31 Years Old, One Kid, 2 Years of Breast Feed, Was Always Like This, Wanted Big Breast Since 15 Years Old. - Russia, RU

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31 years old, One kid, 2 years of breast feed, was...

31 years old, One kid, 2 years of breast feed, was always like this, wanted big breast since 15 years old.

The contract is signed, got the loan, money is paid, the date of the tests is set, the date of the surgery is set also! Can't wait! Checking this site almost every day! xD (even for 5 minutes).

That is me and as you can see no breast at all :0

I has this size since I remember myself, and being 15 when all the girls around started to have something was very embarrassing, but since my mom had a small b.size I was thinking there is a very small chance something will change. But I still decided to wait because I heard the stories when after having a baby someone's breast had become at least something like a woman's breast (at least something). So I wasn't brave enough to admit the truth and was always wearing bigger size bras and was always feeling insecure about my look (how my body looks). I couldn't wear feminine cloth like dresses, with cleavage or something that has an open neck-shoulder, I was wearing a lot of tom-boy cloth when I was a teenager.
After having a baby nothing really changed much.

Pictured hadn't u[;oad the last time.

Trying to upload my old pictures again.

Another old photo showing everything in a bathing suit bra...

Or nothing under it xD

Some wish pictures

And some information on how an implant is placed under the muscle :)

I had a dream about my breast to be!

Talked to my ps.. He said we will go 325 Mod+ and that will be enough. >.> "Enough"? What does it even mean? xD I think all the ps sees is that I'm just an ordinary girl and don't need a good big boobies, saying "it will be enough" I feel totally misunderstood and also.. they make me look like i'm the one who is crazy that wants to have big breast after having nothing. Why is it such a big deal? >.>
P.s. I even had a dream (couple of days ago), I woke up because in that dream I had a ps done and I was upset looking in the mirror seeing just a little difference!

Some more before pictures

Showing everything in a bathing suit bra, or better say nothing xD

Eating healthy is important :)

Trying to eat healthy for good test results

I can't help I just Love this boobs! xD

They are 700cc and hp, the girl is 58 kg and I am 54, and she is 168 sm and I am 171...
subpectoral xD

And this is what awaits me...

These photos is what mine will look like.

I won't have anyone with me after BA to help me...

True, I won't have anyone beside me to pour a cup of tea or help to shower. + more, I'm not taking any vacation off of work, although I work remotelly, it is still a work expected to be done.
I'm a strong girl and I hope everything will be ok so I will be able to do things on my own.

325cc Rice Sizers! Woot! :D

I made them, played with them, walked around for ~15 minutes and got bored lol Because it is not my true breast yet/still xD

Two more weeks till my Dream on! :D

I don't know how I survived the whole month of anticipation xD, but two more weeks to go!!!!!!!!
I saw some girls reviews and they say "two month till their ba"...What?! You said two month?! I really feel sorry for them :O don't get me wrong :D This one month seemed a Year to me!
When I started visiting plastic surgeons for a consultation I was ready to do a ba on that exact day.)))) I'm not laughing here, I'm being honest and stiff in the back. I'm so ready to have my new life here and now!
Have a good day you! Yes, you! ;) :D

Some funny obstacles on the way to my dream...

Well.. I guess I have to write about every physical change that is going on in a ba diary... :)
So, a couple of them.
I had to leave the place I was renting and to look for another one asap.
I realized if i'll be renting a flat now (I am alsone with my son) I wont be able to pay all the debts and I wont have enough money to pay for my surgery. For a minute I thought - may be this is it and I will never be able to get what I want so bad... But giving up is not a story of my life! :) That night I couldn't sleep and was browsing flats for rent till 3 a.m. In the morning I opened my debit card app and saw an offer for another small loan, which was exactly the money I need!
Later today I went and got the card. Then some person bought my son's winter jumpers, so I got money to pay for a car that shipped my stuff to my mom's apt (where we stay for 1 more day).
The cost of living is very high. I'm currently in Moscow, Russia. And the prices here are biting. So I have found one in Moscow region, where I will go on Thursday and hopefully will sign a contract.
My tests day is on Sunday the 30th, and I might not eat properly these days... I hope they will be ok. :0)

Tomorrow is the day of my tests!

What can I say :D I'm So excited!!!!!!!!!! One week to go! Hoping my test results will be fine. I will update tomorrow! So many thoughts this week! So many hours of worries (couldn't fall asleep for 2 hours every night). Stressing out yea... but made it up with my mom whcih made me feel more secure, happy and relieved to have her on my side.
p.s. They don't even know yet that I'm a vegetarian I think :0 I don't remember telling my ps about it :O xD Will be a surprise)))

As for as a fiddle :D

The tests went great. Being a sporty healthy vegetarian does the thing! :D The blood test will be ready tomorrow but the doc said it will be all fine ^^.

Told my son (3 y.o.) that his favourite boobies will change soon...

:)))) And he is so nice cute and x100000 cutest kid smiles with his carying smile and hugs me, reaches my breast and lays his head on me showing his compassion..... :))))))

- 5'7"
- 115lb aprox. not really sure by now
- 31 yrs
- 1 kid (2 years breastfeed)
- Pre-op sz: I really have no idea but probably the smallest existing 32A
- BI: 325cc M+ Mentor round textured

Was told I need more iron by the nurse the top norm is 8.8 and I have 4.4 or something. Well I need to eat more apples))))))

5 days till my ba!!! :)

My period messed up :D and my phone got broken xD

My period started way early.. 1.5 weeks lol. ... 4 days to ba... I'm not sure that they will end in 4 days... I know they wont! xD Okay now i'm postponing my dream for several more days :O >< :X
It is so hot here >.>'''' And my phone probably got too hot lol and decided to rest and switched off. Doent work since yesterday :0 :x


My ps assistant told me that my period is not an obstacle to my planned ba on Saturday, 2-3 first days arent recommended, but it will be my 5th so it's totally fine and even better now then after ba. :D Woohoo!!!!!! Feeling better!
Hope this hot weather will be rainy soon! <3

Some pre-op pictures and 1 day is left only!

Finally the last day before ba is here!
I'm going to celebrate it tho xD Will celebrate it after :DDD
See you after my op on the other side in Boobieland! :D xD

The big day and how everything turned out..

1st I knew yesterday that my kid's father doesn't take him a vacation this week. It will happen In a week! So I'm getting myself ready for being T-rex mom...)
2nd My ps said you don't need to sleep in an upright position
3rd He said the ice doesn't help... :/
4th My period is not over yet
5th Right before the operation my ps told that he thinks 300cc m+ is Very enough for me ><..
6th my ps said you can shower but not get too overwhelmed and do not damage yourself.
And now looking at them... I think its 300 and not 325... And thinking they are very small..

1st day at home

That is strange how good everything goes. No nausea, not really a lot of pain, a feeling is more like when you stretch your breast muscles, hurts taking deep breaths a little, and one more is like an elephant stepped on my cage ribs. And still a little bit sleepy after anesthesia.
Doesn't have a feeling of my boobs yet. Seems like they got bigger but I don't know why :D

Was opening it to breathe and forgot how it was

Does it have to be tighter or a bit loose so no pain? Who knows please explain?

I need to post this update

Because today at maybe 6 a.m I woke up because my bandage was very tight on me I released it and fell asleep. So good without it! At 7:30 I tried to stand up and realized a sudden pain under each breast. I still have some plaster under each breast. They got a bit more swollen! I think))) Yesterday I could easily move/stend up, now I just want to go to my ps so he can tell me what to do.. It will be this Wednesday.
P.s. There is some thing gathering under and in between the boobs, like some gelish liquid. And when I press on those spots feels like a bruise even tho there is no any.

Could it be a seroma?

Does anybody had a seroma after ba?
I'm so worried, I've read a reply by the doctor on RS and he said what I feel could be a seroma - some liquid gathering under the breast feeling like gelish or oxigen bubbles.... I'm going to see my ps tomorrow. Now I'm kind of scared....

Today is day 4 post op and I Need to visit my ps asap!

Because of some liquid I feel is gathering under the right breast near the stomach and the ribs, it feels like some gelish substance actually not even a liquid. Could it be an implant rupture?! >.>' Could it be the air? o.O
The swelling is still intence and I think got higher after day 1. Withouth a supportive bra I feel like they can explode any second xD *remember a very ripe watermelon and it cracks? Yes, thats what it feels like!* Waking up and trying to sit up helping with hands causes pain, but what else can I do. I need to stand up xD and do my chores - care about my kid and work :0
I really feel and understand now that going bigger could be really Too much for my small chest size. In person they look very medium + on my figure.
All I have are 2 pills: 1 for no infection 2nd is for no pain. twice a day both. Thats it.

An update All days 1st-9th post op.

Okay I'll write the update. Even tho I'm so lazy about it now. Too much work.
Pre op day: I found out I will have to spend 1 more week with my son after the surgery. Ok. I was getting prepared that I wont be able to lift or even Hold anything at all first 2-3 days...
Day 1. Laying on the operational table was exciting, I talked a lot))) was asking questions))) then I felt my cheeks started getting stingy feelings and then spinning a little, I remember I said "Oh, everything is spinning", the nurse said "Yes, it should dont worry". and then I.. escaped.
I woke up from the movement.. someone lift my body and threw on the bed. I felt my weight is 500 pounds to them to do that to me xD. Then I fell asleep again. I don't even remember the nurse setting a drop bottle to my vein I think I was sleeping xD
post op I ate only at 8 pm. 1 banana and a small juice, 4 sips of water for the whole day. No nausea, I felt great, sleepy, slept trough the whole day 2-3 hours here and there at the clinic. What bothered me was a drainage (unusial that some tubes is going out from the inside of your body). Was looking at them noticing how and when the blood is moving.. it was moving when I was trying to sit up using my hands. The nurse changed it three times.
Day 2. I dont really remember how I woke up but I think it was a nurse comming to tell that my ps is coming to see me soon and the drainage will be off. They didn't feed me. The doc came we went to the bandaging room. It wasn't painful at all! My doc was a talkative type and nice. He gave me some antibiotic pills for 5 days, said to buy 1 other pain pills (very cheap).
I thought it all will take more time. They just said I can go home xD ahah idk was I waiting for a huge "Congratulations you have boobs now!" poster on the door or was I waiting for someone of my friends or relatieves to write to me asking how I feel.. Idk probably lol.
I took a taxi. I was able to move my hands I felt great. The feeling in the chest area was like I over exer?ised at the gym. I came to my mom's I started checking my work right away. Answered some letters, did some resumes, answered in skype to my students. I felt fine. Don't remember what else I was doing o.o ..........
Day 3. I was able to wash my head on my own. Was able to raise my hands 50 degrees up. I noticed that some gelish thing is gathering under my skin at the ribs area and if to squeeze it it feels like you squeeze the snow under your skin xD that sound)) My mom told me it's the air, I found in the internet it could be Anything horrible lmao. Hahah so I got worried. I wrote to my ps he never answered back.
I think I washed full body this day for the first time. Yea. Very carefully.
Day 4. I went to my ps he checked me said everything is great. And that it is the air and it happens a Lot. So I laughed and decided not to read anything on the internet about boobs anymore. Then he was closing the bra and he tightened me so bad, I thought "buthcer" xD
My main thing now was to heal and feel ok, taking care of my son at the same tyme keep working.
So I did.
I gave my son to touch new breast through the surgical bra, he smiled xD He is 3 y.o. I think he doesn't understand how mommy got bigger boobs all of a suddent :DD Later that day when my mom came from work he told her that I let him touch the boobs. He is so fun. We laughed.
Day 5-6. Went fast. Working, looking after my kid. 6th day I slept in a half sitting position for the last day, but I actually liked it (siahsp)!!!!!!!!!!!
Day 7. A week. I remembered it was a week post op at the very evening when I went to take a bath because I starter to count how many days past since xD
I even could lay on the bed on the side with a very light pain... like 3-4%.
I did some abs exercises and did some legs.
Day 8. I was able to raise my hands up to 90 degrees completely no pain. I can lean completely on my arm muscles and my chest wont hurt at all. I laid on my side at night and felt no pain so I fell asleep like that.
Day 9. When I wake up they feel more painfull than when I go to bed. Probably because I hurt them while I sleep..
I'm planing to do yoga today 50 minutes. I need it.
And I have a lot of work so not going outside today. Tomorrow I plan to go to the park.
P.S. Don't sneeze! Lol Seriously don't. But if you do, hold the top of your breast tight, press on the top of them. Cause after you sneeze you feel like the top ribs are aching for 2-3 secs. Which is not and which is musles.

Girls, Do your nipples hurt?

After wearing that surgical bra for the 3rd week my nipples started to hurt. I take it off during the day for a couple of hours but still.. How women wear bras? Do their nipples hurt all the time because of their bra's preassure? >.>
Does anybody experienced the same thing?

I still can't figure out what to wear... :O

Yes! The skin is peeling off, the nipples are Very sensitive, but without a bra they are tensed.. not too much discomfort just a reminder that I have boobs now. :D
When will they be soft as they have to be? 2 month?
When they wont be tensed anymore?

Burning pain in the top of left boobie...

I was not careful and was going around doing my things and carying different heavy bags and packages... I think I might have pulled the muscle =/... Anybody experienced that burning pain after 3 weeks+ post op?
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