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Well I'm going in aug 16 for my BR surgery and I...

Well I'm going in aug 16 for my BR surgery and I have been counting down the days... I'm getting a lift and reduction for many years I've been having back pain neck pain shoulder pain and head pain.... Hey! Enough is enough so it's time I got pain free and it never hurts to get even more

Time starting to move fast.....

Hello, I'm two weeks from my pre- op and 4 weeks from my surgery. Just looking forward to surgery and being pain free and to have my sexy back .lol

Getting closer...

Going for pre op july 29 and I have a list of questions for the doc just wanna make sure that we both are on the same page.. Also I have some pictures that I'm taking with me and a couple of bra's as well. I will be having my BR surgery at the hospital and I feel good bout that if anything was to go wrong I would have the doctors and nurses to help.. Looking forward to being pain free and able to wear sexy little things.

Let's go shopping :)

I would like to share my list of items that I will be using for my recovery... My food list cream of wheat frosted mini wheats raisin brand jello pudding apple sauce fresh fruit yogurt smoothie protein shakes cheese it's. crackers and cheese Popsicles ice cream salmon tuna fish lean turkey low sodium soup pineapple juice lots of water green tea cranberry juice Gatorade lemon water... My supply item list Kleenex dial soap Tylenol laxatives surgical bra's sports bra's really cool pj's neosporin paper tape healing moisture cotton balls cleansing cloths gauze pads vitamin e oil button down shirts ice pack extra pillows extra covers heat pads oral thermometer blood pressure kit coffee for nausea gloves... And I'll find out on the 29 if I need anything else...


Pics 7-22-2013

My story to getting my body back...... :)

Well I'll start off by saying that I come from a large family lots of sisters and brothers. I am 39 years my 40 bday is september 26:) I have 3 children two of them are adults and one just turned 11 she's my little sweet heart. And I am married to a great man who says there's no need for me to have this BR surgery he loves all of me the way that I am. I work in the health care field very loving and kind and full of life. And that's why I'm taking steps to get my body back on track. I hurt my back at work many years ago and that's when my body just starting giving me a hard time. So last year July 2012 I had a full Tt butt injects lipo of the back and sides. And in 2013 feb. I had more lipo done just trying to get my sexy To make a long story short find out a couple of months ago that I have disc bulges from the c2 levels down to c7 I have a lot of shooting nerves muscle spams my neck and back is a HOT mess... I've tried the chiropractor I've tried physical therapy and injects into the back And NOTHING HELPS at my doctors request we try a reduction and go from there.. Well I hope the reduction gives me some relief because I DON'T want neck and back surgery.. Soooooo BR surgery here I come...

Pre-op.... Pre-op...

Tomorrow is my pre- op and I have a list of questions and request just want to be sure that I get what I want. My appointment is at 830a and I'm just ready to get done and over with I've been waiting a long time got approved back in may but the doc I wanted had nothing open til aug so yea it's been a Ladies I will fill you in tomorrow bout my pre-op..... Things are moving NOW :)

Pre-op update

Ok I went too my appointment this morning and I found out that my insurance require the removal of 550g. Ok here's the problem my ps say if he take the 550 I will be a small b is a small b really that bad? The way I feel I would be happy just to have them back up where they belong...LOl my doc think that I may not be happy because they will be small but HEY only time will tell.. Anyways I will be having the surgery at the hospital and staying over night. And I will have drains they will be removed the day I go home. And I asked about the caterer he was not sure about it they would let me know the day of surgery. He was so pleased at how prepared I was for my appointment HEY I got a gooooood looking doc... Lol the surgical bra's I took with me he said was great and would work just fine.And my insurance will be covering the surgical bra that i will be coming home in. And yes my pictures I took with me again he was pleased and now he knows the shape and everything I want. Just hope I'm not to SMALL.. With the big hanging no shape breast that gives me so much pain I'm looking forward to smaller tits.... :) :)

What's a girl too do :)

Well with the news about my insurance company and all I've been trying to figure out what to do about my surgery. Should I have the surgery and take the chance of having small tits or should I just say forget it and save up the money and just pay for the surgery myself. So much to think bout well I guess I could always buy them bras that makes you look bigger.Lol. The thing about my breast is they are really not that big they hang and pull on my neck shoulders and back pain pain pain.... The last couple of days I've been tossing and turning with all this on my mind. Ok after talking with my ps he tells me that he will do what he can and everything will be ok so with that said I will trust my doc and trust in god that it will go good..

Two more weeks :)

Time is moving so FAST now just TWO MORE WEEKS... I'm still tossing and turning about if I'm really going to do it.. Been feeling nervous and scared is all the pain really worth it..

GOING FOR IT............

My feeling lately have been all over the place bout this surgery and I told myself that I have came too far to turn back now... I will trust in god and I know that I have a good doc soooooo AUG 16 HERE I COME........ Thanks for all the support ...

Staying over night......

I feel good knowing that I will be staying over night for my surgery with the nurses and doctors there with a push of the button bring me so much comfort.. I just finished packing my over night bag and I will be taking my pj's but I really don't think that I will need them the nurses have you change into the hospital stuff:( I will have lots of time to be pretty:)lol also I have some water and juice also crackers. I pack two outfits to wear home two pair of socks and yes underwear and slip on shoes. Vernors pop and coffee for nausea. My mother in law will be staying for a couple of days and when she leave my daughter will stay over so I'm covered in the help department. Also I have my husband what a great man....READY SET GO!!!!!

No BR surgery!!!!!!

I got the phone call this morning I had just walked in the door been out shopping for last minute things for my surgery.. Anyways my ps office tells me that my surgery had been pushed back too October 10. (Wow Really) my ps office tells me that if anything open up that I am the first one they will call. I was so ready but I'm not mad hey good things come to those who wait wait and wait some more lol. I have everything I need and then some so all I have to do is wait til oct 10. While I'm waiting I will focus on weight loss I wanna see how much weight I can lose before my new surgery date. I'm not giving up on my SEXY. :)


New pre-op date October 2 New surgery date October 10


Pictures of me before my BR surgery....

And more pictures..... Lol

Guess what..... I Love to take

43 more days...

Yes.... I have been counting the days down for my BR surgery.. And I just about have everything needed and then some I have had some time getting things ready.. Just. Need to pickup something's from the whole food store when I get a week to go. And my supply I just need to pick up some gloves and wound cleaning cleanse. I'm still working out everyday walking two miles. My baby girl is getting ready to go back to school the 6th grade middle school and we have all the shopping done and forms filled out.. So I have a lot to keep me busy.... I'm so ready to have this SURGERY


Ok I've been out shopping again I just can't help ok I was at Walgreen's and picked up a couple of things for my BR recovery.. I got silicone scar sheets, vinyl gloves powder free, saline wound wash, peroxide, and I think that will be just about all that I need for to add on my recovery table. The week before surgery I will go food shopping so my husband and mother in law can focus on taking care of me. Lol. :)


4 more weeks to go :)


2 weeks and 6 days..... :)


Ok I celebrated my bday sep 26 family and friends came over we had dinner drinks and watched 3d movies it was fun.. I'm so looking forward to my surgery.9 days and 10 hours left to go


October is here and my surgery is just 8 days away. Pre op oct 2 and surgery oct 10. Almost time for my special day:)

Pre op update

Pre op today and everything is a go!! We discussed the surgery the recovery and everything in between. GOOD TO GO.


Ok it's oct 6 and my surgery is oct 10 time is moving fast now. I didn't sleep much last night thinking bout the surgery. So many questions is it worth it, am I making the right decision, will everything go ok, how will the recovery be, how long is the recovery, how will my breast look afterwards, questions questions questions lol. I'm starting to get scared I'm starting to get nervous I've been through surgery before you would think that it wouldn't worry me so much.. I guess last minute cold feet.


Got the phone call today I have to be at the hospital at 6a and the surgery is at 730a.. I'm feeling much better today I'm so READY... Smaller side here I

I'm On The Smaller Side...

My surgery was Thursday and as soon as a walked in the hospital door they stared getting me ready meet with the nurse meet with anesthesia meet with my doc and got my road map everybody was so nice and took the time to answer me and my family questions. And before I knew it I was giving my hubby a kiss and down to surgery I go. I can remember being put on the or table and my arms being strapped down and that's it.. I wake up in recovery NO pain just feeling VERY sick from anesthesia for me they was the worst part. And the nurse asked if I wanted to go home or stay I said stay and down to my room I go. The nurses and staff are GREAT. I sleep off and on all night me and room mate looked at the wizard of oz and that help lift my mood.. I went home Friday the 11 and I am doing just fine. Go back to see my doc on Monday.. Yea by the way I got a quick peek at my breast and they are looking GREATi will post pic Monday...

New pics


New pictures

Pictures October 13

New pictures :)

One week and my new girls are doing just fine and I love them sooooo much :) no pain meds for the last 4 days.. I'm doing GOOD

Things are looking better :)

Ok it's been 2 weeks and 3 days and I must say things are looking good...


Went to the doc today for my second check up and everything is healing just fine. The only thing that I'm worried about is under my left breast at the incision site the skin flap is taking its time to heal and come together with the rest of my breast.. My doc say don't worry and it will get better and if it don't come together the way I want he will fix it. The only bad thing about that is I will have to wait 6 months :( that's ok I've came this far but hopefully it will come together,, I go back to the doc in 2 months. O yea I've been having a milky looking fluid come out my right breast doc says its normal and it's nothing to worry about.. So for now IM GOOD :)


Pictures.... The girls are doing just fine

ONE MONTH :) pics

Ok, it's been one month and I must say the girls are doing GREAT.. At my one month mark me and my daughter did a little dance and we are going out Bra shopping gooood bye to all of them big ugly bra's :) hello sexy getting this surgery was a great idea and I love the way my girls are shaping up and ladies if you don't already have some bio-oil GO GET IT my scars are fading away so fast soon you will not even tell that I had surgery (thank god..) I will update in one month. Wishing all my BR sister's the best :)


5 weeks and two days... And the girls are looking HOT


Two Months And Counting!!!

Ok it will be two months tomorrow and I must say the surgery and recovery was not all that bad I got myself soooooo worked up about it all and I can truly say if I had to do it over again I WOULD. I've been having so much FUN playing dress up and my hubby REALLY LOVE my little BAD GIRL it has been such a Blast and I will tell everyone and anyone if you want a reduction GO FOR IT. Do something good for yourself and if your married your husband as well. No problems to report everything is going fine I'm not really sure what size I am but I'm going to find out I'm thinking that I am somewhere between 38b-42-c I'm just soooo happy to have nice shaped breast again everything is back up like its suppose to be, and I must say the GIRLS are looking HOT... I will update at my 3 month mark, thanks for all the support, and I am wishing all my BR sister the very BEST.. :)


3 month pictures!!!

Yes,,,, it has been three months now and I must say that I'm sooooo happy with my new girls.. Had my 3 month check up and the doc is pleased with my recovery and the way things are taking shape.. I would like to say Thanks to all for the words of encouragement and helpful tips.. I wish you all the very Best on your BR journey..

I'll be 4 months February 10.....

It's been such a blast all the wonderful things I can wear now. Some days I just play dress up and today just so happen to be that day.. My bra size now is between 36-c 42-d I guess it just depends on the material and company. Everything is going good no problems to report had my checkup with the doc and I've got the all clear to wear whatever I want. I still treat my new girls to special attention 3 times each day I treat them to a good bio-oil rub down, and I must say that my nipples wants all the attention they seem to wanna come out and play all the time I can blow on them and I wanna say thanks everybody for all the warm well wishes and encouragement you ladies are truly the best... I will update at my 5 month mark... God bless all... I'm going for vaser liposuction February 13 for my tummy back sides and tapering of the hips you can check me out on my vaser page.... :)

New pics!!!

New pics above....

I year update

1 year update and things are going just fine I could not be more happy with my new girls... One year and loooooking grrrrrreat ...... Lol. Feel great as well
Dr. KC

Going to meet with doc July 29 to go over all the good stuff...

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