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Hello. I do not know how to tell my story. My...

Hello. I do not know how to tell my story. My English is not very good, but you're the largest community of tattoo removal that I've ever seen. I see that many people here are something like a blog and I want to join.

May 7, I went for a consultation and I was told that within a year I can remove 3 of my tattoos, 100%. In fact, I have not three tattoos, but there are those that I want to remove as soon as possible. My neck is a pretty big tattoo, my fingers and my left leg covered in black work. And I have colored shoulder, but I can hide it. Raven forearms and the bad old tattoo on his ankle. But all these tattoos I'll remove later. In September, I start with the fingers, neck and my leg.

I think that's a long story why I want. But a bit of history. I was 15 years old when I came to the studio tattoos and they are completely painted my shoulder. Quite a large tattoo. They knew how old I was, but made it. And so I found myself in the company of tattooed ppl. I was young and confident in their actions, I think it will last forever, so did in 17 years tattoo on my neck and leg. Fingers in 18 years and in 19 I made 2 more tattoos on the neck (at the throat). I know that if then they refused me, I would not go home to do a tattoo from a bad artist. And probably would have changed his mind. But everyone liked what I bring money. I've never had problems with work, study, or family relationships. I just grew up and realized that I am so beautiful. I do not want things to attract the attention of society more. I'm not depressed more and I do not want to be freak, scary. My tattoo is quite bleak, many say it. And I really wanted to look like a threat for ppl before. In 19 years, I have ceased to do tattoos. I do not remember why, but I stopped and gave up his plans for the sleeve or paint neck. A few years later I realized that I do not need tattoos. At all.

What I want to say. I love tattoos, including mine. But I no longer love them on my body. I've been afraid to talk about it. When I said "guys, I want to remove it from my life," I was told that I have a crappy person traitor ideas and foolish girl, who did not think her head. Okay. So be it. But when for me said on May 7 that the possible removal of 100%, I was happy.

There is also the problem of my legs. Master mixed 3 kinds of different ink brands. And it caused an allergy. Thanks to him. It is strange that he did not know that it is wrong. So here is my story... Sorry for my English! I hope you were able to read this! I'll be back in September and will show the process.

Do not be afraid of their desires. Never late to change something in yourself, your life and your body. And if you really want this, then just do it!


Hi guys! It's me again. There were extra money and I'm going on my first session for 23 of June! I am extremely happy to start, but very afraid. I have not done anything with my body long time and deleting promises to be painful. I will share the results of the first session, it will cost $ 230.

Day 1.

Hi guys! I have just come from the salon. As long as my memories are fresh, I have to write post.

And so, about 20-30 minutes and smoke breaks. I'd forgotten what pain, and twisted like a snake. :D Sensations - burn and if you snap the eraser for money.

While the forecast is not the best, I give my tattoo 3-4 years ago, and it is well preserved. And yet I see little result, but still will wait until it heals. July 24 the second session. I look forward to when I can get clean skin. I need 6-10 session and a lot money, heh.

Sorry for my eng.

I'm sorry.

I read the stories of many women here. Many write, "I cried because of my tattoos." I never cried, a little depressed, but no, I was always in order. But today, I hate myself the most. My fingers went to the healing. Edema is still and small blisters. It's awful frustrating. And just today I wanted to curse himself. Why was I so stupid in 15-18 years? I thought, "Oh, my artist 30 years, he made his first tattoo at 17 and he does not want to remove it, it makes a new tattoo, I'll just, I'll have a lot of tattoos, I'm a real freak! Piercing, bme, tattoos - my life!". I never thought that one day my opinion about my appearance will be completely different. What a pity that I was so stupid and now I need 1 year to remove it. What a pity that I have not listened to my parents to wait, I wanted to be like my "cool" friends and my ex-boyfriend. Well, guys, now I feel a real depression. I have to pay, in order to once again become beautiful. And yesterday I read again about the tattoo and removal, positive stories would help me, but most wrote "idiots did - now wear, a tattoo - it's for life, and you're just nobodies who want to remove part of his life." Pretty sick inside and outside.

Healing after 1 session.

A week has passed. The blisters have gone, so too early to talk about the good. And nothing surprising yet, the tattoo is almost the same as it was before the procedure 1. Oh, I went to a very good master, when did it. :)

Yet I see outcome variables. As you can see, some of the details of shadows and subtle outline lost. Place on a tooth tattoo circled in red - just left! There was a path, and now nothing. Also I have an ugly crystal with black outline, which is now almost there. In general, look, I said all outcome variables in the image.

2 session.

A new session was today. I will not make photos, because just red and swollen fingers. Master said he did not expect such a result, he thought that nothing at all will not go away. All is well. But it seemed to me that it was more painful. The terrible pain. Do not make tattoos on the fingers! Haha.

Soon I will be clean as a mirror in the bathroom. Lol.

Well. I passed about a week after my 2 sessions and I see progress !!! Yes, I have a complicated case, a professional tattoo, which is not so many years. But my master said, "good results" before the start of the session 2. I can see how he has started to lighten and lose shape. It is black - a dry crust has not yet disappeared. 2 times a very painful and there is blood. 25 August 3 times, and then I take a break, unfortunately I can not afford it.

An eternity passed.

I see quite a bit of the result after the second session. And to be honest, I feel too lazy to do it all, but I want a clean body. My fingers heal differently this time. Edema very quickly and left the crust appeared very quickly, but went very slowly. 25 aug last session and break two months. Shadows completely gone, I see as some of the details turned brown, but very little. Crystal, which I laid out earlier is not gone, but some of its parts have already disappeared. Rather, it would be all over. But I still have a tattoo around his neck, the tattoo on his arm at the shoulder and leg. I thought that I will cleanse the whole body, but recently realized that my shin is good, I think that I will not delete it, just find a good master for a restoration. But the hip-tattoo must be removed and it will be even worse than the rest of the tattoos. While I paid 462 dollars, it is terrible to think, but the neck and fingers I'll leave about $ 4,000. I feel myself like the guy who removed the racist tattoos on his face. Lol.

Photos. Restart.

I decided that photography is done with one camera angle. I added a photo of before, when I have not yet removed the tattoo. And after the second session.

Now I will do my photos such as photo 2. Give me time to heal, so you can see the result.

I am pleasantly surprised by this comparison! Only 2 session, and some details are already brown. Of course, a lot more work, but I'm glad I looked here again, and then decided to look for old photos of my tattoos.

No money.

Hello! Well. I already missed 3 sessions, because while I do not have money to spare. But I can say that the tattoo continues to collapse after the start of the removal. This is especially noticeable when compared to the old and new images. Fingers are now gray, and the crystal, it is almost invisible in real life. I hope that will soon be able to remove again. I'm still upset that I could not remove quickly.

And yes. I will have scars. I do not know what to do, but some circuit was made too deep and strong. The reverse side of the first and professional tattoo saloon.
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