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I'm 5'6 and 135 lbs currently at 36B bra size. I...

I'm 5'6 and 135 lbs currently at 36B bra size. I decided on Breast augmentation after my last pap when the nurse told me that my breasts were uneven and a little disproportionate. I had never really noticed the difference in my breasts but when I asked my boyfriend of 4 years, he admitted that he had noticed that my left boob was bigger than the right one. HA- That was the last straw--I made up my mind that I wanted a consult with the PS to discuss a BA.

I went to one surgeon (a female) at the end of March for my first consult. I thought she was really professional but she made it sound like she couldn't really make my breasts perfect or any better with an augmentation to "correct assymetry"... Also, She didn't really have much personality and I decided that I wanted to go to another consult before deciding on her (although her prices were more reasonable)...

My second consult was just Wednesday 6/12 with Dr. Thompson out of Round ROck,TX. I had chose him b/c I looked on the internet at patient reviews and he was given all positives and highly recommended by postop patients, plus I have a friend on social media that works for him and had hers done by him- they look AMAZING so I figured he was the man. :) His office staff were very nice and attentive, fixing me coffee while I waited on the Dr. When he came in for the consult, he really asked a lot of personal questions, getting to know me, and asked me how I wanted to look. Luckily I had been to this website prior to and knew that it was smart to save a couple of pics to my phone of breasts that I liked, didn't like, I showed him the pics and he critiqued almost all of them and showed me things I never even saw or considered, such as gaps between the armpit and boobs or the large spacing between the boobs, etc. Also, he said that when PS's post pics of only the side view of their patients, it usually means that the frontal view doesn't look "so hot". He stressed that my body measurements really play into effect what size he was going with. For me, I have a broad chest and very small boobs/hardly any breast tissue so he decided that a flatter, (moderate profile) with 655cc would like the best based on my measurements. I feel very confident with his decision and feel like this will probably give me a large C or even a D cup afterwards?...
Although I am very anxious to have this done, I have to wait until 10/8/13 due to saving up a little cash and also paying off my vehicle in Sept. I want all my ducks in a row before I take the plunge. My Preop is scheduled for 9/25 and I can't wait!

pre surgery TaTas

Just wanted to update with a picture of pre surgery tatas...

bathong suit preop pic

4th of July PRE-Boobs

Figured I would update with some July spirited pre surgery 3 months I will have tatas to put in this swim suit :) Hope everyone having surgery this week has a speedy and healthy recovery!!!

Rice Test

So yesterday I broke down and measured out the 655cc worth of rice to test it out. I'm posting pics I took which I felt they fit my body just right. Also I ordered some 3-pack Bally sports bras and a 6-pack of the strapless sports bras from and got a really sweet deal on both. Only $14 for the Bally 3-pack in black, white, and pink and the bandreau?/strapless bras were only $23 for 6 multicolored bras. Awesome!! Got them inthe mail today and was so excited.
I think if u want to purchase affordable sports bras, go to No More Rack online. I couldn't find any front closure bras yet... Also ordered my 7day pill organizer off for $5.99 so I can keep track of my pain and muscle relaxers after surgery. I will post pics soon, but Good Luck and Happy TaTa Day to any girls having surgery soon!!! I've got 3 months to go

Postop Sport Bras

These are the bras I've bought so far...size large... From and all together spent about $40 but got 9 bras!!

2months away and have some Questions for you ladies

Surgery is still 2 months away but a couple questions keep popping into my head... hoping you ladies can help?!
So I realize that most have BM problems after surgery- where they are constipated and bloated for 4-5 days... I already have constipation problems where I don't #2 on a regular/daily basis so I'm extra worried about having this problem after surgery:( When do most of you suggest I take a stool softner or laxative- before surgery? or wait a day or 2???
Also, what foods are best to eat after surgery for recovery? I read someone's review on here that they had a shake on their way home from surgery and got really sick throwing up- supposively you aren't supposed to have dairy or fruit drinks within the first 48 hours of anesthesia?.... Just curiuos if there's certain foods that are bad for you after surgery and/or which are good for your healing??
My mom is going to come the first couple of days after my surgery and take care of me- clean, cook, etc. My boyfriend is taking the day off on my surgery date and he's debating on just taking the whole rest of that week off to be with me. He's just as excited as I am for the surgery. We went to the beach about 1 month ago and all I could do was check out everyone's boobs- I would get excited and point some out if they were nice and my boyfriend just shakes his head and said it's sad when I'm checking out more boobs than he is! LOL He also DVR'd Hooters Bathing Suit Contest on tv the other night b/c he "figured I'd want to scope out the hooters"... wow, what nerve!? hehe
I love to do Zumba and I'm wondering if any of you do that too- how long after surgery did you wait to resume zumba?


So I just typed out a long update but my mom called and for some reason, it cleared out the whole thing...blah! So to sum it up I've got 29 days to go before the D-Day or maybe DD DAY!!! I just bought two new front closure bras at Walmart...the white one is size LARGE and the black is 38D just assuming they will hopefully fit just fine after surgery...that's all my PS said I'd be wearing after his procedure. Ill post pics too. My PS office wrote an excuse for my boyfriend to take off only 2 days to take care of me bc the PS said the recovery is super fast and super easy?! I hope he's right, otherwise my Mom and sister will be coming over the other days to help me.My mom doesn't mind though since she doesnt work and only lives 30 mins away. Also, I'm almost done with my last pack of cigs because I'm going to invest in one of the Vapor Cigs (E-cigs)...most of my smoking friends have already made the switch and really brag about them...I'm hoping those will be safer for me when it comes to healing, etc. Well hope all those ladies getting their BAs this week have good luck and successful healing!! I'll soon be joining yal on the other side ;)-

Quitting Smoking!!! Switched to E-Cigarette/Vaporizer

So, I've been smoking since I was about 19 years old (now I'm 27) and I've finally chosen to invest in an E-Cigarette or aka- the Vaporizer cig. Almost all of my smoker friends have made the switch and really like it, plus they are always bragging about their new "flavors" and let me try them- So I've decided to quit now- 4weeks before my surgery- so I can hopefully heal correctly, hopefully without an infection or wound problems. I've read too many nightmare stories on here with people who have big wounds that never heal, etc. Plus the vapor electronic cig only cost me $45 to start with 2 vials of e-liquid (equal to 600 cigarettes I've heard). I'm hoping to 1) help with healing 2) it'll save me money on not buying 4-5 packs of smokes a week and 3) better for my health in the long run. Has anyone else switched to the E-Cig prior to their surgery and had good outcomes?


I can barely stand still- so much anticipation with only 2 more weeks left with tiny ;) Tomorrow I go to my surgeons office for preop- I guess that entails labs,paperwork, paying off my surgery, re-measuring, confirm 655 cc size?, and going over the surgery instructions, etc. It's starting to become more of a reality now that soon I'll be closer to having my "dream body"... My boyfriend is approved to take some of his "sick time" the week of my surgery so he'll be at home with me Tues-Friday that week...he's so awesome with wanting to help me out. Last night he practiced-up by cooking ME supper for once- spaghetti w/saucy meatballs- it was scrumptious!
So, I've been keeping a list of questions to ask tomorrow at my preop and these are some of them: 1) Make sure they know I've had MRSA before and that I want to get on Keflex/antibiotics prior to my surgery to prevent staph infection. 2) How long do I need to wait after surgery to get a belly button piercing? 3) Am I getting Moderate or Moderate Plus Profile? 4) Will the implants help my nipples point more straight-forward? 5) How many days after surgery until I can shower or get the sutures wet? 6) What are the best postop foods to eat to help with recover? 7) What's the best OTC postop pain reliever? 8) Do they provide me with an anti-nausea med at surgery? 9) How many days should I not drink alcohol before and after my surgery? 10) Will I be capable/able to go to a dentist appt just 2 days postop? 11) When will I be able to return to doing zumba?

Some things I still need to buy before 10/8: A robe or silky,button up PJs, cocoa butter lotion, smooth move tea, pineapple juice/fresh pineapple, stool softener like Colace or Gas X for the bloating, saltine crackers & soups, fiber gummy chewable vitamins, and a zip-up hoodie to wear to surgery.

Can you tell that I'm just a "little" worried and concerned about the bloating and constipation? HAHA- think I'm stocking up on just about everything to prevent or help me out in THAT department?! I've gotten down to around 130 pounds recently which is awesome b/c I know that most girls gain about 10lbs during the 1st couple of weeks due to bloating and the weight of their new GIRLS~ so hopefully, after all the bloating goes away, I'll end up right around 135 lbs again with my new additions :) I'm super excited about my preop tomorrow and hoping the next 2 weeks flies by so I can officially be out of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee !!!!

Changed to 575CC , Natrelle Style 15 (Medium profile)

Had my preop yesterday with Dr. Thompson. They had me dress into the robe and then his assistant Alli went over the consent forms and postop instructions with me. I was a little shocked when she was going over the postop instructions with me b/c she made this surgery sound like a piece of cake, a walk in the park, etc (I'll get to that in a bit)...then we took Pre-Pics and then Dr. Thompson came in and we re-measured my "broad chest" and he asked me if I was more scared of coming out "too small" or "too big".. I told him I'd rather be too big if anything. He chose the implant Natrelle Style 15 (medium profile) and 575CC. He said that will fill in the huge gap between my breasts and also give me nice side-boob :)
I asked Alli, his assistant, when can I NOT drink alcohol before and after my surgery b/c we have a party the weekend before my surgery- she said I could even drink the day before my surgery if I wanted too, just don't get "wasted" and make sure it's not past midnight. lol. Then this really blew me away- the postop instructions specifically say that when I get home from surgery, I am to take only a 2 hour nap and then get up and get out of the house!!! She said some girls even went to happy hour the day of their surgery!? I was surprised to hear that but she stated that I must do something after my nap- like go to the movies, out to eat, shopping, or happy hour. WOW! He doesn't even prescribe hard core pain meds- just a prescription for Celebrex (anti-inflammatory) and Tramadol (for pain-if needed), but he said most of his patients use the Celebrex and just OTC Tylenol. He told me I didn't even need to fill my scripts for the Celebrex or Tramadol if I didn't want to spend the money b/c of the fact that Tylenol mainly takes care of the pain? I'M NOT TAKING MY CHANCES..I'm Filling those Scripts!!!
Also, my tatas will be wrapped in gauze and an ACE bandage the day of surgery but immediately the following day, I am to take off all the gauze and ACE and throw them away and get in the shower before noon on postop day 1. I will have tape over my incisions (crease) and those can get soaked/wet in the shower and all it takes is a blow-dryer to dry them and they are adhesive again.
They advised that I buy a couple different sized zip-up/front closure sports bras but keep the tags on them incase I need to return any that don't fit (which I've already done)... I will have to be in a sports bra for 3 weeks postop, even sleeping in it so that the implants dont fall to the side of my body or something while sleeping since gravity tends to work against us...
They said I can start moderately walking a couple days after my surgery but won't be able to return to zumba until 6 weeks postop :( No heavy duty house work (anything that repititious, strenious, or that works the chest, shoulders and arms for 3 weeks)... So no sweeping, vacuuming, slamming trunks or car doors, sex :( My boyfriend was NOT excited to hear that one- matter of fact he made a little comment under his breath ("oral sex doesnt count") LMAO! That little shit...
Anyways, sorry to drag this out but I wanted to let yal know that however Dr. Thompson does his surgeries, they don't require laying in bed afterwards all day long-instead he insists on getting up and out of bed and walking around every hour to reduce chance of blood clots and he insists on happy hours the day of surgery ;)- (We shall see how I feel for that)... 11 MORE DAYS UNTIL SURGERY :)

4 More Sleeps Until Surgery :) I'm so GIDDY

This work week is almost over and I'm starting to get giddy and anxious for Tuesday! I'm off ALL of next week with my boyfriend to take care of me. This weekend will fly by because we have so much to do this weekend. Tomorrow I'm going shopping for a zip-up hoodie and zip-up sports bra and then tomorrow night me and the BF are going to a "Ho-Down "down-in-the-dirt fundraiser" one of our friends is hosting at a BBQ Joint/venue that's going to include bbq plates, keg beer, and a live country band for dancing the night away. Then SUnday, my "father in-law" is taking us to Dave N'Busters to eat, drink, and play games & I also have a funeral Viewing to go to (my friend's father passed away yesterday).... Monday morning I've got the funeral to attend, so the 3 days prior to the surgery will be full of events.
Yesterday & today I've received calls from the surgery hospital to give me preop instructions and pre-register over the phone. I have to be there at 5:45 am on Tuesday to pay the hospital fees at the front desk and then head to my private surgical room with my boyfriend, mom, and sister. Surgery will be at 8am, takes 90 minutes. No food,drink,gum,etc after midnight or they will cancel the surgery. The "not drinking' part is what's going to kill me b/c I drink alot of water through out the night most nights. I'm going to practice this weekend though.
They never mentioned in the preop instructions or over the phone if I needed to remove fingernail polish or bathe in the special soap, but I'm removing my nail polish and taking home some chlorahexidine soap from work (work in hospital) to bathe with the night before surgery. I've got to take plenty of BEFORE pics of me in some dresses and shirts so I can compare afterwards. Well, good luck to all those beautiful girls having surgeries today and next week- I'll keep yal updated :)

On My Way To Hospital

Today is the grand finale...the day I've waited for since March. We have to drive about 30 minutes to the hospital. Gotta be there at 5:45am to pay my hospital fees and register. Surgery is at 8:00am...I'm wearing black yoga stretchy pants and a zip up hoodie. Well I will post pics once done:) thanks to everyone on here for being so supportive and awesome!!!

Feeling Great after surgery today

That 2 hour nap and then getting out on this gorgeous day really helped me! My BF is amazed at how well I'm doing. Advice: DO NOT try to open or close car doors or use your hands, arms to push yourself up off the cough, etc. My boyfriend can't stop looking at my boobs :) my surgery started at 8:15a and done by 10:30...I recovered and was not nauseated at all so able to leave by 11:30. I get to remove all gauze and ACE wrap tomorrow morning and get into shower by noon. Can't wait to see my


Took my shower this morning after my BF unwrapped me...I was not ready for him to reveal my boobs bc I was expecting horrific looking boobs but they don't look bad....justswollen up top and to the side. Also today Ive heard the sloshing sound in my boobs that some have spoken of...only when I lift my arms above my head, like putting my hair in a ponytail, etc. I havent had an issue with bloating or constipation...thank goodness.. I guess its because I haven't taken any narcotic pain pills...just been taking Celebrex (anti inflammatory) and 1,000 mg of Tylenol extra strength every 5-6 hours. Well I'm posting some pics from this morning when I unwrapped the girls

Day 2 pics

postop day 4

Full body day 4 postop

Feeling 99% normal and loving does everyone else LOL my boyfriend can't keep his eyes or hands off them :-D sorry if I am posting one pic at a time, my phone or the website isn't letting me post pics like normal

waiting game

My left breast is dropping faster than my right breast. Just waiting on gravity to do its job...I've been instructed to take my hand/fingers and find the top of the implant and push in so that it helps the implant push downward and hopefully into its pocket. I'm getting Boob greed as the swelling goes down and the frankenboob is disappearing...I think they look like a C cup but the BF thinks they are bigger, like a D...can't wait to find out once they drop! My nipples are having some painful sensitivity but that's all. Hopefully this website lets me update with pics now bc its been giving me a hard time using my phone to post...

12 Day postop pics

more pics

3 week postop pics

3 week postop pics

Love my new bra..36d :) not wearing it yet bc I'm still waiting on boobs to drop. Still wearing sports bras and doing massages.

Halloween pics w new boobs

Halloween was extra better this time with my new additions!!! Had looks and compliments all night.

Almost 1 month

My left Boob is dropping faster right is still high but the swelling is atleast subsiding. The surgery tape hasn't fallen off yet on my incisions but once it does, I am supposed to put paper tape over them and keep on the incisions for 3 months to help the scar healing and to make it pretty... I need to go bra shopping this week to find some cute 36D bras without far I've looked at Victoria secrets and Fredericks of Hollywood with no luck :( seems like every bra is padded with pushup and NOW thats not what I'm looking for and my BF has told me I better not buy any padded bras! Lol

My Incisions are Soooo Beautiful :)

So my surgical tape that had been covering my incisions since surgery finally came off this past weekend (right about 1month postop). I was excited to get out of the shower and look at my incisions for the first time--- WOW! I am highly impressed with their appearance, or to say- lack of appearance b/c they look fantastic. Then I had to reapply Paper Tape in about 1 inch piece back over the incisions. I really do agree with Dr. Thompson that this is the best way for a flat, colorless scar. In just 1month it has done wonders!! I highly suggest this approach after the surgery if you are going under the breast fold (inframmory incision). My PS has done studies that suggest keeping constant pressure (aka: the tape) to the scar, it drastically heals it and the appearance :) I will post some pics coming soon just to prove how awesome they look! Good luck to all you ladies having surgery next week !!!

incisions at 1.5 months

Here are the pics of my scars at 1.5 months postop... I'm doing great still!! Been taking off the medical paper tape in the shower and reapplying after every shower. Feel like they are healing beautifully:) boobs are still high but I can tell dropping. Everyone still says they look amazing on my body...they are starting to feel apart of me, like I've had them the "newness" is wearing off. But I still love love love them!!!


Have I mentioned how much I love my new body :) ... well, everything except my now-flat-ass :( I've lost about 5-8 MORE pounds since surgery, and a TOTAL of 50 pounds since 2011 and my ass has really taken a beating-down (flattening-out)! I used to have curves (except the titty department) Now that I've got the boobs, I don't have the ass to match it :( I don't think I'd ever do a booty implant but I might actually be considering those panties with the built-in booty LMFAO!! (cheaper route anyways...) Well, off the subject of my invisible ass, (hehe) and onto more important matters- like my BOOBYLICIOUSNESS ~ they are starting to drop & fluff FINALLY (my left one more than the right). The cleavage is getting better now that they are getting squishy and I absolutely love that! I can sleep anyway I want now and have been since probably 1 month postop.
The only thing going on right now is they kind of have these red splotches/irritating little rashes that appear on my upper poles and they itch from time to time- I guess you can call them boob pimples and dear Lord-DO NOT TRY TO POP THEM b/c they hurt like crazy. LOL
Well I did take some new pics today that I will post of them and how they look with clothes on (FABULOUS). I also did a collage of views starting from preop,day after surgery, 1month postop, and 2month postop to show the progress so far. Hope everyone's journeys are going wonderfully - Until next time....

progress pics and 2 month pics

Scars as of 2.5 months

3 Months Postop

So, it's been about a month since my last update- I have my 3 month postop appointment this afternoon with my PS and I have a few questions for him. As far as my boobs go, they are finally dropping and fluffing nicely- my left boob looks settled-in place but my righty still has a little ways to go as far as dropping in place. My incisions are healed beautifully and smooth. I've stopped wearing the paper tape over them.. I've started having my bf rub Cocoa Butter lotion on my breasts to help soften them and maybe assist my right boob w/dropping? I've gotta ask my PS today 1) Can I go ahead and have dental work done b/c I have some cavities that need fillings 2) I plan to start tanning this month and need to know if I need to cover my scars or not while tanning 3) I would like him to measure me and tell me what size bras I need to buy b/c my 36 D's are feeling too small and tight on me now...
I can't wait for bathing suit weather- I've lost about 10-15 pounds since my surgery and I'm the tiniest I've EVER been- I currently weigh 120lbs and down to a size 1- think my breasts might be 36DD?? I know I tried on some Large bathing suit tops I bought on clearance the other day and they look FABULOUS on me- I need to take some updated pics and post them :) Well I hope everyone is healing beautifully and I'm going to post some 3 month progress pics in a lil bit~ XOXO

3 month pics ...IN LOVE

Postop Questions answered yesterday

So I had my 3month check-up yesterday and had asked some questions. I need some cavities filled in my mouth, but apparently since my right boob hasn't fallen into it's pocket completely, I'm still eligible for I have to cancel all dental work until after my next checkup in 2.5 months. Same thing goes with a belly button piercing- gotta wait until my boobs are in their pockets or "dropped & fluffed" as some of you call it. I also asked about the tanning beds and my scars. You have to cover up the incisions/scars for up to a year when in the sun or in the tanning bed b/c they have a tendency to darken and their appearance look more noticeable if they get tanned. So make sure if you use the tanning beds after your surgery, that you are covering up your incisions with paper tape or something. :)
Also, I asked Ali, the physician's assistant, what size bra she thinks I should buy. She thinks I am a 34DD. She made sure to clarify- NO PUSHUP BRAS what so ever as they can actually do damage to the shape of the implant and the way it falls into the pockets.She did insist that I buy bras that push the boobs together to create close cleavage, OR as SHE calls it "SEXIN' MY APPEARANCE UP" I can buy bras that push them together, just not UP--- LOL ;) I'm excited to hear the "DOUBLE D" too! She also insisted that I keep doing the massage of pushing down the implant on my right side to try and get it down into it's pocket by my next appointment mid-March. She said my left breast looks great though...(it's my angel child)
I'll go home this week and try on some shirts I had taken pics in PRE_SURGERY and update them this weekend on here. I also have to go through my closet and find something cute to where to the club this Saturday- my parents and my siblings are all going with me and boyfriend dancing this weekend to celebrate my brother's 23rd bday.

This summer's Bathing Suit pictures after 2 years since Procedure

SO, it's been awhile since I've updated pictures or review. I am exactly 2 years since my boob implants and I haven't had any issues/problems! SO THANKFUL! I am still IN LOVE with them and so is everyone I meet. I still get compliments and positive comments from girls all over that tell me how envious they are of my perfect looking breasts.
I am actually 5 months pregnant for the first time ever and my boobs have gotten even bigger. I think right now I am a size 9 in the waist and have 36D boobs. I need to go buy some bigger bras to get me through this pregnancy. I am really HOPING that I can produce milk and that I will be able to breast feed my baby girl. I have so many friends who have had problems breast feeding with implants. Considering I didn't go through the nipple incision and they cut under the breast, that hopefully that gives me more of a chance to breast feed?! My due date is 2/22/16 with the baby so I will TRY to update my review afterwards and let you ladies know if it has effected my breast feeding.

2 year Postop Pics

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