Almost 35 Yrs Old, 34B-cup, No Kids - Early Birthday Gift to Me! - Toronto, ON

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Like most women getting a breast lift here, I too...

Like most women getting a breast lift here, I too have suffered most of my life with these awkward cow udders. I didn't really have breasts until I was 14 - I wished so hard that they would develop, esp. because boys would make fun of me. So eventually they did develop. My parents always said be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it, and with a vengeance! So I got udders WITH stretchmarks - waaaah waaaaaaah! lol

It's a constant struggle not being able to wear certain clothes without a bra, searching to find the right strapless bra all the time, and of course, the horror of taking off my bra during sex if I was dating someone new - sometimes I wouldn't even allow the guy to take it off until we were more serious lol :(

This year all the stress of this finally came to head. I was at a party, and my husband and some friends were in the pool practically naked. They were begging me to come in, but there was no way I was taking off my clothes, including my bra, to jump in. I was so jealous that everyone was having a good time without me, and of course, my husband surrounded by women with nice breasts lol (not that he was hitting on them or anything). I felt stupid that I was so self conscious also, but they wouldn't understand what I've dealt with my whole life.

So they next day I talked to my husband about how terrible I felt and eventually broke down. I said I wanted a breast lift, because clearly I wasn't getting over my issues. He doesn't want me to go through with it because he loves how I look, but he said he wants to see me happy also, and not depressed about my body anymore. :)

So I started researching doctors around the GTA. I made a comparison chart of the doctors I was interested in which included information about the doctors location, experience, cost of procedure, deposit costs, consultation cost, and financing options. So I found Dr. Quinton Chivers to be the best option based on all the criteria.

I met him and his staff at Clinic 360 which was very pleasant, despite my nervousness. My husband was with me for support at least. I figured that he'd have to see my breasts to get an idea of what can be done, but when the good looking doctor asks you take off your top, you can't help but feel a little intimidated lol Doesn't help that my husband was there looking on and laughing at me :p But he was very professional which I appreciated. He took some pictures of my breasts at different angles, and was able to answer all my questions.

I met his nurse Melissa who was also very helpful - she's very organized and was also able to answer our questions. I've been in contact with her by email and text ever since. She's very accessible which I appreciate, esp. since Dr. Chivers is now working exclusively with Rouge Valley Centenary was transitioning over.

Anyways, all the paper work has been signed, and I'm locked in for June 9th! My surgery time will be determined closer to the date :)

More pics!

Less than 8 days away now, and I figured I'd post some another pic in the mean time.
How crazy genetics/mother nature is to give me an areola so large lol 8 cm in diametre!
I can't even imagine them half that size or smaller. I just don't want them too small! :p

5 more days with these ladies lol

Thought I'd take some more pics to show the different angles of the udders :p I sure will miss their floppy, jiggly ways lol

This is the week!

3 more days!!! OMG!! I think this will be the longest week of my life, second longest week being the week I got married LOL It was def. not as scary as this! Well I think I just need to get a few more things from the store this week in terms of groceries, do laundry tomorrow or Wednesday, arrange my clothes to wear for post-op, and then start arranging the house to make it "boob safe" :P
Still have yet to buy a proper compression bra as I haven't found anything appropriate yet, unless I go to the specialty shop which I might have to do this week.

Other than that, I can't think of much else to do other than the final touches on Wednesday and Thursday morning. I need to keep busy this week because my mind is starting to wonder/worry a bit! I'll try to work out a bit more and exhaust myself :p

Today is the day!!

Happy Surgery Day to me!!! It's 8:53 am, and I must be at the hospital for 11:30 am. My surgery is around 1:30 pm. I hope I don't die of starvation and dehydration lol

Didn't get the best sleep last night of course, but I'm sure that won't be an issue later on lol
Really hoping for the best today, and being positive that I'm in good hands :)

I'll update later if I'm able to!

And it is DONE!! :D

What a long day it's been, From waiting in pre-op waiting room for 2 hour, freezing my feet off until I realized I can ask for a blanket, to the pain that I'm feeling now from the incisions/sutures. Surgery took 2.5 hours which isn't bad. I woke out of the anesthesia and was sick immediately, which didn't help my throat pain. I was shaking like crazy from it GA which is normal, thank god. Never happened to me before lol. All I wanted was fluids for my throat, They couldn't get it to me fast enough lol

In the second recovery room now, I was able to have some apple juice, and have my husband come in to see me! He brought me a little beanie baby cat and balloon to cheer me up ;) Dr, Chivers and his nurse Melissa eventually came by to check in on me, and Melissa was carrying a gift bag with all sorts of goodies for me like candy, a magazine, Pierre etc :P How awesome is that?! They said the surgery was fantastic and the results make me look like I have implants! Even better! :P I was given the clear to go home, and man did I learn fast what my limitations are when moving around!

So here I am, at home, sitting on the couch in pain, need to take my meds soon again cause this sucks. Don't get to see the work that was done until Tuesday when he takes the Tensor band off me. Man, am I gonna stink under there! lol

Day 2 post-op...

Ok, I'm SOOOO over this tensor wrap that feels like a hard bodice confining me! lol Certain areas under the wrap are starting to itch, esp. were the water proof strips are. I so want to take a warm shower, but alas, a sponge bath is my fate :P

I've been taking Bromelain and Arnica Montana to help with the inflammation and bruising. I believe the Bromelain is causing way too much bathroom trips, it's 450 mg/pill. I've cut them in half and will see how that works for me. I've also bought some yogurt to offset the antibiotic effect of the Clindamycin on my stomach. Here is the homeopathic protocol for taking Arnica Montana 30C that I was using, but I did not take it prior to surgery as it's listed below, as I did not want too much bleeding:

Three days prior to surgery take one dose of Arnica 30C
Two days prior to surgery take Arnica 30C two times per day
One day prior to surgery take Arnica 30C three times per day
On the day of surgery take Arnica 30C four times before surgery commences.
Post-surgery take Arnica 30C every 15 minutes as soon as possible in recovery during the first hour.
After the first hour repeat Arnica 30C every hour for the duration of the day.
One day post-op take Arnica 30C every four hours for the duration of the day.
Day two post-op take Arnica 30C four times per day.
Day three post-op take Arnica 30C three times per day.
Day four post-op take Arnica 30C two times per day.
Day five post-op take Arnica 30C one time per day and continue until full recovery.

I also take a lot of high quality vitamins/supplements such as Vitamin B complex, vit. C, Calcium, Protein shakes, multivitamin, krill oil, vein support vit., and collagen, and Bovine colostrum. I was taking these before for some other health issues I have though, but I'm sure they're helping for the surgery also :)

Day 15 - Adios, Tensor band!

Gather around folks, here is the moment you've all be waiting for! lol Went by Dr. Chivers today in the Surgical Clinic and got that god forsaken tensor band off with the assistance of a very nice nurse. It was a little painful getting those very stick tape patches off my sensitive skin, but I told the doc about my skin and he did a great job. So he cleaned them up, we took some pictures, taped them with steri strips, took more pics and sent me home with extra supplies in case the bandages come off. Oh, also brought my regular sports bra from home, which he said is sufficient to wear from now on. Glad I didn't spend to much money on a compression bra.

I did go to the mall and pic up some similar bras though, Walmart had some cheap ones from g21 brand, no racer back so it looks like a bra. I also bought a nice wire free, smooth and soft regular bra in case, and it actually fits quite well, without cutting into me :) I also bought some tops for summer and tried them without a bra....never though I'd see the day when I could do that - they're so lifted! lol
I know they will drop a bit in time which is good :p

Day 7 - Not so yellow mellow lol

So I noticed a little bleeding yesterday at the T incision site which I didn't think much of as the doctor said that was normal. This morning I took a closer look at my bandages, using a mirror this time to see underneath properly, and noticed the yellow serum on both sides. I've read this is common esp. in that area 5 days or so after surgery. I texted my nurse and she said not to change the bandages unless they're falling off, and only clean the area with peroxide. I'm apprehensive to take a shower because these Steri-strips are kinda weak and I don't have many extras left. What is a good substitute until my appt. next Tesday in case?

Day 12 - Bandage change day

Got the Steri-strips changed today - a little nerve racking as the strips were really bonded to my areolas and pretty sure they were coming off with the strips!! lol But they didn't thankfully. Breasts look about the same from the last time I saw him, little less red, but still dealing with swelling. Next week we switch to silicone tape which will be great!

It's officially 2 weeks!

So I took some shots in celebration of my 2 week mark - not much difference from a few days ago but I would like to track it week to week for a while regardless :p And I'm happy to say that I'm not itchy today!!! I wonder if it had anything to do with the Uremol 20 cream and ice packs I used - it was a temp fix yesterday for sure, but today I haven't had to use either! What a relief :D

Almost 3 weeks - Sutures snipped!

Yesterday was exciting because I got some of the sutures and knots clipped and even more exciting, I don't have to contend with those damn steri strips anymore!! My doc thinks everything is coming along nicely, and now I can shower without bandages on! Oh how sweet it was taking a shower yesterday without having to cover my bandaged boops from falling apart LOL Although, when the shower it my breasts, I thought it was going to knock my areolas off! lol So now I get to use 3M blue silicone tape for the next 3 weeks, then I can switch to silicone gel or mederma silicone patches for the scars :)

2 more that couldn't fit in the above post!

Just over 4 weeks!

Looks like things are coming along - not as much flaking and itching which is nice. Looks like everything is all sealed up now but of course the breasts are still a bit sore but getting better each day. The incision areas are looking much darker than before, esp the vertical ones which I'll be watching closely :s

7 weeks - Tapeless!

It's been just over a week since my doc said I don't need to wear the silicone tape anymore (wore it for 3 weeks). I've moved on to massaging my breasts with coconut oil 2 times a day, and then adding silicone gel after the massage (and cleaning the breasts of the oil :p). Scars are nice and flat for the most part, dealing with some hyper-pigmentation though as most darker skin women do. I noticed that one areola has shrunk a bit over time, and not sure why that happens. I really hope that it's not permanent. Still will take these breasts any day over my old ones lol!
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