32 Yr Old in Desperately Need of a Liposuction , BBT - Rutherford, NJ

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Hi everyone!!!! I'm 32 years old. 1 child 18...

Hi everyone!!!! I'm 32 years old. 1 child 18 months. (Cesarean) I always kept myself in shape but for some reason after I had my son I kind of let go , well I abandoned myself as the pictures can tell you. It was a struggle after failed invited attempts and other treatmens all that hormone I had to inject myself with didn't really help. Well that's another story. I have my little miracle. one year of constant healthy eating and exercise I decided to take another route. I don't see it as a short cut or laziness much more like a help. I looked around in New Jersey and New York and even considered the Dominican Republic but truth be told; I'm scared of the horror stories I've heard. My friend had a liposuction and couldn't walk for 3 months. Then thank God I found realself and contacted 3 doctors from which I found Dr. Rhee was the best. ???? He answered right away and made me feel at ease and sure that I was in good hands and most importantly confortable. He's just awesome and super proffesional. He has the most affordable price why would I risk going out of the USA if he offers the best price in town and safely done here in NJ. Well so I have scheduled my surgery for next wednesday. I will be getting done liposuction of the abdomen, waist, back, medial thights, and upper extremities and of course fat transfer to my butt. ????????????????.

I'm doing great

Will post pictures later. All I can say I'm in love with the professionalism of this doctor. I'm at n no pain. About to put put on my garment.

My weight issue

Here's the thing ladies I was obese. Weighing 202 lbs and I'm only 5"1 keeping that in mind he did magic. As you know how it goes I'm still swollen. As soon as someone comes I will have them take pis for me. I didn't do a tummy tuck just lipo.

5 days Post op

I'm feeling great. Haven't had any issues. Just soreness on my butt. Thankfully nothing Advil can't take care off. I'm starting to see the difference everyday more. And hearing the comments from my friends that come to visit makes me even happier
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