24 y/o, 450cc HP Unders - New Birkdale Rotherham, Mr Kumar

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I'm 24 as of yesterday and I spent my birthday at...

I'm 24 as of yesterday and I spent my birthday at the new birkdale clinic Rotherham with mr kumar discussing options for my breast augmentation. I've been wanting my breasts done since the age of 18 and finally I've managed to save my pennies.

I've been training for 4 years and taking part in bodybuilding competitions for the past 2 years and over this time my breasts have unfortunately got a lot smaller. I'm a personal trainer too so my job involves a lot of lifting and movement on a daily basis.

I've decided to go under the muscle, I'm still unsure as to implant size, I'm torn between 415cc or 450cc - I want to be a DD cup and unsure as to if the 450 will be too big? Will be 415 be too small? I've heard a lot of women wish they had gone for the bigger size but then when I speak to the women I know who have had theirs done, when I mention I'm going to 415cc they said that's big?

I don't have my date for surgery yet however waiting a call from the clinic today to discuss dates for pre op and op itself.

New birkdale clinic is a lovely place, the staff and brilliant and Mr Kumar was kind and funny. I felt completely at ease throughout the whole consultation even though I had my boobs out! He took photographs and drew on my boobs, measured them and gave me the options and let me try the implants in a special bra. After asking my questions and deciding on shapes and sizes I then met with another lovely lady who told me what the next steps were and the pricing etc. Because the 415cc implant is of the Natrelle collection they cost more than the 450cc. My quote for 415cc is £4195, I don't have an overnight stay, I will leave on the day unless the consultant says I need to stay for whatever reason. The quote for the 450cc Allergen is £3795 (i think) - the price isn't going to be the factor that sways my decision, I genuinely don't know what implant size I should have. Money isn't an issue when it involves my body and the rest of my life.

If anyone could help me?
415cc or 450cc for a DD cup. Currently 36A.

Finally got my date booked!

After waiting for a few days with nothing back from the clinic after my consultation on Monday, I decided to give them a call myself (not eager haha) to get a date booked in for the op!

I've decided to have another consultation with Mr Kumar next week to confirm my size, I'm going to try the sizes again before I make up my mind however I reckon I'm going to go for the bigger size of 450cc, moderate, behind the muscle.

My reason for going behind the muscle is because of the size of the implant I am having it'll look more natural, when prepping for my competitions and getting to low body fat I shouldn't have as much rippling. I am sort of worried about the implants moving however I don't train my chest muscles and if I do, it certainly isn't heavy. I know the recovery is longer however I think in the long run this will be the best option for me.

My next appointment is next week on Thursday for the consultation, after that i'll be going for a pre op assessment and surgery is on 19th November. Only 6 weeks to go.... I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I've waited a long time for this!


Just tried the rice test for 450cc....

I love the size! What do you all think?

Wish boobs

Wish boobs

Pre op

Yesterday I went to see Mr Kumar for the last time before my surgery. I've decided to change my size and go for the 450cc silicone high profile, under the muscle! Again he was very friendly and made me feel at ease, he didn't try to talk me out of my decision however reminded me to think about my future. He said it was possible for me to go ahead with that size and it will still be in proportion with my body.

I then had my pre op assessment, MRSA swabs and measurement for the bra etc. This lady was different to the one I had last time and she was also very lovely! I was given some sterile wash stuff to use the night before the op and the morning of the op. This is getting very real now!

I've paid my deposit already and my date is set for the 19th November which is 29 days to go!

I've already got myself a V pillow for afterwards, and obviously I'm going to have to treat myself to some new pjs (would be wrong not too). Excited doesn't quite cover how I'm feeling at the minute!

Just 2 weeks to go.

I can't believe I have just over 2 weeks to go until my op, its 15 days to be exact ????... I'm not counting down, honest!

Everything is in place and ready, I have my V pillow, special antibacterial wash for the night before and day of the op. I've paid my remaining balance and now I'm waiting patiently.

Seems to be the only thing that's on my mind at the minute, boobs boobs boobs!

So excited!

Current size

Roughly 36A (haven't actually been fitted for a bra for years so could be slightly different)

Was very nervous about posting these pictures as I am very self conscious about how small they are however if my journey can help other women like everyone on here has helped me with mine then I feel it's worthwhile..

6 days...

Time is flying and I can't believe I only have 6 days to wait before I get my boobs!

Every time I go shopping I find myself looking at big bras... went to Victoria secret today and all of a sudden my eyes have been opened to the wonderful bras (as I'd usually never even notice them!!)

A little nervous about the recovery, hoping I'm not completely knocked off my feet!

2 sleeps to go!

I've had my letters from the clinic stating my entry time for surgery on Saturday! I'm in at 11.30am - they have received my doctors letter, payment etc... so we are all ready to go ????

Today I've had my hair done, removed all of my body hair for fear I may not be able to do it myself for a while (BOO!!) but on the plus side, I get a pair of tits so I can't complain!

My implants are Allergan BRST CHP 450cc. I'll be going home on the day of the surgery considering that everything goes smoothly, a meal 6 hours before surgery but nothing afterwards, I have to wash myself in stellisept antimicrobial wash the night before and the day of the op.

So far that's all the info I have for you!
I'll check in again soon, woo!!

Today's the day...

So I set my alarm purposely early this morning to make sure I could have some food! I usually eat every three hours so not being able to eat for 6 hours prior to checking in at 11.30am is going to kill me! Especially if I hadn't eaten since last night... so I've just got up and had a bagel :)

No more eating for me now and I'll have to stop drinking by 9.30am...

Gonna attempt to get more sleep but don't think I will do now I've woken up! Damn it!

Waiting at the clinic

I'm here at the clinic, sat in my paper pants and gown waiting to get the boobies done!

Not feeling nervous at the minute however I have a massive headache from being so hungry and thirsty! Looking forward to getting it over and done with now.

My room is lovely here at the clinic, feeling very comfortable!

I have boobs!

I'm home, I'm safe and the pain is fine at the minute. I'll write a better review tomorrow when I'm feeling more awake!

So happy!

I have boobs!

Yesterday was a great experience with new birkdale clinic in Rotherham, I had my own big room where my mum and friend could come and go. I waited about 2 hours after my check in time until I went for surgery... in my beautiful paper pants and gown haha.

In this time I had numerous visits from the nurses, mr Kumar came and drew on me and made sure I was happy with the size as he said they would be DD maybe E. I was adamant on my side so stuck to the 450cc implants. My anaesthetist came in and fitted my cannula and then 15 minutes later the lovely nurses came and walked me through to the surgery. I got myself on the bed and took my arms out of my gown and lay there. The other people in the room introduced theirselves and I felt as ease and relaxed, no worries at all.

The anaesthetist lady explained what she was putting into my cannula, 2 small tubes of clear liquid, a large clear liquid, then the white coloured anaesthetic. She told me to close my eyes and imagine myself on a beach, in my new bikinis, the sun shining... the nurse was stroking my hand and that was it. I was gone.

I woke up chatting my head off to one of the nurses and I couldn't stop talking!! She wheeled me back to my room where my mum and best friend were waiting for me. Once I'd come around I didn't feel bad at all, I drank my water, a tea and ate my food then had a wee - due to me being so well they let me go early! My partner met us there and stayed with me for a little while whilst I had my final checks and got signed out. I was a little wobbly when getting up and needed someone to walk me to the car as I felt light headed. As soon as I got home I got the tv on and just relaxed.

The pain wasn't too bad yesterday but I'm assuming that's because I was drugged.
I slept alright considering I was upright however woke up every few hours and each time I did I felt more and more swollen!

This morning I'm very swollen and tight, I can no longer pick things up or move myself around. I believe the nurse said I'd had some local anaesthetic too and my boobs underneath still feel numb. My back hurts from sitting upright!!

I've not had any strong painkillers yet. Paracetamol and antibiotics so far, I have codeine but won't take it unless I need to as the nurse said it could cause constipation!

I'll check in later!

The first viewing

Here are my first pictures taken today just before my mum bathed me haha.

Very swollen and high however I love the shape and cannot wait for them to drop!

The no sleep club...

I thought last night was bad...

I went to bed around 10pm last night, I'd not had any codeine all day yesterday until lying in bed trying to sleep. My boobs throbbing, back absolutely breaking from the upright position... I gave in and took one of my 30mg codeine tablets.

Luckily I managed to sleep until 2am, woke up for the toilet which took me longer than usual to hoist myself up due to the pain and tightness of my chest. Nodded back off after my toilet break and here we go again, awake at 4am. My back absolutely breaking and boobs are in pain too, another struggle to get out of bed and any pressure on my arms hurts my boobs so much! I wasn't going to have another codeine but I guess this is what they are there for!

Everything feels tight and pained, my chest, ribs, armpits and back. I'm now feeling pain when I reach up to scratch my head/face, obviously any lifting hurts, even to rearrange my pillows! In my case the pain is getting worse, I'm not sure if this is because of the op drugs wearing off as the nurse did say it can take a 3 days or so for them to wear off!

Feeling mardy... hoping I can get a few more hours sleep!!

Day 2

Today has been tiring, I've been in and out of sleep, I feel like my boobs are even tighter than yesterday! I've been taking my codeine today but still only had a few, they seem to knock me out every time I have them though haha!

I've still not been to the toilet yet, I've had 2 laxido sachets and I'm drinking lots of water but as of yet nothing. I'm not too bloated however when I'm walking around my stomach feels sore and swollen!

Today the boobs are looking better but very shiny and tight. My nipples are numb along with the lower part of my boob, feels like my boobs aren't mine yet!

Personal victory..

So after 3 days of constipation I have managed to go to the toilet! I know you probably don't wanna know about my bowel movements but the anaesthetic and codeine have stopped them working haha!

After 3 laxido sachets I've managed to go and I'm feeling a lot better now. My stomach still looks a little bloated and is sore but I feel better than before!

Today I've spent a lot of time sat on my butt, my boobs don't hurt much unless I actually use the surrounding muscles hence why I've tried not to do much! I've had these unusual twinges in my boobs today, nothing painful.. it feels like I have a hair in my bra or something tingling inside my boobs? Very unusual.

Looking forward to having my daily boob showing later tonight before my bath, woo woo!

Day 3

Yet again my back is in bits... but on the plus side, I love my boobs!

Still obvious swelling and look high up however very happy lady and can't wait for everything to fall into place!

Still covered in sharpie marker as I'm scared to rub it!!!

Day 4

Last night was the best night sleep I'd had since the op! I slept on the sofa and it was wonderful... I've pretty much spent another day chilling on the sofa.

Today my boobs are less painful in terms of feeling tight however they are still numb underneath. My muscles are very tight at the top though, i decided to dress myself earlier and afterwards my chest muscles felt awfully tight and sore.

I think my swelling has reduced! I love maaaaa boobies!

The picture above is day 1 and day 4

Day 5

Today my chest muscles have been aching like crazy so I've had the codeine back out to play and all I've done all day is sleep!!

I cannot keep my eyes open!

My incisions are stinging and sore today and I keep feeling an unusual vibration sort of thing in my boobs. It's only a little twinge but happens frequently. Certain movements I make I can hear a noise in my left boob and it genuinely sounds like a creaking noise? Very weird!

My boobs still feel a little numb, the left one is more sensitive and has more feeling than the right at the minute.

I'm going to see the nurse tomorrow so I will let you know what she says regarding my healing etc. I'm also being taken into the gym I work at to see everyone - can't wait to have some human interaction!

Day 6

Today I went back to new birkdale clinic to see the nurse and get my dressings removed! Apparently I'm healing really well and the scars are so neat, they look great!

There's a slight bruising on my right side and left side I still have a steristrip on as the scab came off when the dressings were removed.

My left boob is still more swollen than the right and I'm having some awful noises come from it when I move my arm. Creaking noises which I've looked up on here and apparently it can be trapped air which is harmless and should go in time. Nevertheless I mentioned this to the nurse and shown her and I'm back in on Monday to see Mr Kumar. Just for peace of mind!

I'm still having a little bit of pain with my muscles, I went out for food today and had to walk a little distance outside and I felt like my muscles kept clenching! Both of my nipples are SO SENSITIVE, even my bra rubbing on them feels horrific!!

I have movement in my arms however still unable to reach up high and struggle to put my tshirts on due to the stretching feeling in my chest still.

Absolutely loving the shape of my boobs though! They're changing daily!

1 week

Happy 1 week birthday to my boobies!

Today I've had some crippling spasms in my muscles, mainly on the left side where the air is trapped. It's intermittent so it comes and goes, wearing the strap across my boobs isn't helping!

My nipples are super sensitive at the minute, again it's mainly the left one!
I'm so glad I have one more week off of work, yes on the outside they look brill and healed however inside the muscle spasms are there, lifting is still hard especially sitting myself up and doing the other weight baring things. I couldn't even imagine driving or anything yet either - I'm hoping that after this week I'll be able to do these things and get back to working! Plus my cuts are still very sore and sting a little - I'm so scared of having a wash and getting them wet!!

In love

I absolutely love my boobs.

Even though they are still very high up I think they look awesome, when they drop and fluff I think I'm going to be constantly staring at them.

Having my boobs done has been the best decision I have made and money well spent! The years of saving up have been well worth it and I'm only 8 days post op!

No updates today really. My nipples are still very tender and still having muscle pains. I had my last lot of antibiotics today and I also had my first bath where I could wash my whole body, boobs and all!

I'm so happy!!!


So I went to see Mr Kumar about the gurgling noise in my left side yesterday and it was confirmed that it's completely normal, just some fluid which will disperse in time and voila, today it's gone already.

Mr Kumar did however tell me that my left breast is slightly higher than the right so I have been shown a massage to do which can help it settle into the pocket so fingers crossed when I go back and see him in 2 weeks, it's looking more level!

My scars are looking amazing. Can't believe how neat they are!

Special delivery!

I'm unable to wear any fancy bras for a while however couldn't resist having a look on the Victoria secret website for some Black Friday deals and picked up this little beauty in 2 colours! Size L and it fits perfectly.

Currently feeling okay in myself. My chest is still so sore especially the top of my breasts where the elastic band sits across. I tried to drive my car today and couldn't get into 5th gear, couldn't do 1st or reverse without 2 hands either. I feel so frustrated because I want to get back to work :(

Still tender

Everything is looking a lot more natural today but still very tender to touch. Love seeing them change daily however cannot wait until they actually feel like my own!


Currently love my boobs however my left one still looks bigger and higher than the right. Baring in mind the left boob was my smaller one before the op?

I hope they even up... drop..??

Wonky boobs

Really not liking the fact my boobs look so uneven at the minute... I've looked on here and I understand that they take a while to drop and drop evenly, but still seeing them look like this is upsetting!

My left one has been the most painful one, just hope that as the weeks pass my boob will drop :(

Visit to mr Kumar

Yesterday I went to see mr Kumar as 2 weeks ago he wanted me to come back to make sure the massaging what altering the shape of my breasts.

My left one is still a little higher so I've been advised not continue to massage just that side. I don't have to wear my band anymore, I can wear any sports bras (hallelujah!), I can do lower body training and cardio... happy days!

I now don't have to see mr Kumar again n for 3 months, it's safe to say the healing is going very well!

Best thing ever

Having my boobs done has certainly been the best thing I've ever done. Starting to feel happy and confident in my clothes with my new figure.

The left breast is still a little higher than the right but I'm hoping it'll drop in time. I have no pain in them anymore other than the odd bit of nipple sensitivity.

Christmas time!

Boobs are feeling great, I've started training lower body and doing very light upper body, nothing chest specific just arms, shoulders...

I have no pain other than when doing deep stretches with arms above my head etc.

I've not really been doing my boob massages daily but I have been wearing my sports bras during the day and surgery bra for bed.

Went to VS and tried some bras on the other day, they look lovely on however because my boobs are still very stiff and stuck on some feel a little uncomfortable so I'll go back and try again in a few weeks when they soften further!


Today I went an treated myself to a few new bras! This one is from VS - meant to be a sports bra however I'll probably wear it for a photoshoot later in the year. I also got a white sports crop and a navy boux avenue bra, size 36DD - so comfy. I can fit in 34DD/E and 36DD at the minute. Depends on the brand!

Little update!

Personally still think the left is higher and bigger but it's hardly noticeable from my angle, I only notice it on pictures!

Very happy with my results, bought my first bra at the weekend! Woo hoo!!


Just been for my last check up since having the boobs done in November.

My right breast is slightly lower than the left, not by much. I didn't really notice it, I just thought that one was bigger than the other. I've been offered correctional surgery to slightly lift that right breast.

I'm very happy with my results however mr Kumar is a perfectionist and I want perfect boobs too so I will he taking him up on the offer at some point this year. I don't have to rush my decision so I'll be waiting until November time again until I book in.

Very happy with the service I've received at new birkdale clinic and the fact mr Kumar has given me the option to have the right breast lifted is great, instead of just leaving it how it is (even though it is minor).

I'll get some photos posted soon for you guys to see!
Dr. Inder Kumar

Mr Kumar was lovely, he answered all of my questions in full and made me feel at ease. Everyone else who I came in contact with at the clinic were also brilliant, a positive and upbeat environment.

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