Silikon 1000 Treatment UK - Suggestions? - Royal Tunbridge Wells, GB

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Hey folks, About me, bad acne in my teens, pretty...

Hey folks,
About me, bad acne in my teens, pretty bad scarring but not as bad as some. If you took the scars away you would probably say I was actually quite good looking. Sadly though my self esteem has been shattered over the last 2 years due to failed attempts at fixing my scars and actually making them worse!

I have read a lot of good reviews about the success of Silikon 1000 as a permanent acne scar filler - particularly for the most common type which I have 'rolling scars'. I am trying to find a reputable dermatologist/surgeon in the UK that does this treatment regularly but haven't seen anyone.

I have tried chemical peels twice, fractal laser once and a session of collagen fillers most recently.
The chem peels have left my face shiny and probably 'pushed' my scars closer to the surface - which is why I have mostly rolling scars, low lying....but because my scars are now low lying on skin which is shiny and clear it kind of makes them stick out more! Along with the fraxel (which I did not notice any difference except slight lessening of my mouth smile lines) I am very very nervous about doing any more invasive treatments, I don't want to kill my skin and have dead areas, my skin seems quite oily now after the laser 7 months ago, I have actually had side effects like hyper pigmentation and some thread veins which only showed up after the laser. The collagen fillers seemed like an interesting temporary fix, however I have too many scars to do my whole face within budget regularly, we're talking £2K every 9-12 months. And those needles make holes! I have 2 red needle marks! The collagen fillers did decrease the scars treated - however the treatment wasn't done perfectly and I have a couple lumpy areas and red needle marks *blood blister type things* but the scars improved.

So, I read some great reviews about Silikon 1000 treatments, people getting almost instant results from just 1 treatment. Seems like the practitioners that do this treatment are in the US. I am trying to find someone in the UK that does this treatment often enough not to make mistakes. Any suggestions? Otherwise my only other choice is to fly to New York for treatment.
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