37 Year Old African American Female. Vaser Lipo for Upper and Lower Abs, Anterior and Posterior Flanks - Roswell, GA

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I have been over weight almost all my life. I...

I have been over weight almost all my life. I recently lost a lit of weight going from 360 lbs to 263lbs. I am at a very long plateau and need a jolt. This surgery is to help me remove some extra fat that doesn't seem to be going anywhere, and I plan to continue my weight loss journey post surgery. I am a plus size model and I am hoping to be a little curvier with a smaller waistline. I am 9days out from surgery and feeling excited and nervous.

3 days pre-op

I am starting to feel nervous. I'm soooo excited but also scared. I've never had surgery ever or been in the hospital. This is my first time. I know that it is all done under local anesthesia but its still a little scary. I have texted Nicki at Slender SpaMed a thousand times, with so many questions, and she has text me back every time and she is so bubbly and helpful. She is really putting my mind at ease. I just can't imagine myself without my belly, and I know its going to give me the boost I need to pick up my weight loss. I am going to miss going to the gym 5-6 days a week, but I was told I would be able to continue my cardio. I can't wait to see my results, but for now I will post my before pics. I will post a pic of my back once I get someone to take the pic.

Before and After

Today is the day...

Today is the day of my Vaser Lipo procedure. I'm up, its 3:55am. The lorazepam they gave me for anxiety must have stopped working. I slept good for about 6 hrs though. Surgery is scheduled for 11am. I will update again after I'm done.

back pic

Just wanted to post a before back pic as I promised. Leaving for my procedure in 25mins. Will update when I get back.

surgery is over. same day.

I am now home in my bed. The procedure went well. Got about 5000cc which was substantial. The garment is not that bad but these incisions are leaking all over the place. Its nasty. Hopefully it will stop in a couple of days. In slight pain but nothing I can't handle. I need to rest. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

more pics after surgery

couple more pics of my garment

just woke up. day 1

I'm in pain. On a scale of 1 to 10 it's a 5-6. I am bruised up. I know it's normal so I am not worried about it. This compression garment makes it worse. I'm not got to take it though. The garment is crotchless so that I may use the bathroom. I'm ok, and still glad I did it. Will update again tomorrow.

pain pain pain

So this morning when I woke up I went in the bathroom to change my bandages, I stood there and pressed some fluid out, it didn't leak, it poured out. The note I pressed the more it poured out. After a while started to feel sick on the stomach, hot, and dizzy. I had tried to get back to my bed, but fainted before I could make it. The doctor said not to worry, it could happen. I wish I could tell that to the cut on my eye. Tonight the pain is a little less and the drainage is a little less. Haven't felt sick or dizzy since this morning. Will update again tomorrow.

Day 2 post op

Today I feel a lot better. I'm still leaking and sometimes pouring fluid, now I wish my doctor would have given me draining tubes. Not seeing a big difference but I can see my shape coming in. The bruise on my lower belly is massive. I'll try to post a pic of it.

feeling down

I don't know why but I feel a little down. I woke up out my sleep feeling sad and a little depressed. Its weird because my post op instructions said that might happen. I don't know wbh though. My incisions are still draining, I want to take a shower, I'm bruised up, and my cycle started. I just feel bad all the way around. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Day 9

I was really staring to worry if I made the right decision having the procedure. I was getting discouraged as I wasn't seeing any improvement post surgery. I took some pics this morning and now I can see the effects of the lipo. I know they day to gibe it 4 weeks but its human nature to want to see fast results, if not full results, just something. I still have some pain, its a pain that I can't describe. I am also itching really badly and its an itch I can't seem to scratch. The draining has stopped and the incisions are healing fine. I am ready to start back exercising, so I will do some light cardio tomorrow. I want to get in the sauna, but I'm not sure if I can, I have to check with the doctor. Attaching pics.

Waist trainer

So I bought a waist trainer today. Its too soon to wearit all day, because I'm still in some pain, but after I will start wearing it when I'm 2 weeks post op.

Waist Trainer

15 days post

I am feeling a whole lot better. I'm getting ready to start my exercise back up. My results are coming along fine. I can see my stomach lifting and my waistline shaping out. My garment has become too loose, I still wear it 23 he's a day. I'm currently looking for a smaller one. I'm still swollen, have some pain and itching. My stomach is lumpy at the bottom, not like I've seen others describe, but still like a bag of rocks. Also I have skin discoloration where the tape holding my bandages on were at. Will update again at 3 weeks post op.

3 weeks post

So I am 3 weeks out. I have switched my garment to a body magic from the one I got from my doctor as it had gotten too loose. I switch to the issued garment at night before bed as it is more comfortable to sleep in. I am seeing a big difference but the area around my belly button seems to be puffier than the rest. Like its not going down. I will still wear my compression garment and see what happens. I am still having some pain but not like it was. Its minimal. I have started back doing light workouts and now working on my eating. Overall Ifeel good about my decision.

4 weeks post

Don't really have much of an update, but I will post an updated pic. I am still shrinking. I started back advanced step aerobics this week. I feel ok. Kind of disappointed with my eating but I am going to fix that. Today was the first day I've worn panties since the surgery. It feels funny that they are not full from my stomach hanging. Its so much space in there! I laughed when I saw it. Over all I am still happy with my decision.
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