Awesome Stuff - Just Don't Use the Brushes! - Roswell, GA + Pregnancy Info.

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Worked like a charm, a bit over priced... But if...

Worked like a charm, a bit over priced... But if you don't use their applicators, and find something that works better for you ( I have my own little mini-brush I bought from Target) then you can stretch a one month supply longer. The product brought my lashes from non-existent to ridiculously long in about 16 weeks. I really only noticed a huge improvement after the full 4 months. But what an improvement it was!

I have on the exact same mascara in both pictures btw

I found a better photo!!!! Once again, same mascara!

I found a better photo!!!! Once again, same mascara!

Hello! It's me again. Just wanted to update and...

Hello! It's me again. Just wanted to update and answer a couple questions. I have green eyes. At first I was extremely concerned about eye discoloration, but after ripping out my eyelashes from using false lashes so much I figured it was worth the risk. I didn't notice any browning of my eyes at all. I took pictures of my eye up close to monitor it, and there was no change. From what my doctor tells me it is a very rare side effect. :) So having light eyes is not a deal breaker!

Also, nope, I did not use it during breast feeding. I'm not one of those people that are anti-drug during pregnancy (I took tylenol, xantax, claritin, pepcid AC, ect...) but this medication has no real data behind it.

On a related note, I got pregnant again and am about to have another baby. Knowing that one of the possible side effects is increased eye pressure, I stopped using it all together. Pregnancy in itself increases eye pressure so I made the decision to stop. I wasn't willing to risk having anything happen to my vision. I doubt it would do anything to a growing fetus, but it could have affected me in a negative way.

Sadly to say, little over one month after stopping my lashes just fell out. Not completely gone, but one day I looked in the mirror and all I had left were the same familiar old stubs. No more glorious, luxurious lashes. :( It made me eyes look so much more dull, and my face even fatter. I couldn't believe how much my face changed again once I lost the long lashes I'd gotten used too. So, I went out and bought some more latisse and it's sitting in my medicine cabinet awaiting the day I have this new baby and stop breastfeeding. I can't wait to start using it again!

Moral of the story, if you use it and you love it, you better plan on continuing it because in only a month, 16 weeks of daily use just disappears!
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