32, 2 kids, 4'9" and 90#'s....Babies wrecked me but my Dr. saved me! Diastasis Recti is awful!

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Long before my husband and I had children, I...

Long before my husband and I had children, I assured him that my body would get a full fledged workout. I am 4'9" and I range between 93-96 lbs. depending on what I eat. Well, let's just say the girls got more than they bargained with and need a little help, as well as my belly. I had never heard of diastasis recti nor did I even realize that a majority of mothers get this and they just think they have extra fat. In reality, it is a horrible separation of the abdominal wall that affects your posture, your stomach girth, your waist size and your confidence. For years, I have been wearing spanx constantly, I tried the Tupler Method, I did planks even before planking was a thing and I ate clean and healthy. To no avail, I still look 5 months pregnant. My husband has been supportive but I think the lack of confidence in myself has taken a toll on us. He thinks I am beautiful no matter how I look since I am the mother of his children. He says that a lot but still senses my insecurities. I, initially, just wanted a TT but after two well fed, breast loving kiddos...I am leaning toward getting my breasts done, as well. The way I see it, If I am going to do it...than I AM GOING TO DO IT. I want those suckers up there, round, full and where they were before. Maybe not full like "milk coming in boobs" but at least get them a little perky. I feel like I am tucking puppy dog ears into my bra daily. I am sick of people asking me how far along I am in my pregnancy. I am sick of wearing baggy shirts. I am sick of Googling "tankini's for big bellies." I may never again feel comfortable in a two-piece but I would like to wear a shirt that actually fits. I would love to purchase a high waisted bikini with a little bit of retro flare. I would love to have my confidence back. Most of all, I would love to feel like the old me again. Once I actually get the process going, I'll share some very personal and intimate photos of my body. Hopefully, I'll have the courage to post. I plan on getting back into body building again once I am fully recovered. I hope that people understand that everyone is different. Our bodies change in different ways and no one is exactly like the other. Be happy, love life and work hard. There is always a way to fix something. If hard work and dedication can't get you there, perhaps a Mommy makeover is for you. Procedure details: lipo of the flanks with that fat added to the breast area, breast lift, tummy tuck, hernia repair and possible implants depending on the amount of fat available from the flanks.

Before Photos: Gah! 17 Days to go...

These photos hard to post but it'll be good to see the process. I am getting more nervous each day. I'm actually quite terrified of the recovery process. My mother will be in town to help along with my husband. I'll only have her here for about 10 days and then I am going to be solo with the kids. Fortunately, I think I will get some help from my in laws in regards to watching them. How nervous were all of you lovely ladies beforehand? How long was it before you were able to get out of bed and play with the kids...even if that means just sitting while coloring or watching Frozen for the 120th time?

More before photos...

This makes me just feel blah.

I am having issues posting photos: Maybe that is a sign...?

I am going to give it one more go to post photos. Still makes me feel blah...

Photos: retying the upload

I hope these take. I'm sorry for the graphic nature. :(

Love my Doctor and his staff!

Well, I went in for a pre op consult and I'm sure that I've found the perfect doctor. We've decided against implants and opted for fat grafting of the breast from lipo of the flanks. I love this considering I'm a little "granola." I will maintain my breast size at a 32D but I'll be a full, round D rather than a saggy D. I'm so nervous about the tt due to the fear of the of the pain and the lack of attention and piggy back rides from the kiddos. I'm certain that I'm in great hands and that takes the edge off. The day is almost here....EEEEESSSHH!

5 Days to GO!!!!

I am getting extremely nervous. I think my biggest fear is the anesthesia. I am really scared about going under and not waking up. I am not really sure it is weighing on my mind so much but it is. Meanwhile, I am planning on making a trip to the store to load up things that I'll need for the recovery. Now, I just wish that I could calm my nerves!

6 Days post op

I have got to say, the first 3 days were a doozie! I don't remember much after the surgery or the recovery room but I do remember a bumpy ride home. I was basically in and out of consciousnesses for the first day after my MM. I woke up my recliner crying and writhing of pain. I started out on 2 2mg pills if dilaudid with one Xanax every 4 hours along with Bromalien and Arnika Montana for the bruising. That combination of pills was not working until we incorporated 4 ibuprofen into the mix. I took this concoction for two more days until I started to ween off a bit. I am now 6 days post op and taking 1 dilaudid, 1/2 xanax and 2 Ibprofen every 6 hours. I have to say that the most painful part of this is the bruising from the lipo of the flanks and thighs. I, apparently, am on the worse side of bruising. I am moving along much better and I am able to shower alone and do little tasks around the house. I am so thankful to have help from my mother and my husband. Without their help I don't think having this procedure would even be possible. I am still fairly swollen on my back, legs and a little on the lower abdomen but not too badly. Funny thing, my breasts don't hurt one bit! I highly recommend fat grafting from other parts of the body to the breasts. My breasts are full and they feel amazing. I am in love with them already. My doctor and his staff are, hands down, the best! When I got my drain removed on day 4 he was shocked at the bruising but encouraged me to take more Arnika Montana in conjunction with Bromalien. The bruising is awful but I know it will pass. I can say that this is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be and I am looking forward to see the final results! The first 4 photos are of day 3 post op and the remaining photos are from today.

Two weeks and one day post op and feeling wonderful!

I'm officially off pain meds and relaxing a bit more. I had a follow up with Dr. McGee today and all went well. I was told that I can take off the binder now and just wear a firm compression garment like Spanx...which is perfect because I already have plenty of those from before the surgery. My breasts are healing nicely. I no longer have to bandage my incisions, rather tape them up with the light brown surgical tape. My belly button looked a little scary to me, but Dr. McGee took out the stitches and cleaned out the scabbing a bit. I was advised to moisturize it often. Coconut oil is the best for a natural moisturizer. Furthermore, I can now wear normal bras but I was advised to make sure that the under wire shouldn't come up to high on the sides and doesn't rub too much on the incisions underneath my breasts. I still have some swelling on my back where he went in and did lipo of the flanks but it really isn't too bad. I went to Ross today and bought a tight, form fitting tank top that covered my spanx tank perfectly to pair with a cute maxi skirt and I bought a form fitting maxi dress. It looked amazing! I felt so good to be able to wear normal clothes and I wasn't discouraged about any bulges. Seriously, it made me feel like a million dollars. Loving this! The pain still comes and goes but I don't regret a thing!

Almost 3 weeks and loving it...

So, the scar is too high for these low rise bottoms, however, I am confident that it'll fade. I am seeing great results and less swelling. I have some puckering on my TT scar line but I've been massaging it inward with coconut oil and it has made a vast improvement in 3 days! I am not rubbing it on the scars, rather, the skin around the incisions. Love my boobs. May be some more tmi, but my hubby and I had "relations" today. After the "vigorous" workout, I noticed a bit of blood from my tt incision. The blood clotted in a matter of minutes and I saw no split in the incision (thank God!). I cannot be the only gal that is urging some for some "brown chicken brown cow." Get it when you can and own your new body!
So, I am hoping to wear this swimsuit in my back yard. We shall see if it becomes public. :)

1 month post op...the longest month of my life!

Well, I had to call my Dr. yesterday late in the evening. I have a small mass where my breastbone meets my abdomen and it REALLY hurts. They called me in some xanax to relieve the pain. On another note, I have a stomach bug and have been vomiting like crazy. The xanax relieved the spasms but makes me just so darn tired. So, I went in today and the mass appears to be a blood clot. So, nothing too serious and I was told to massage it daily (hurts like HELL). However, things are still in place and there is no real need for worry. But let me tell you how I got here: So, my husband and I decided to have "relations." Not the boring kind...the kind that makes you think about it for days to come. Apparently, I tweaked something in that moment of bliss. Now, my hubby is too scared that he'll hurt me. I have assured him that we have the "go" on future endeavors but we need to tone it down. The massage technique is working but it hurts like mad! So, for all of you wondering when and if it is possible...it is but take it easy. Refrain from feeling like a lioness with a flat belly and awesome boobs. Soft and slow. Trust me, this hurts like a beast. Photos to follow soon. For all of you ladies that feel frisky: hold that high horse and take it easy. Laundry is easier than sex at the moment and that is saying a lot! ;)

7 Weeks Post Op

Well, it has been amazing these past few weeks. I am feeling much better and the soreness in my abdomen is completely gone. I still have quite a bit of numbness in my flank area from the lipo but it improves each day. My scars are really starting to fade into a nice pink color rather than deep purple. My nipples are soooo, soooo very sensitive. I consider that a good thing considering in the past I felt nothing there. I have been working out and resuming pre-surgery activities. Working out has been strange because I can't push my body like I'd like but I am trying. I've even been taking the jetski out and riding hard doing 180 degree turns and jumping wakes. Swimming is still a bit of a challenge as I can feel my tummy stretch a bit too much. I have been wearing 2 piece swimsuits out to the lake (we are big lake people in the family) and it still takes some getting use to. I feel like I have the lines or striations on my belly from the pulling. I am sure those will dissipate with time but I'd like to see them gone. I feel very confident clothed. I had a closet purge and got rid of all of the old baggy shirts and pants/shorts that were too large. I was wearing a size 3 or 5 on the bottom and I found out, to my complete surprise, that I am an actual 0!!! I had no idea I could even wear a size 0. I have been slowly buying form fitting tanks and maxi skirts and feels good not to hide behind baggy clothes. I'm feeling great and almost at 100%. The photos are not the greatest and apologize for that. My camera was not cooperating due to the lighting.

Loving it!

I feel as if my swelling has gone down an insane amount from 3 weeks ago. I am still a little swollen at the site where Dr. McGee went in to do the lipo (right above my almost removed tattoo). However, I am not sure if the swelling is from my tattoo removal process or the lipo (maybe both). Also, my belly button has started to become more of an "inny". Finding the right swim suit has been a journey but I figure it'll be easier next summer when my scar is faded. I love my breasts...and so does my husband. In fact, he can't keep his hands off of them. :) I'm not complaining about that! I did want to share that I feel as if my labia majora is swollen and appears to show through swim bottoms. It is certainly higher and tighter. I have been sure to wear swim bottoms with patterns or a skirt to hide the issue. I am hoping this is just temporary. Again, my husband seems to like it. ;) I just had a follow up with McGee and my before and after photos were a stunner! I was shocked! I follow up with him again in 6 months. I can't wait to see what I look like then. Hoping the holidays don't affect my girth as I really like to eat turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, etc....Is it weird that I am already salivating 3 months in advance?
Austin Plastic Surgeon

Wonderful, very honest and a matter of fact kind of guy. Dr. McGee and his staff are truly amazing and are very involved in the process both pre and post op. I love his natural approach on offering fat grafting to the breasts from my flanks rather than using implants. My results are amazing thus far and I'm so excited to see what the final outcome will look like. I am so happy I decided to go with Dr. McGee. He changed my life and I will be forever grateful!

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