24th Birthday Present to Myself - Figure Competitor and Personal Trainer

I'm 24 as of yesterday and I spent my birthday at...

I'm 24 as of yesterday and I spent my birthday at the new birkdale clinic Rotherham with mr kumar discussing options for my breast augmentation. I've been wanting my breasts done since the age of 18 and finally I've managed to save my pennies.

I've been training for 4 years and taking part in bodybuilding competitions for the past 2 years and over this time my breasts have unfortunately got a lot smaller. I'm a personal trainer too so my job involves a lot of lifting and movement on a daily basis.

I've decided to go under the muscle, I'm still unsure as to implant size, I'm torn between 415cc or 450cc - I want to be a DD cup and unsure as to if the 450 will be too big? Will be 415 be too small? I've heard a lot of women wish they had gone for the bigger size but then when I speak to the women I know who have had theirs done, when I mention I'm going to 415cc they said that's big?

I don't have my date for surgery yet however waiting a call from the clinic today to discuss dates for pre op and op itself.

New birkdale clinic is a lovely place, the staff and brilliant and Mr Kumar was kind and funny. I felt completely at ease throughout the whole consultation even though I had my boobs out! He took photographs and drew on my boobs, measured them and gave me the options and let me try the implants in a special bra. After asking my questions and deciding on shapes and sizes I then met with another lovely lady who told me what the next steps were and the pricing etc. Because the 415cc implant is of the Natrelle collection they cost more than the 450cc. My quote for 415cc is £4195, I don't have an overnight stay, I will leave on the day unless the consultant says I need to stay for whatever reason. The quote for the 450cc Allergen is £3795 (i think) - the price isn't going to be the factor that sways my decision, I genuinely don't know what implant size I should have. Money isn't an issue when it involves my body and the rest of my life.

If anyone could help me?
415cc or 450cc for a DD cup. Currently 36A.

Finally got my date booked!

After waiting for a few days with nothing back from the clinic after my consultation on Monday, I decided to give them a call myself (not eager haha) to get a date booked in for the op!

I've decided to have another consultation with Mr Kumar next week to confirm my size, I'm going to try the sizes again before I make up my mind however I reckon I'm going to go for the bigger size of 450cc, moderate, behind the muscle.

My reason for going behind the muscle is because of the size of the implant I am having it'll look more natural, when prepping for my competitions and getting to low body fat I shouldn't have as much rippling. I am sort of worried about the implants moving however I don't train my chest muscles and if I do, it certainly isn't heavy. I know the recovery is longer however I think in the long run this will be the best option for me.

My next appointment is next week on Thursday for the consultation, after that i'll be going for a pre op assessment and surgery is on 19th November. Only 6 weeks to go.... I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I've waited a long time for this!


Just tried the rice test for 450cc....

I love the size! What do you all think?

Wish boobs

Wish boobs

Pre op

Yesterday I went to see Mr Kumar for the last time before my surgery. I've decided to change my size and go for the 450cc silicone high profile, under the muscle! Again he was very friendly and made me feel at ease, he didn't try to talk me out of my decision however reminded me to think about my future. He said it was possible for me to go ahead with that size and it will still be in proportion with my body.

I then had my pre op assessment, MRSA swabs and measurement for the bra etc. This lady was different to the one I had last time and she was also very lovely! I was given some sterile wash stuff to use the night before the op and the morning of the op. This is getting very real now!

I've paid my deposit already and my date is set for the 19th November which is 29 days to go!

I've already got myself a V pillow for afterwards, and obviously I'm going to have to treat myself to some new pjs (would be wrong not too). Excited doesn't quite cover how I'm feeling at the minute!
Dr. Inder Kumar

Mr Kumar was lovely, he answered all of my questions in full and made me feel at ease. Everyone else who I came in contact with at the clinic were also brilliant, a positive and upbeat environment.

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