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I first leanred about i-Lipo when I was at a...

I first leanred about i-Lipo when I was at a clinic getting a Zerona consultation. The ladies there told me that i-Lipo is FDA approved and a newer machine than Zerona. It has better results and with me, I should be able to see good results. I'm a little over 5' and at 163lb when I visited the clinic. I've been on a diet and have come down to 163lb from 172lb so far and I figured, if I can get some external help, it could be an encouragement for my diet and hopefully it helps with my appearance.


My first treatment - on my abdomen. (8 treatments expected, twice a week)
It was completely painless. The lady first used a massage-like device on my abdomen to soften the fat cells. Then, the actual treatment was basically putting 4 blocks of the device on me and let them sit. One part is 20 minutes, so for my abdomen, it was 10 minutes on the right side and 10 minutes on the left side.
After the i-Lipo, it is suggested for the clients to exercise for a certain amount of time. At this place, they wrap you with their hot blanket instead so you sweat a lot and get that same effects.
They measure three parts, about two inches above my bellybutton, at my bellybutton, and around an inch or so below and after the first treatment, I lost a total of 6.5 cm in size (around 2.6 inches). It was quite amazing to see the difference and I was looking forward to see the final result after 8 treatments.


Second treatment.


Third treatment.


Fourth treatment.
This day, I decided to add a part - my thighs. The same day size decrease was about 1~2 inches (measured on three parts as well).


Fifth treatment: abdomen. We took measurement this day to see progress and this time, the number decreased was very limited. A total of maybe a little over an inch on three measurements.

Second treatment for thighs. Not feeling much difference.


Sixth treatment on abdomen. Same old. Warmness on stomach. This day, I raised my concern on the slow progress and noted that I understand these kinds of treatment can take time. However, I just wanted to make sure the 10% decrease in inches guarantee will be performed. They were very nice there but reminded me to not eat too much carb, sugar, soda, and etc. I was a little annoyed because in the beginning of the treatment, they said that for i-Lipo, you can eat regularly (not too much obviously). In my case, a few weeks before I started the treatment I've already been on a diet with only salad (no dressing whatsoever) and some meat for protein. With what I'm eating, it should actually help to get a better result. Instead, they had to make sure I'm not eating fattening food (which again, they said it would have been okay if I have been eating a little, which I haven't!) and somewhat hinted that that may have been the reason? Anyway, I told them how healthy I've been eating to defend myself.

Third treatment on thighs, not much different.


7th treatment on abdomen. same old.

4th treatment on thighs. Measure came out to be no difference. A little disappointed and again, I'm so glad the lady who sold me the package gave me a 10% guarantee. Otherwise I would be so upset with such little result.


8th treatment on abdomen. Last measurement taken. No difference from the measurement taken after the 5th treatment. The lady 'concluded' that i lost a total of...(i don't quite remember now but around) 10cm (nearly 4 inches) in measurement. I bravely (I'm usually humble and shy) stood up for what I was promised, saying that a total of 10cm (nearly 4 inches) is no where close to 10% of the original measurement. (The combined of three measurement was 286cm, 112.5 inches so so far I've only lost close to 5%). She was like, oh yeah, of course, we'll continue providing you the treatment until we meet the guarantee. I was relieved.

5th treatment on thighs. Same old. Not feeling much difference.

9th treatment on abdomen. Didn't get measured. I was a little annoyed because even if they did measure me, it is quite obvious that we're no where close to the goal/originally promised 10%. We'll see.

6th treatment on thighs. As usual, I have not felt any difference and felt that I'll be coming back for many more times then I originally planned to. (This place is about 30 miles away from home and 35 miles away from work. Once a week I'd go after work and it'd take me at least an hour sitting through traffic, and once a week I'd go from home with less traffic but still, spending over an hour on road each time...)


10th treatment on abdomen:

7th treatment on thighs:


11th treatment on abdomen:

8th treatment on thighs:

M/S Slim

All staff were very friendly and would answer any question I have. The missing stars for "Answered Questions" and "Time Spent" was just a reflection of how I'm not happy with the result quite yet and even though I have a guarantee of 10% loss in measurement, I will be coming back here way more times than I had anticipated (long drives with increasing gasoline price and energy draining). Had I not been offered the guarantee,I don't know how upset I'd be now since a lot of the times when clients are being recommended a treatment, it always sounds better than it actually is.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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