Puffiness under eyes after fillers in cheeks

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I had Boletero 8 weeks ago ½ syringe on both...

I had Boletero 8 weeks ago ½ syringe on both cheek so not much , but now have a massive bag under the corner on my left eye , it looks AWFULL the doctor told me it was water retention I have never suffer from puffy eyes in my life and now look awful , she told me that putting some hyaluronic acid could make it worse , how long would this go and must of all will it go ? I am doing some radio frequency to help but without any result . I have sent another post but without photos here are some photos, any advise on how long this will stay under my eyes ??

Belotero and RF

Hi ,

Unfortunately I had 6 radio frequency sessions over the filler hoping this will help with the puffiness , this was a big mistake because this has made it worse , the puffiness did go down it took around 7 months , it is not fully down but not as puffy so do have hope , but I have now loose skin underneath like empty balloon sac , I will post a photo it look awful , I think this was cause by the Radio Frequency which left me with scars under the eyes, very bad skin texture and Dents on my cheeks and wish I left it alone and let the filler go out on its own . I would not recommend Belotero under the eyes but even less recommend Radio Frenquency . If you guys suffer from puffiness after filler leave it alone and wait if you can till it goes, or get an hyaluronidase injection by someone who has a LOTS of experience with that.

Before Boletero and RF

this is 7 months after the filler and Radio Frequency

This is now , Bag almost gone but a LOTS of wrinkles and creepy skin. This was filler combine with RF.

Radiofrenquency update

it is now 11 months since i had the last RF , the Boletero has gone BUT the RF has damaged my face. I am now left with Fat Loss, scaring, dry skin and a lot more wrinkles , aged 10 years in 1 year.
The damage seem to continue the dents i have on my cheeks from the RF are getting deeper and larger, i also started to have little holes , on my cheeks like i had acne. My skin was very good before and i had very nice cheeks , all this has gone.
If you decide to have any RF please read all the side effects and story from people who was unfortunate and now suffer from disfigurement , depression etc..
Unfortunate for me i didn't and now suffer the consequences.

Belotero was a mistake but radiofrequency was the worse decision ever make in my life.

I am left looking 10 years older and looking gaunt , my eyes after the filler never gone back to how they were but not sure if this was a combination with the RF which has melted my cheeks, my chin and under my nose fat . I look awful , my cheeks are flat, and have all sort of indentation from the Radiofrequency . I am only early 40 and look mid-50 , this has made me so depressed . it has been almost 15 months and the damage is getting getting worse . How don’t know how to cope anymore , and cry everyday . Those device can be extremely damaging to your face .

Radio Frequency TriActive Plus

Royal Tunbridge Wells Skin and Laser Clinic has Permanently damaged my face.
I went to have fillers to my nasolabial folds but this was put wrong , so the doctor suggested i have it in my cheeks using Belotero she told me it was a very good product but this has left me with massive bags under my eyes , that is when the Doctor told me to have RF , she assure me this will help with the puffiness and their were NO SIDE EFFECT what so ever. I trusted her . Unfortunately i am now left with Fat Attrophy , you can see where the device has been , Burn scars, wrinkles , bad skin, out of pocket and depression. This has affected my life I am left devastated . Nothing can be done except for Fat Transfer but even that isn't guaranteed and very risky. I have seen a lots of professionals , from plastic surgeons to dermatologists to my GP and all confirm Fat attrophy/Burns. Please note RF when is done too hot the atrophy continue for up to 2 years , this has been only 15 months and it is getting even worse. MY cheeks are now almost flat and dented , my chin is very allow , i lost most of my fat under my eyes and above my mouth.
Please do not believe what the CLinic doctor tell you and do some research, i sowish i did .

This matter has now been resolved with the Clinic to my satisfaction.

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