Brazilian Butt Lift - Rutherford, NJ

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I had my consultation with Dr Rhee on 9/8. He was...

I had my consultation with Dr Rhee on 9/8. He was very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. He showed me a video of the procedure. He answered all my questions I had at that time, I unfortunately in a rush forgot my list of questions for him at home. He said that he would do the surgery at my current weight, however the results would be better if I lost 10 pounds (weight then 187, I'm 5'3). Since then I've lost 11 pounds (current weight 175) and I'm still losing. I'm hoping, no I will lose another 10 pounds by 9/28, 12 days to go. I'll be uploading before pic's the day before the big day, surgery day pic's with a review and 1 month after surgery pic's and review.

I day pre-op

Tomorrow is the big day. Took my measurements and they are chest 35, waist 38 and hips 42. My weight on my scale at home is 171. Uploaded my before pics

1 week post op

Dr Rhee and his staff were very kind and professional. The surgery went off without a hitch. I don't have any memory of the day of surgery. The last thing i recall was lying on the operating table waiting for the anesthesia to take effect. I was told by my sister who accompanied me there that the nurse would not allow her to lay me down on my stomach on the back seat. So i rode all the way back to NY from NJ for over 2 hours on my butt. Not sure if this killed a lot of the fat that was transferred. Im very concerned with my results. As you can see from my after pics my butt looks fuller just on top and nothing on bottom and the areas that were liposuctioned (full stomach, upper/lower back and fanks) look only a slight bit smaller. I think I'm still swollen. No, I'm HOPING AND PRAYING that I'm swollen and that my waist and stomach will get smaller. I have my 1st followup appt set for 10/13, will update then
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