healthy and practicing yoga to get in the right mind set for surgery. I had a decent sleep the night before surgery I made sure to go to bed early. Surgery day I arrived at the clinic for my scheduled arrival time. I had to wait for about 15 or so mins before I was brought into the waiting room. I was pretty nervous during this time. The ladies who came in to ask me questions and were assisting in the surgery were comforting and reassuring. I had never been put under general anesthesia before so that is what I was worried about the most at the time. The anesthesiologist came in to talk to me and answer any questions I had which really helped with my anxiety. I told them I was nervous and they gave me some lorazepam to calm down while I waited to be brought into the operating room. The surgeon came in and we went over what the plan was and marked me up. I didn't have to wait overly long, couldn't of been more than half an hour. I was brought into the OR and laid down on the table. The anesthesiologist inserted the UV and started administration of the antibiotics, anti nausea, and the anesthetic. First I could feel the coldness in my vein and then he told me to think of my happy place and before I knew it I was waking up in the recovery room. I almost forgot I even had the surgery when I woke up I was so groggy but felt good with little pain. The recovery room nurse was amazing and so caring. I was fairly nauseated after the UV was removed from my arm. That's when i started to feel like crap. The first night was definitely the worst. My surgeon doesn't give his patients the prescription until after the surgery so I had to get my helper to go to the pharmacy for me to get my antibiotics and pain meds and it was not a smooth, quick process. The clinic said the anesthetic should of been in my system and I shouldn't of needed my pain meds for 4 hours but I needed them as soon as I was in the car. My dominant side breast was riding a little higher than the other right after surgery, ans still is 5 days post op, hoping it settles over time. Other than that they look great. Perfect size for my body. I have an appointment in a week to have my stitches removed. I am pretty nervous about that but looking forward to seeing my surgeon for the first time since surgery. I will feel alot better after he takes a look at how I am healing and can answer some of my questions.

One week post op

Tomorrow will be a week since the surgery and I woke up this morning feeling fairly good with only mild discomfort. I don't think I will need to take any more of my pain medication. I have noticed a small amount of bruising near my right incision and the steristrip has become red with blood and that had me a little worried but my surgeon called me back today and advised this was normal and not to worry. He also advised me to remove my steristrips today and gosh am I worried about doing that. I don't want to see my incisions yet, I hope they are healing well. My surgeon is a few hours away so it isn't convenient for me to drive in for such a small concern. I wish I lived closer so I could see him if I needed. I have my post op appointment a week from tomorrow to have my stitches removed. So I am looking forward to seeing him then. This website has been very helpful in my journey. My surgeon also advised me to start wearing an underwire bra today. I forgot to ask what the purpose of switching to an underwire bra is so I am waiting for the office to call me back so I can get that information. I haven't been professionally sized yet but I tried to do some at home measurements and came out with 32C cup which I am very happy with as that is the size I was going for. I am very happy with the appearance, shape and size of my new breasts and am eager for them to fully heal and settle into place so I can show them off a little in a nice bra or lower cut shirt. I've never had boobs so this is so exciting. The size i went with is perfectly proportionate to my body looks beautiful and not overpowering. I didnt want to take away from my other features and my surgeon did a great job and achieved the look i was going for perfectly. I am so glad I decided to go ahead with this surgery, so far I have absolutely no regrets, best investment ive made so far. I feel so much more confident about my body and cant wait for bikini season. Hoping its smooth sailing from here on out and my breasts and I continue our newfound love. :) I will post some pictures soon once I get myself into a cute bra/bikini. I didn't take too many before pictures because I hated my small breasts but now I am wishing I did so you guys could see the transformation.

Surgeon called me back today

My surgeon called me back today and advised that I should remove my steristrips and switch to an underwire bra. I was really nervous about removing my steristrips and actually seeing my incisions. I don't like seeing blood so it was so nerve-wracking having to remove the steristrips myself and actually see the stitches and where my skin was split open. It made me really lightheaded. I had a really hard time getting them off, they were stuck on good. Once I got them off though it wasn't quite as bad as I thought. I think I just worked myself up about it. I think my incisions actually looked good and I got over my fear for the most part. I am in the mindset that I am going to follow every instruction that my surgeon gives me, that way I have the best chance of healing properly. I also switched to an underwire bra earlier today as directed by my surgeon. I wore a 32C bra I had got before the surgery but it feels a little tight so I think I am going to get professionally sized tomorrow and buy a bra that fits a bit better. I was wanting to hold off as long as possible because it's very possible my size will change over the next few weeks as my breast settle into final position and I will have to buy more new bras that actually fit properly.

One week post op and I love my new boobs!! :)

I'm a week post op today and I can't stop staring at my new chest. I am so happy I went ahead with this surgery. I went in with a realistic end goal in mind and I came out with exactly what I wanted. Couldn't be happier. The first couple days I was worried I went too small considering how much I paid for the operation but as I am progressing I know I chose the right size, perfectly proportionate to my body. I will update more later with some photos. :) I've included a couple of what my incisions look like a week post op.

32AA pre-op to 32D (at 8 days post op)

Yesterday was 8 days post op and I finally gave in and went and got fitted because the 32C bra I had at home was very uncomfortable and tight. Turns out I am a 32D now. Wondering if my size will change over the course of healing in the next few weeks or if it will stay the same. I will keep updating my progress. I have included some pictures 8 days post op in my new bra and sports bra. The pictures arent the greatest quality but i keep saying im going to upload some photos so here they are. I also wanted to note that there is a bit of tightness in my chest and I am finding it uncomfortable to take a deep breath. Apparently this is normal for submuscular placement because the chest muscles are tightened and adjusting to the implants. It should get better as the days go by and as my chest muscles relax in the new position. Just thought I'd throw that in there in case anyone is or has experienced the same thing.

12 days post op

I am now at 12 days post op and I feel like I'm coming along pretty nicely. I have started applying polysporin to my incisions and I have found that its helping with healing and speeding up the process a little. I am supposed to wear an underwire bra during the day and a sports bra at night and I have been doing so but those damn wires keep poking into my chest and it hurts. I have an apt with my surgeon coming up this week to have my stitches removed so I will ask him then. I've been writing down my questions as they come to me so I don't forget to ask him anything. The tightness in my chest is starting to subside a bit. It doesn't hurt to take a deep breath anymore but there is still some tightness in my chest muscles. My left breast is still a bit higher than my right one but I am trying to remain patient as they say it takes at least 3 weeks and up to 6 months to a year for the final result to start to show. Excited for my follow up appointment. Other than that things are coming along great. It's hard to believe that I had surgery not even 2 weeks ago. I've been feeling pretty good lately. Hoping it stays that way. :)

2 week follow up - 16 days post op

I am now 16 days post op and feeling great. I had my follow up apt with my surgeon 2 days ago at my two week point. He removed my stitches and made sure everything was looking good. I was scared it was going to hurt to get my stitches removed but I didn't even feel a thing. My surgeon told me everything was looking great and healing well. I'm still a bit swollen in the upper pole of my breasts and the left side is still riding a bit higher than the right. So, he gave me a compression band to wear during the day to help with settling them into final position a little quicker. I also got the okay to start doing my yoga again, other than the positions that require supporting your body weight with your arms. I was worried about stretching my arms too high and rip my muscles or something since I went under the muscle. My doctor assured me that I am okay to stretch my arms, even above my head. I am really happy I chose such a well qualified surgeon. He did a great job. I already love my new breasts now, I am so eager to see the final result. I'm hoping the next few weeks I will see some major progress.

3 and half week update

Here are a few photos to show the progress I've made at 3 and a half weeks post op. A lot of the swelling has gone done and I have full range of motion in my arms now. I still don't lift anything heavy or support my full body weight with my arms. I have started my yoga and stretching again. I was measuring as a 32D cup but after a bit of the swelling goes down and the final settling I think I will be a full c cup, which is what I was aiming for anyway. I can't wait to go shopping for new clothes and bathing suits to show off my new body. Feels so good to not feel so self-conscious for once. My left breast is still riding a bit higher than the right but I think once my muscles relax a bit more it will settle into the right place. My breasts have been dry and itchy lately I've been applying moisturizer twice a day. I have been applying bio oil to my incisions twice a day as well. So far my healing process has been a good one. Hope the smooth sailing continues. :) I have my next follow up appointment with my surgeon next month at my 6 week point. I will continue to update my progress along the way.

6 weeks post op

I am now over 6 weeks post op and everything has been healing and dropping into place nicely. I had my 6 week follow up appointment with my surgeon and he told me I no longer have any restrictions and can resume all physical activity. I also can wear a push up bra and no longer have to wear a sports bra to bed but I just feel more comfortable wearing the sports bra to bed, I like having the extra support so I will probably continue to wear my sports bra to bed for a while. In the next couple days I will post some photos of my new boobs in my new push up bras. I'm also going to go shopping for a new swimsuit too so once I find one I will definitely post a pic in that as well. This is the first time ever I am actually looking forward to summer and bikini weather. Feels so great to finally have some confidence and not feel so self conscious about my small breasts. I actually feel like a woman now, which was really important to me. I was feeling too much like a little girl with a flat chest. I have been slacking on taking pictures daily to track my progress day by day in the last couple weeks. They look great though I have absolutely no complaints, my surgeon did a wonderful job. I have been massaging my incisions 1-2 times a day as well with bio oil. I am supposed to massage deeper into the tissue to break up the scar tissue a bit more. My surgeon showed me how at my last appointment. I don't have another follow up appointment for another 3 months. After that appointment my follow ups will be once a year. I am very happy with my results and my journey so far. :)

6 weeks post op photos

Here are some recent photos of me at about 6 weeks post op. I am fitting into a 32D in the bras with no padding and 32C & 32D for the bras with a light push up.

8 weeks post op

It has been exactly 8 weeks today since my surgery. I have been feeling great with no complaints or complications. Its nice to no longer have any restrictions and have full motion and mobility of my arms. My scars are still really visible. I have been massaging them with bio oil at least once a day. I went to Victoria's Secret and bought a new bra and wow is it ever comfortable. It seriously feels like I'm not even wearing a bra, like my boobs are being supported by clouds lol I highly recommended. I will never buy another LA Senza bra again I am definitely a Victoria's Secret girl now. The bras are a bit pricier but definitely worth the extra couple bucks. Unbelievably comfortable. I am going to pick up a couple more of the VS bras, as well as check out their sports bras and swim suits. I went and got sized when I was there and I am fitting into the 32D bras perfectly. I tried a 32C and it was way too tight. Very happy with my results, I'm counting down the days until summer so I can go hit up the beach with my new bod. :) I've included a picture of my new VS bra that I am obsessed with.

2 months post op!!

So here I am at 2 months post op and my recovery has been great, I have no complaints. I was looking through my old pictures of my progress and decided to make a collage so you ladies can see how much your breasts change and "drop and fluff" in the first days and weeks post op. You really don't notice how much your breasts change until you actually look at the progress photos. I highly recommend taking pictures daily to document your progress after surgery, it's really nice to look back at later. I wish I would of taken more pre-ba photos for comparison but I really hated my chest before so I don't blame myself for not wanting to take a bunch of pictures lol. In a couple months I have my 3-month post op follow up appointment and I will ask the clinic if I can have a copy of the before and after photos they took and I will post a copy to my review so you guys can really see what a transformation it has been. I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced this at 2 months post op but when I wear a bra with a lot of push up in it for an extended period of time my incisions start to hurt a little, not an unbearable pain by any means but it's just a little uncomfortable. So I try not to wear push up bras for too long just yet, probably just have a bit of internal healing to do. Once I switch to a bra with no push up the pain subsides so I just gotta remember I still gotta take it a little easy on my healing girls. I went back to Victoria's Secret and bought a couple more new bras that are super cute. I can't wait to go back to check out their bathing suits and sports bras, I didn't have time last time I was there. I will continue to keep you lovely ladies updated on my progress. Happy healing!! xoxo
P.s. I went out the other night and it felt so good to have people compliment me on how good my boobs looked! :) I am in love with my new chest and the level of confidence I have. So glad I decided to go through with this surgery.

6 months post op

I haven't checked in for a while so I thought I'd do a little update on how I've been doing for the last few months. Everything has been smooth sailing with no complications so far. I am very happy with the results, my surgeon did an amazing job. I had my last check up with him and he said I'm healing great, scars are fading nicely and the implants feel very soft and settled perfectly. I don't have to attend another check up for a year, unless I have any concerns. Other than that I really don't have a whole lot to update on besides the fact that I am loving my new chest and that this summer has definitely been a much more confident and comfortable one for me. I have never been so comfortable in my own skin. I am very happy I decided to go through with this surgery. Some people may find it superficial but it has allowed me to actually feel like a woman and have a better quality of life, in the end all that matters is how I feel and I feel damn good! I will post some recent pictures in the next day or two.
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