37 with 2 Kids....I Hate my Tummy Now So Anything Has to Be Better - New York, NY

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I am soooooo scared! I assume that has to be...

I am soooooo scared! I assume that has to be normal but I'm still 6 days away and haven't slept in days thinking about everything. I have had 2 c-sections and very little help during recovery from them so I'm thinking I will be able to get through this. I am having my mussels repaired (they are about 3 inches apart) and a TT. the dr told me that i will need a small vertical incision because I don't have enough skin...anyone else have this??? I hate the way I look now....can't even look at my belly so I'm thinking whatever I end up with has to be better then what I have....right?

Here are before pictures!


Getting closer.....

Ok today I'm feeling better. I called the dr with some last questions... Can I take anything in the morning to control being so anxious, how about the night before.... Can I take water pills to help with swelling after? Etc.... I missed the return call with my answers so I'll try again tomorrow. I stocked up on milk for the kids, water for me and had a beautiful bikini wax.... I'm feeling ready. I think posting the before pictures really helped me.... I don't think I realized how gross my belly is.... So excited to say goodbye to it on Wednesday! Thanks for the support!!!!!! Such crazy feelings.....

I wish it was tomorrow .. .

I'm having my TT on Wednesday but I wish it was tomorrow..... Can't wait till im on the recovery side...

Almost there!!!!!

Tomorrow's my day! I'm more excited then nervous!!!!! I'm ready for this! Can't wait!!!!!! Yeah

It's done!!!!!

I made it!!!! Not an easy day but I'm getting through it! Don't get me wrong, it hurts like hell but when you want something soooo bad, you don't seem to feel the pain as much. Dr said it came out beautiful! Can't wait to see


I get no pain, no gain but Ouch! This hurts!!!

24 hours

Just saw my doctor and he told me he pulled my ab muscles 4 inches back together... That's why it's so painful today. It feels like labor contractions! But I'm getting through it and am so happy

6 days PO

So today's day 6... I am almost back to normal. I had the drains taken out yesterday (didn't hurt at all) and I'm doing well. I still feel like I'm very swollen so it's hard to tell my results... That's a little frustrating but I know I need to be patient. I'm standing up straight, sleeping good (in my own bed since day one) and walking. I'm not driving or lifting anything but I'm feeling a little more normal. Just wish the results weren't under this balloon....
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