4mm Permalip in Top Lip Only - Bella Vou - Royal Tunbridge Wells, GB

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I am getting the Permalip Implant in my top lip...

I am getting the Permalip Implant in my top lip only. I booked a consultation with Bella Vou in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK for a few weeks ago and couldn't be more pleased with how it went. The clinic is clean and the staff were very attentive. I even managed to get an appointment for the consultation in the evening which suited me as I work all day.

I already have a nice size bottom lip so I opted to just get my top lip done which the doctor told me a 4mm implant would be perfect to match my bottom lip and not make it too large that it would look odd without getting injections or an implant in my bottom lip.

I will update this further when I get the surgery and add photographs so you can see every steo of the healing process.

Day 2 - Swollen but not sore

Ok so I got the surgery yesterday but didn't get a chance to update my post so I thought I would do so now.

Day 1 - Before Surgery and During Surgery
Everyone at the clinic were extremely helpful and welcoming when I arrived and made me feel comfortable while I waited for the doctor and nurses to set the room up.

I lied down on a chair similar to a dentists chair with the same bright light shining down on me. The doctor started by injecting my lips and gums with anesthetic which was actually slightly painful but each injection was a small sharp sting so the pain only lasted a few seconds. My lips instantly felt fat and swollen from the anesthetic. They showed me what my lips looked like in teh mirror to show how swollen and white they were which was just from the anesthetic, they assured me that was normal.

Once my lips were completely numb the doctor cut both corners of the inside of my mouth and opened the incision more so that he could pull through a weird curved tool which he pulls all the way through my lip and then inserts the implant into the tool and pulls it back through my lip so that the implant goes through my lip. I couldn't feel any of this as it was completely numb so I didn't have much of a problem keeping my eyes open to watch everything as much as I could. I wouldn't advise that to anyone who is a little bit uneasy with surgery though. The doctor then closed the incisions with a couple of stitches and I was all done and free to go, obviously after getting aftercare advice etc.

Day 1 - After Surgery
At this point my top lip was massive, a white colour and extremely swollen (see photo's). I couldn't feel much pain due to the anesthetic but I could certainly feel how big they were. Slowly as the day went on my lips went down, started getting colour back to them and I could start to feel them again. I couldn't smile properly though so laughing was quite hard. I also found it hard to drink normally or open my mouth too wide so I would advise drinking from a straw for a few days and eating food in small bites.

Day 2 - Still Swollen
Ok so now it's the day after my surgery and I woke up looking extremely swollen again and puffy. I couldn't feel any pain though, just the feeling of having a fat lip (See photo's). As the day has gone on today I have been using vaseline to keep them from drying out and the swelling has gone down quite a bit. Still no pain but can't smile properly yet and still drinking through a straw.

I will try to update this post every day and include photo's but if you have any questions then feel free to comment and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

**Note:** Thought I would add this. Some people said they had difficultly brushing their teeth. I must admit it isn't easy to brush my teeth due to my top lip being swollen but it doesn't hurt and I can still manage it, just gotta be gentle so you don't cause more damage to your lip.

Days 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9

Ok so now is day 9 since the surgery and as you can see from the photo's the swelling has pretty much gone and I am looking a lot less ducky.

Day 3 and 4:
My top lip still felt quite numb but I was starting to be able to use my mouth for expressions again such as smiling. I looked a little odd when I smiled though but much better than the first two days. The whiteness had completely gone from my lip and the swelling had gone down slightly. I did notice my top lip had dry skin on it but it peeled away nicely and whenever it dries like that I just peel it off again. I tend to use a lot of lip balm to keep it from drying too much and cracking. I found it hard to lick my lips so when I was eating I had to take small bites and constantly wipe my mouth.

Day 5 and 6:
The feeling in my lip was still a little numb but I could massively start to feel it again compared to the previous few days. Although the swelling had gone a little bit more, my top lip was still quite a fair amount larger than my bottom lip. Eating was getting easier by this point and I was feeling pretty positive what the final results will end up looking like.

Day 7 and 8:
The swelling had gone down massively now, I didn't look too duck like and my top lip was starting to match my bottom lit a lot better. I could eat perfectly fine by this point and could even lick my lips slightly (although not completely). At this point nearly all numbness has gone and I was left with just the weird feeling of having something in my lip as I can feel it when I move my mouth etc.

Day 9:
I haven't added a photo for today as they look similar to yesterday and there's only so many pictures you need to see. I am aware that a lot of them do not show my full face as I was trying to focus on just the lip transformation. I will put some full face photo's on here sometime this weekend so you can see the difference it makes to my face. I personally love the way they are starting to look and the healing has been great. I think I had a really good doctor as I didn't have any pain (except the anesthetic injections for the surgery) and I have had no complications with them so far.

If you have any questions then please feel free to comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

One Month - Extremely Pleased

Ok so it's been a month since I had the 4mm Permlip inserted into my top lip only. See pictures for before and after. I know my lips don't look massive but I am extremely pleased with them. The top lip was so thin before and the photo's don't do it justice as to how much difference this has made to my face. When I smile I can see the top lip a tiny bit which I could not see at all prior to the surgery. I would definitely recommend this procedure to anyone who is happy with the shape of their lips but wants to add a little thickness. I have included a photo of what I look like now with lipstick (sorry about the lame pout).

Amir Nakhdjevani was my doctor at Bella Vou in Tunridge Wells. I couldn't fault him at all. He was very informative from the moment I met him at the consultation right up to after my surgery. The nurses were also extremely nice and the whole experience was welcoming and pleasant. Amir did a fantastic job at my Permalip lip implant and I'm so pleased with the results so far. Would definitely recommend him and the clinic.

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