Neck Liposuction Thermi-Neck with Botox - Beverly Hills, CA

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I flew to LAX then arranged transportation to...

I flew to LAX then arranged transportation to their clinic as I plan on having two procedures done and much prefer an in person consult over Skype especially considering how much I plan on spending. Office was welcoming and Dr Emer was friendly, professional and answered all my questions. I have since been in contact with Kelly W. and Christine S. both outgoing, friendly and came across as professionals. Christine is my surgical liaison who's answered dozens of questions. We had some small paperwork issues that were quickly resolved. The above price is discounted $2500 because it is grouped in with another procedure. It also does not include my general anesthesia at $3650. This is a neck and jaw liposuction with neck-thermi using Botox. I did find it includes a venous legacy treatment after which surprised me. I'm posting before photos and plan to post after as well because I always wish "someone" would and so I decided to be that someone for somebody else.

Preop visit

Yesterday was day before surgery, I had my husband with me. We talked Venus legacy vs another treatment for further skin tightening after my liposuction and thermi. This was included post surgery.

Postop Day 0

Went to office at 0630 with my husband. Filled a bit more paperwork. Dr Emer marked up my neck and jaw with two different colors after having me look up, down, left, right. So I changed into the requisite fashion gown, hat, paper slippers and paper undies (sorry, lol, no pics)
Pretty painless IV inserted first try. I had the BEST anesthesia ever. I told Dr Alexander, anesthesiologist, my issues the previous day as I ALWAYS , ALWAYS have nausea and usually vomiting. I'm more swollen in my face than I would have been because I also had fat grafting. The pain is pretty minimal. The pressure from the compression garments is a bit annoying. I'm supposed to wear 24/7 for 5 days, then nights for optimal outcome. I also brought a foam wedge with me to the hotel to help with drainage.

Post-op day 1

Dr Emer called the evening of surgery to check on me but I didn't realize it until this morning when I saw his voice mail. Nice personal touch and he told me to call him back if I had a problem that first night. I took 1/2 of a Percocet tab the previous evening right before bed. If I'd had Tylenol with me I'd have probably have taken that. (I thought I did) My neck and jaw didn't really hurt, but the "compression garment " reminded me of one of my turtleneck sweaters that I was always wanting to pull on the neck. I actually packed a couple foam wedges to sleep on to decrease swelling along with my favorite pillow. Figured it was worth the extra large checked bag. My morning started with an 0800 appointment with Dr Emer who checked out my neck and other procedure areas. I can now shower. I have scar gel to start using on the teeny tiny insertion spots. They trimmed a bit of foam on my compression garment for my neck which helps a ton.
My next stop was 90 minutes in a hyperbaric chamber. I was worried I would freak out as I'm a bit claustrophobic but it's clear plastic and feels open. My husband spent the time discussing the benefits with the MD in charge while I watched a movie and dosed off. He was impressed enough he signed me up for two more. Will say when I got out, the naggy little headache I had was totally gone and I felt very relaxed. Last I had scheduled was Armen. He does Lymphatic Massage. I was very nervous about someone pressing on tender areas but he was great. I'm posting pics. Part of the bruising is likely due to fat transfer injections. I'm really happy with the lack of facial bruising and swelling. For me, this is nothing short of of miraculous

Post-Op Day 2

Started my morning with a trip to Dr Emer's office for my Venus Legacy Treatment. The tech, who explained everything said Dr Emer likes to use it to help speed healing. He was thorough but gentle and kept enquiring about my comfort.
Followed up with an extra Hyperbaric Oxygen session in Santa Monica. So far, everyone associated with or recommended by Dr Emer has been polite, professional and happy to answer questions (which is good because I tend to ask a lot).

July 26 Post-Op Day 6

Follow up visit to Dr Emer's office before flying home to Houston. He had his staff do one short Venus Legacy Treatment on my neck and jawline to speed up healing (and I'm assuming it also helps shrink the skin a tad). I think I bruised more than he expected but I told him I was a "bruiser" prior to surgery. I'll try and get my husband to take photos tonight. Overall it's supposed to improve over the next several months as the swelling goes down, the skin adheres to the neck then softens (I'm supposed to do massages), the new colagin forms and the skin tightens.

Tired of Puffy

Dr Emer told me my neck would firm up, tighten, but to continue to massage gently. He also said I might have continued swelling from the neck/jawline lipo and I do. I'm still sleeping on a wedge to help drainage and I learned lymphatic massage before I had the surgery to aid in fluid removal. It's on U-tube if you can't find classes. I'm starting to get happy with the front view. I didn't realize my chin was so weak from the side, lol. Thinking if I ever get a face lift I might add a bit of chin

Before versus after

It's been over a month and I'd say most of my swelling is gone. I see a significant difference in the mirror when I look. Very happy I chose ThermiRF and Liposuction. Still a touch tender right under my chin. Jowls receding more and more.

5 weeks post

As a side note, the lump under my jaw you see on the 5 week post is swollen lymph nodes from a nasty head cold .... Something no one would have noted before as to much fat and skin covered LOL.
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon

First impression was that he was intense, second was that he was a bit of a perfectionist. I talked to him about two procedures. I have a separate review on a fat transfer.

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