Tattoo removal with picoway

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Hello everyone. I'm from Russia. Sorry for my...

Hello everyone. I'm from Russia. Sorry for my English so ill be short. I have 2 tattoo, and i want remove both. I had experience with cover up,and it didnt like me ?efore tattoo on my neck was bad,but small and light, and now it look too dark and big it made proffesional artist but i dont like it anyway. I think its look so rude on me, It absolutely doesnt fit me. I dont understand what treatment I need Seems treatment with laser wiil be fail, becouse of too dark and too much ink. i think its impossible remove with laser, it make me so sad.Today I had the consultation with a plastic surgeon, it will take 2 steps and I will have a scar, I do not want a scar on my neck, it's terrible. I do not know what to do, start laser treatment or it's useless ? I hate my neck now, i want to change my hairstyle, I cant it now, everyone see my tatto and ask about it, it's killing me ((((

My first picoway session

I was thinking a lot, and decided try to remove my tattoo with laser, if I realize that it doesn't work I'll back to plastic surgery. Today was my first laser removal , I found picoway laser in Moscow, it's cool and not so expensive . I will be keep you upgraded .

3 weeks after session

Looks really faded, but seems picoway works better with blue color , I can see small places without any ink on blue . Sorry I can't take good photo my neck

Before and after 1 picoway

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