35 Yrs. 5"4 126 Lb,two Children - Columbus, OH

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Thinking 580cc high profile silicone under the...

Thinking 580cc high profile silicone under the muscle, may daul plane . Surgery date coming up in about 4 weeks. Feeling of excitement and nervousness setting in as the date grows closer. My upper chest bra band is 28 1/2 inches. Currently 32B, wanting a full C.Wanting any thoughts on if 580cc would be a good fit.

Unsure of CC size

Any thoughts on estimated size to go with to achieve these results for a full C, with my current 32b size?

Unsure of cc size

Keep in mind current bra size 32 B

Pre - op

Ok so my pre op is next week. Getting really excited and the reality finally setting in that this is going to happen!Now thinking 550 Cc.But still not sure. Don't want to end up with Ex.Large dropping breast at 60.lol But want to fill out my tops nicely, where I have been unable to do so at my current size. Will post before pictures before the surgery date.

Had pre op

Well went to pre op,was thinking 550-600 cc.But after talking with my PS she thinks 650cc would look great on me.I liked the 600 when trying on the sizers,so she said she always goes 50cc higher. Kinda nervous about it now that I've had time to think. It's paid and size picked.surgery date end of February. Will update soon! Hopefully all goes well! Starting the protein date.



Going to my last appointment Monday before my surgery date on Friday. Trying on sizers once again just to confirm my size, not really sure about the CC's I picked at my pre-op appointment. I think I'm going to drop them from 650cc to somewhere between 550cc and 600 cc. Will update on Size Monday evening.

Final sizing

Went yesterday for my final sizing before my surgery this Friday, I have chosen 600cc! Hoping the recovery goes smooth. I know with a larger implant from what I have heard its a bit longer recovery,hoping this is not true! Anyway nerves are on edge trying to get last minute things around the house done. Trying to get meals made ahead and frozen for easy take-out and heat homemade dinners!

Weight gain

Just wondering if anyone else gained 2 to 3 pounds prior to the breast augmentation. I'm assuming I gained it from the protein diet, along with all of the fruits I've been getting in.?

All finished,procedure is done!

I'll updated after picture once I'm allowed to shower (tomorrow )!!! The pain hasn't been that bad as long I keep on top of the med. Just really tight and swollen., arms are little sore underneath even though they went under the breast for an incision.

After photos


Had my breast augmentation Friday not feeling too bad this morning 3:16 a.m.,other than my legs are swollen from top to bottom anybody else have this problem.


Lower part of body is badly swollen,and itching. 17 pounds up after surgery and water weight .

Holding fluid

3 day's post op. Felt pretty good the last two days up till today .both legs are swollen and stomach very very uncomfortable. I thought I was going to be one of the lucky ones with a fast recovery first two days. Guess my body didn't want to cooperate as quickly as my mind did with the healing process .

Post op

Feeling a bit better, less medication needed!!Still a bit uncomfortable,and holding water (lots in belly and legs )
About 13 pounds
A bit unhappy about that !

1 weeks

Exactly 7 days today! Still feeling tight and firm,with just a bit of softening towards the armpits. Nipples are soft and some sensation back and then starting. They are the most hardest and firmest filling in the middle of them. The sides are hard softening very slowly not much softening ,but some. which I guess is better than none! Sleeping okay I guess still just a little difficult sleeping on back. And when I wake up they feel like they're at their firmest. Have not started any massaging yet as was told not to tell my two week check up which will be Friday. Basically told not to do anything with them, which kind of scares me seems like I should be touching them and squeezing them a bit to prevent the scar tissue from forming. I guess they know what's best, so I am following the rules even though the hardness scares me.

9th Day!

9th day after surgery,they have dropped a very little bit. Little bit depressed today and yesterday. Starting to think there was nothing wrong with the way I was. Thinking about the money I spent, and how it should have been spent doing fun things with my children. Sometimes when you think you really want something maybe in the end it wasn't really what you wanted. Still really tight today a sore or under the armpits. Starting to look better but still feels too tight for comfort. I don't know maybe Surgery does something to you mentally as far as depressing. And probably isn't helping any that my monthly visitor arrived 3 days after surgery and I woke up two days ago with a sinus cold. So not feeling the best physically or emotionally.

Day 12

Still waiting for the drop and softening! Doc. said could be 2-3 weeks more before they're softening.Has softened very very little bit at top,and around armpits. And also still hard to shave armpits.

Two weeks

It's finally been 2 weeks, things are finally softening up! still a lot of firmness but the softening is starting around the top in the armpits. still having trouble shaving under the arms though.

Headed to post op pointment!

Today is 18 days since my surgery finally having some more softening around the nipples and the whole Outer edges of the breast I do however now have some bruises on the left side of my right breast I'm assuming that is where I have been slowly getting used to stretching my arms up over my head and using them again

3 Week's today!

I'm exactly 3 weeks post-op today.been having a lot of burning sensation and sensitivity of the nipples and surrounding area.the tissue around the areola is softened up somewhat,my breasts are actually finally getting a little bit squishy completely around. I think between 5 and 7 more days they should be pretty soft. I'm hoping anyway,at the rate they're going now they seem to be finally softening quite quickly.more so than I had thought,my biggest complaint right now is the burning sensation.I guess where the nerves are reattaching or something.and was finally able to sleep comfortably on my side (somewhat on my side) the last few nights with a small pillow kind of flat pillow supporting the boob I was laying on. My next check up appointment as schedule 3 1/2 weeks from now.after that appointment she said I should get the ok to go bra shopping, thank God!

4 Weeks

Exactly 4 weeks post-op today. they have dropped a good bit compared to the first week, still riding somewhat high.And still a good bit of firmness. they are dropping and there is some softening.And currently have stopped using with scar cream prescription, that the doctor gave me.It's called scar recovery gel by skinmedica, having a allergic reaction to it causing like heat rash bumps around the incision. now I am told not to put nothing on them for 2 weeks (aggravation!)

5 Week's

5 week update! have dropped a good bit, but not completely. slowly starting the fluffing as it's called on here process.getting slightly filled out under the nipple finally.I can't wait for it to completely be filled out on the bottom. they are a good bit softer than they were before, not totally movable yet. meaning to not squish them together completely yet, slightly can. went to a Doc. check up for a rash that I had under both breasts. she recommended cortisone cream just not directly on the incision.and said that they should be nice and Squishy and able to push together before summer. within 3 months and I'm already at 5 weeks so about 2 months ago. Can't wait for the next two months to go by. I have seen a good bit of difference in the last two days as far as the drop and starting the fluffing and filling in the bottom.starting to get excited for the final result. Next checkup is 6 weeks check up schedule for the second week of April then I will be cleared to go bra shopping!

6 weeks

6 week update they are progressing rather well the rash under both breasts are just about completely gone they are softening up well and are dropping quite quickly now in the last 3 days they are still a little firm to try to put together but still quite soft enough when squeezing that I'm able to comfortably sleep on either side now

7 week update!

Feeling a little more comfortable with them every day that passes, especially the last 3 or 4 days. Have started exercise workout routine the last 2 days. But not ever doing it! I think they're probably healing dropping and fluffing on schedule. they seem to be rounding out a little more on top where they were wide and flat. Just waiting now for them to fill out under the nipple. And to get some not to squish them together comfortably. I should be able to do that. However I did have a terrible rash on both from the scar cream. So for 2 weeks I have been unable to put anything on this scars. I was told not to touch anything except by accept Vaseline if needed. I'm happy to report they are no longer in my armpit, finally able to shave all of the hair under there! I constantly worry about them falling off to the side. so I still sleep propped up on pillows and with my arms tight against my side with my sports bra. I have not been told yet when it is safe to sleep a night or two without the sports bra,can't wait to do that although I know I was told with the large implant I still need to do it after recovery most nights to keep from sagging. Although I have been going braless a few hours out of the day to help the rash heal. I spoke to the doctor about it she said that was fine. Hate having to worry and be Fragile with my breast can't wait till they can be squeezed safely. I have however slept a few hours through the night on my side comfortably switching from side to side with a flat small pillow propped under the breast that is on the bed side. I think my healing I'm pretty good so far other than the rash irritated me so. Still at last visit but the right breast pucker will go away once they have completely fluffed. So fingers crossed. also my incisions feel a bit hard from what I have read they will soften up as the incision continues to heal. Has anyone else felt their incision feel like it is a bit hard maybe even a little bumpy?


Very annoyed that I am still at 7 weeks fighting a annoying rash,that is slightly red and very itchy which I cannot scratch.and with a few tiny bumps that come and go near the incision and the surrounding area. I was told to stop using the scar cream 2 weeks ago I did so It got a little bit better. they told me to put hydrocortisone cream on it but not directly on the incision, while the hydrocortisone cream seem to make the situation worse so I started using Neosporin. went back for my 6 week checkup she said why was the incision so red what have I been putting on it. I explained to her that the last time I was in there they told me not to put nothing on it other than hydrocortisone cream for the rash. I guess she forgot I was in there a few weeks ago with the concerns of The rash, now I am told not to put nothing on it except Vaseline if necessary. However the rash does feel better and look better than it did 2 weeks ago it's still just very irritating and makes me very moody ,because it is slightly itchy and very dry feeling.ALSO not liking the fact that I am unable to put anything on my scars to help them heal at this time.WELL other than that the healing process as far as dropping and fluffing seem to be going pretty well up to this point.I just wish I would have got better advice as to what's going on with the rash if it what the scar cream or if it is due to the sports bras or possibly even because of the stretching of the skin, they could not really give me a reason! although I do believe I should have been given a steroid cream for the rash.hoping for the best and that this annoying rash resolves itself ASAP. has anyone else had this problem with a rash developing like this? please info on it if possible, thanks in advance and good luck with the rest of you ladies and your healing process!!!????

8 weeks (2 Months)

2 month post-op update. still for some reason and fighting a miserable red kind of dry rash, that sometimes has a burning sensation.I was told I could put cortisone cream on it if needed, just not the incisions. that did not work it seem to irritate the skin more. so I want to just Neosporin then at my last checkup she told me not to put Neosporin on it,because my incisions were staying so red.Just to put nothing but vaseline on it if necessary, the Vaseline did not help it.made it worse I am now trying Blue Star Ointment today. still are firm but getting squishy and softening. and able to push them somewhat together. they have a slight jiggle starting to them if I jump.they need more rounding out on the bottom but I'm okay with that. it seems I am going on schedule as far as the healing process .they have pretty much dropped I believe just now waiting for them to soften and fluff completely. no real complaints other than the rash I've had for almost three or four weeks, that initially started after the use of the scar cream that I used for one week. and stopped due to the rash that came. has anyone else had this experience with the rash please comment if so!

9 weeks update!

9 weeks Post-op today,still not completely soft.But I'm able to push them pretty much completely together.And finally having feeling out in the bottom of the breast .especially the right side that needed it.The incisions looking better,even though I cannot use scar cream due to their reaction I had.update on the rash went on a Six-Day oral steroid pack. 5th day was practically gone as of today it has come back somewhat mainly on the right breast ,which I have one of the dissolvable stitches poking out. I think I'm having an allergic reaction now to the dissolvable stitches.

3 month's & 1 week

I am 3 months and 1 week today! The last week I have noticed a lot of softening, they are much more squishy to squeeze.AND they have some bounce to them like regular breast. I am loving them more each morning I wake up and they have a little more jiggle than the day before.I had my doubts in the beginning,But I was confident in my Dr. ,But was still worried about problems that I know could come from a surgery like this.And so far everything has gone on schedule as far as the healing process. The softening and the fluffing process she told me would begin around 3 month's and it has.The only problem I had through my healing process so far has been the severe rash I got after using the scar cream.That rash seem to have lasted about a month-and-a-half,under mainly my right breast. I think it may have been a combination of maybe being allergic to the dissolvable stitches. I had one poking out on that breast that finally dissolved and fell off.And also was put on a oral steroid that help the rash immediately.I wish I would have requested that oral steroid within the first week of having the rash. it was quite painful other than that as of now I am very happy with my results, as they are this far.and I am told things will only get better! looking forward to the next three months.my doctor said they still will continue fluffing even more can't wait!!!

3 months and 1 week

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Columbus Plastic Surgeon

Went to the first consultation in November. Really liked the doctor and the fact that the office is all women. Dr.Grawe was very friendly willing to listen to my concerns and answer all of my questions. She made me feel confident that she would do her best to give me the results I am desiring. She was just very caring and did not mind listening to any of the questions I had. Whether they were foolish or not all of my questions were answered. Bottom line for me was that she made me feel very comfortable with her and her ability to perform the procedure I am wanting. 6 week pre op coming up second week of April.

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