16 Year Old 30J Thinking About a Breast Reduction - Round Rock, TX

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Hi, Everybody! I'm sixteen years old 5'1, 150...

Hi, Everybody! I'm sixteen years old 5'1, 150 pounds and my bra size is a 30J (crazy right?). I've been thinking about getting a breast reduction for a couple of years now. My boobs cause me to have back pain every day. I have sore spots, scars and dark spots from irritation caused by my bra and the weight in it. My parents are supportive of the idea of a BR which I am extremely grateful for.

Also I get a lot of unwanted attention from men of all ages. I was once told by my great uncle (who was quite intoxicated at the time) that I have very nice boobs. It was meant as a compliment, but all the same, I really don't want sixty-something year old men or anyone for that matter looking at my boobies! I honestly feel awful when guys talk about my boobs. I am a good girl with high moral standards and it makes me feel really bad when I attract that sort of attention from men.

Covering them up is completely impossible. Even the most modest clothing is pulled down revealing embarrassing amounts of cleavage. I can't buy inexpensive bras or buy a bra from a store. I have to shop online and cute bras are never available in my size. Sports bra's are extremely hard to come by. I just have one. It's reinforced everywhere (my mother calls it the iron maiden bra) and it makes my boobs stick straight out like torpedoes.
Last week I visited a plastic surgeon for a consultation. She was so great! I felt really comfortable with her. Since my boobs haven't grown in a few years, I am not severely overweight (they don't change with weight loss anyway) and I got my first period over five years ago, she said she thought I am an excellent candidate for surgery. She didn't seem to have any concern about insurance coverage which is awesome! She said that she doesn't usually do surgery on teens, but that she feels like I am mature enough and she has few concerns about doing surgery on me. However, she told me that she is still going to make me jump through a few hoops. I have to wait at least a month before scheduling another consultation appointment with her because she wants me to make sure that this is really what I want to do. She told me to look at some before and after shots of the surgery to see how the scars will look. I am also going to lose a little weight. I don't have a lot of weight to lose, but I think I'll be happier with the results if I'm in good shape.

Thanks to everyone who makes reviews on this site! Reading your experiences and all of your positive results is really helping me to discern whether I should do this or not. Everybody's boobs look phenomenal and I really appreciate being able to see the results of real life women. Thanks and ta-ta for now!

Hello again! Just a couple of questions to anyone...

Hello again! Just a couple of questions to anyone who may come across my posts:
1. My PS said that a breast reduction will not help with cleavage and that it may even create more of a problem. Has anyone who has already had the procedure had this happen?
2. What sorts of questions should I ask at my next appointment?
3. Are there any things that didn't occur to you before the procedure that you wish you had considered before going through with it?
Thanks for your help!
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