44 Long Awaited Tummy Tuck and MR with Lipo to Flanks, Upper Tummy and Outer Thighs - Royal Tunbridge Wells, GB

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Hi everyone, this site is so amazing ! You...

Hi everyone, this site is so amazing ! You beautiful ladies have given me the confidence to take that proverbial bull by the horns and just go for it !! I am 44 years old from the UK, I've had 5 children ... Now aged between 18 and 8....with weights ranging from my smallest (my first) who was 8lb 3oz ...3 weeks early ! And my heaviest (number 3) at 10lb 6oz who resulted in my first c section as he got well and truly stuck trying to come out face upwards .... The last 2 were also c section, so this poor belly has well and truly been stretched to the max. My muscles also need repairing.
I hate my belly, I hate the overhang, even in Spanx or the like, it's still obvious, now that the surgery is booked I find myself looking at those bodycon dresses and thinking ... Maybe one day I might actually wear one? :-P.

So I have been reading here like every day (it's my new obsession)and also other forums, and I made a list of surgeons that were near-ish that were getting lots of positive comments, and then narrowed them down doing my own research, and met with a couple and finally settled on Brent tanner at the spire in tunbridge wells, I think I knew I'd like him the best ... He has a YouTube video talking about tummy tucks and I really liked what he had to say. And he was just the same at the consultation, he was the only one who didn't make me feel rushed, he also doesn't charge for his initial consult. And as I'm 2 hours away from the hospital he wants me to stay in 4 nights, which I'm actually quite pleased about...I am worried about this first few days, the pain etc, it will be great to have the nurses on hand at the press of a button to administer anything I need :-) also having 5 kids at home I am actually looking forward to the rest and peace ???? so all booked for 9th November. Buying supplies already from the recommendations from you lovely lot, things like shower seat, wedge pillows, raised loo seat etc ...if I don't use them .... Never mind I'd rather be prepared, I've also employed a local carer/cleaner to come in every lunch time to stack dishwasher, load washing machine, change beds, generally tidy the whirlwind that is left once the kids have all gone out the door .... Just so that I don't feel guilty ...I can't bear mess and untidiness so I know I will find myself overdoing it while I'm alone during the day while hubby and kids are out. Talking of hubby he has been great, really supportive which helps a huge deal, although I think he's getting slightly bored of me talking about it allllll the time Lol

so I will post a couple of the dreaded 'before' pictures ....it's so funny to remember not to breath in, while I was taking them I had to remind myself, it's just second nature now. ????

1 week post op

well, I have to say what a difference a week makes. Up until now, I won't lie, I was thinking why the hell did I do this to my self? It is rather painful ....I think the actual tummy tuck on its own would have been a breeze, it's the muscle repair and lipo that have kicked my butt !

Today I feel like I've turned a corner, they say the first 7 days is the worse, it really is, feeling pretty good about the whole thing today, bruising is going, although I think I've been wearing my compression garment too loose as bruising has apeared above incision ... Is that normal? I haven't noticed that in anyone else's pictures?

Any way here are my 1 week pictures, obviously swollen still,but actually I'd be happy with it if it didn't get any flatter it's so much better than the over hang !

2 weeks post op

hey everyone, I'm now 2 weeks post op. Feeling slightly better every day, walking getting quicker, but disappointed I don't seem to have progressed much straighter, I was quite upright to start with so I thought I'd be properly upright within days, but muscles still feel so tight, when I feel in the centre just below my bra line it feels like a think tight/taught elastic band is at full stretch and it's so uncomfortable, I went out for the first time yesterday to a local pub for father in laws birthday lunch, I felt fine but the car journey wasn't fun, the roads in England (especially in the countryside where I am) are very bumpy with lots of pot holes ... So I don't feel up to driving myself yet even though my PS said I could drive at about 2 weeks if I felt I was able to do an emergency stop, so perhaps I'll give it one more week. I'm still sleeping on the recliner downstairs ... I can lay flat, and I can lay on my side and use my arms to lever myself upright once on my side but I can't move myself once I'm on my side...if that makes sense, but the recliner is leather so I kind of slide easily which is easier on the stomach muscles, I might try the bed again tonight and wear a satin slip which might help ? I'll let you know :-) I can't wait to sleep flat, I'm not a back sleeper at all.

I was a bit silly last week,I had a follow up appointment with the PS and he said that as I'd been seen by him every day up till day 4 post op, the next appointment was just a quick look to make sure everything was still going well so if I didn't feel like I needed to see him then it was ok not to go and I was to just make an appointment for the following week (this week) where he will definitely need to see me to look under the steri strips. So, it was my mums birthday, and friends wanted to pop over and make me and mum lunch, and my PS is about 2 hours away, and even though I was a little bit worried about the bruising above my incision I didn't go, so I 'think' the bruising is slightly better a week later, but not much. Nearly all the lipo bruising has almost gone, I guess I'm just a bit paranoid about getting a necrosis .... I don't think it looks typical of that....but I'm still a little worried. I started gently massaging it last night it feels quite hard underneath so perhaps there was a bleed under the skin after they took the drains out, one of them was really painful coming out, it got a bit stuck and really burned when it came away, so we'll see if the massaging helps. I see the PS In 3 days so we'll see what he says.

Sorry the new pictures aren't great...the lighting wasn't too good. I think I, slightly more swollen than I was last week. But not a great deal

3 weeks post op

3 weeks today, getting around much easier, started driving 4 days ago, it's still not too comfortable, the lumps and bumps on the road hurt the muscles still, and I drive with a cushion between my tummy and the seat belt, I probably don't need to really but it makes me feel a bit more secure if I needed to stop suddenly I wouldn't damage or hurt myself.
Saw the surgeon 4 days ago, he removed the steri strips and took out some internal tension stitches that I didn't know I had, in the incision and belly button, I knew he used glue and I assumed that was all, I have to say it's much more comfortable without them.
I can now sleep in bed, my hips don't hurt as much so I can sleep on my side again, which is great. Oh and by the way ...little tip, wearing a satin chemise/slip really does work with helping you to move around rolling over etc in bed without the use of your stomach muscles.

The bruise I was worried about about the incision has almost faded to nothing ...surgeon wasn't at all concerned with it.

I'm having my first lymphatic massage today. Kind of looking forward to it, but my skin on my tummy with side and above my belly button is sooooo sore and sensitive, feels like it's been scalded with hot water? Weird.

4 weeks post op

so, today im at 4 weeks. I really thought I'd turned a corner a few days ago, I felt great, but perhaps I went a bit mad and overdid it a bit, as felt a bit crap the last couple of days...lesson learnt !
I think the swelling may have gone down a little? I think I've got slightly more of a waist?but apart from that not much change. Oh... I'm back in bed, which is great.

6 weeks today

hi everyone. Missed last weeks review, so busy with Christmas round the corner...plus not much to update really. Was doing really well. Then sneezed a few times and pulled/hurt one of the muscles next to my belly button. Annoying as it meant I couldn't really join in with the dancing at the Christmas party. So frustrating, I love to dance and I'm usually the first on the dance floor and the last to leave :-/ I took the tape off, not sure whether I'll replace it or not, I have more if I want to, Mr tanner said it was up to me. When I took it off it bled in a tiny area, freaked me out a little as I thought it would be completely healed by now? Not sure if tape is helping or hindering? Still quite swollen, very lumpy inside down the middle, trying to massage whenever I can, but it feels horrible...the numbness and the lumpiness. Doing ok I think...still happy with the results, can't wait to be slightly flatter, but this is waaaay better than it was, I love having a waist !, :-)

Photos from 6 weeks PO

photos didn't upload with review, hoping they do this time

How do I change my "not sure" to worth it?

Probably very simple..I just can't work it out Lol

9 weeks PO

9 weeks today. Doing ok.... Struggling to go without corset still, trying to 'wean' myself off of it, I don't wear it at night and try and go as long as I can before putting it back on, I don't usually last long, I find myself completely hunched over still without it if I've been sitting.

I've started back to Zumba (at 8 weeks) it went ok, obviously notation full throttle Lol I didn't break much of a sweat like I usually do when i put proper effort into it :-)

I've got a annoying niggle... Must be a trapped nerve/regenerating nerve below my belly button, really annoying and quite painful sometimes, I see my surgeon in a week or two.... Can't exactly remember without looking, so will mention it to hi and see what he says.

I still having a weekly massage,I hate it when she does the lumpy central bit and the scar but I know it's for my own good so I grit my teeth and bear it Lol

When I wake in the morning ism virtually completely flat....I love it ! But unfortunately that doesn't last as long as I'd like, I had a Chinese of Friday night and blew unlike a balloon !! So still not out of the Woods in that respect.

I still pleased with my result... I about 95% happy....if I could wave a magic wand,my belly button would be a bit deeper, my scar would be a little straighter .... But I didn't expect perfection ....and it's a million times better than it was,so I'm still glad I did it.

10 weeks PO

So today is 10 weeks. I have been corset free since Monday, and actually it's ok, I kind of weaned myself off by going without at night, then going as long as i could before I put one back on in the morning ...and when I did it was a low support Torsette. I'm am still getting slightly swollen, but no more or less than before.

On another note, I'm having totally inrelated stomach problems, I have kidney stones, I've been battling what I thought was a UTI for about 4/5 weeks on and off.... Tried the over the counter satchets that you drink and 2 sets of antibiotics that the doctor prescribed over the phone without doing a urine dip test, went to the ER on Saturday as it was just getting worse and I have 3 kidney stones ...a 6mm stuck in the junction of the bladder and ureta which is the one causing the blood in urine and the stinging sensation during urinating, and 2 in kidney 4mm and 2 mm hospital gave me medicine that relaxes ureta walls to hope it will come out on its own ..... Pain in the ass ! And better be ok by February as we're going on a special holiday for hubbies 50th birthday ( without kids too) !!

So anyway, tummy tuck doing great, scar still more wibbly wobbly than I'd ideally like, but I have been using bio oil and I'm pleased with how it looks otherwise ( I did use a silicone scar strip for a few weeks, but it lost its stickiness which was annoying so just using the bio oil now and actually it's much easier)
Mr Brent tanner

Would highly recommend Mr tanner. If you're thinking of having a tummy tuck he's brilliant. He has a YouTube video talking about the procedure ...check it out.

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