Fat Transfer with PRP to Under Eyes and Face - Los Angeles, CA

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I flew to LAX then arranged transportation to...

I flew to LAX then arranged transportation to their clinic as I plan on having two procedures done and much prefer an in person consult over Skype especially considering how much I plan on spending. Office was welcoming and Dr Emer was friendly, professional and answered all my questions. We also discussed general anesthesia which I did not include ...$3650. I have since been in contact with Kelly W. and Christine S. both outgoing, friendly and came across as professionals. Christine is my surgical liaison who's answered dozens of questions. We had some small preop paperwork issues that were quickly resolved. I always wish "someone" would post pictures and I looked through Dr Emer's glowing reviews but they are sadly lacking in pictures so I decided to fix that for him. Here are the before. I will post right after, and progress pics. As you can see I have hollows under both eyes, but they are not even. I also have a slight, small lumpiness on one cheek (can't see in photo)

Preop visit

I'm writing this the day after as I wait to go into surgery. Yesterday afternoon was my preop visit. Dr Emer discussed where I wanted my fat taken from and said we'd mark up the areas to be transferred from and transferred to.. It was a short visit. Lots of paperwork. Making sure everyone is on the same page. As far what's was being done and making sure I had everything, my husband met him and liked him.

Fat Transfer Post-Op Day 0

My husband and I went to the office just before 0630. Filled out a bit more paperwork. Changed into a surgical "fashion" gown, hat, slippers, hat, undies (thank you). Got an IV started first try. Then Dr Emer came in and went pen happy on where to pull fat from and where to place fat after giving me a mirror to make sure we were on the same page.
I want to steal his anesthesiologist, Dr Laura Alexander. I ALWAYS, ALWAYS get nauseous and this time I did not. I'm not talking a little nauseous, I'm talking I called my insurance company and warned them as I've been changed to Overnight because of Nausea and Vomiting. But she was a first for me, no nausea, not even a little.
I do have some swelling, but that's normal. The pictures I have have a compression garment on, but the garment is for my OTHER procedure. Both my husband and I were amazed at how little bruising and swelling I have this time. I'm assuming it's the technique Dr Emer uses and the Arnica Forte he had me on for two weeks prior. I had a fat transfer done previously a few years ago by another surgeon and had LOTS of bruising.

Post-Op Day 0 Pics

Ignore the compression garment. It's for Liposuction and ThermiRF of my neck/jaw

My husband said he can see a tiny bit of bruising. Will try and take pics when I have compression garment off for Lymphatic Massage tomorrow.

Post-Op Day 1

Dr Emer called the evening of surgery to check on me but I didn't realize it until this morning when I saw his voice mail. Nice personal touch and he told me to call him back if I had a problem that first night. I had some increased swelling and bruising but less than I expected. I started a mild diuretic that he prescribed and it helped quite a bit as I think I was retaining some water post surgery. Saw Dr Emer first thing in the morning where I got a complete look over and he asked if either I or my husband had questions. I can take a shower and start scar gel. He wants to see me again before I fly home so set appointment for next Tuesday. Next up was Hyperbaric Oxygen which Dr Emer likes his fat grafting patients to have at least one. I'm a bit claustrophobic and was worried it might bother me but the clear plastic makes it seem open. I spent 90 minutes watching a movie while my husband chatted with the MD there about hyperbaric oxygen treatments and my husband ended up so impressed I'm now scheduled for two more sessions, lol. Next up was Armen who does lymphatic massage who massaged the donor site. He comes to you. I was kind of scared that this would be painful but it wasn't to bad at all.

Post-op Day 1

Post-Op Day 2

The only thing I did for my Fat Transfer today was I added an extra hyperbaric oxygen treatment. My husband took a pic of me in the chamber that I'm going to post so you can get a better idea of size. I can almost sit up in

July 26 Post-Op day 6

Today was day I was heading back to Houston so Dr Emir asked if I could see him one last time for a quick follow up. I really wish I'd taken pictures of my legs prior to surgery. He said he was only going to take just a little bit of donor fat but then then right before surgery he mentioned he might do more. I've always had stubborn inner thigh fat even when I was underweight that caused thigh rub anytime I gained any weight. I feel like I got a bonus thigh gap lipo. Only downside is I now have to wear a compression garment at night for a couple more weeks to get the best results. It was all day for the first week but honestly it really didn't bother me after the first day. Take it off to shower. Easy on with 2 zippers. Dr Emir had the staff give me a short Venus Legacy Treatment to speed healing on my legs. Feels like a warm stone massage.

July 31still slightly puffy and faded bruising

I know that people who don't know me might look at the picture and think my eye looks hollow, but compare it to the pre-op photos . Unlike regular filler, fat has to attach to a blood supply. I'm crossing my fingers that I keep the amount I have now, it's stubborn inner thigh fat.
Assuming it does, I plan to add another layer next summer or the summer after.


Here is a before and after. Dr Emer filled in under my tear trough, partially filled in my tear trough (fat has to touch a blood source to survive), eyebrows (opening up my eyes) and my temples which you can see a tiny bit.
Dr Jason Emer

First impression was that he was a bit intense, second was that he was a something of a perfectionist. I talked to him about two procedures. I'll discuss the fat transfer here. I asked about a fat under my eyes and he looked at my face and after hearing my history suggested also fat in the cheeks and around the temples as he said it would look much better and he could blend it to look more natural

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