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I am a 29yo female, I work out at least 3x per...

I am a 29yo female, I work out at least 3x per week and was losing weight but not in the problem areas - thighs, stomach, love handles - which was very frustrating since I was really in good shape (no pun intended,lol). Well I had been thinking about getting lipo on my thighs, inner esp, because I was tired of not being able to wear shorts or dresses because my legs rubbed together and blistered. So, in a quick decision, I scheduled lipo for my thighs, inner and outer. I had my surgery on a Thursday and had planned to go back to work on Friday. I had my surgery done at Slender Spa Med Roswell by Dr. Ruff. I had purposefully not researched the procedure, laser lipo, so I wouldn't freak myself out so I had no expectations. The surgery lasted about two hours and I only had local anesthesia. I watched him suck the fat out anf while pretty disgusting I knew I would look good. He took a total of 1800 ccs outcof my inner and outer thighs. I would say the pain wasnt exactly unbearable but it wasnt a walk in the park either, I was glad when it was over. I felt much better than I expected I would so my husband and I ate dinner and got stuck in rush hour traffic on the way home - not fun when I had to pee and pain was setting in. Anyway, I made it home, took the pain meds, and other than calling in sick to work on Friday, I dont remember much until Sunday. By that time I had determined the pain meds were the cause and stopped taking them. The hardest thing about this surgery was getting up and down from a sitting position, absolutely excruciating. I forgot to say though that I saw immediate results on my outer thighs, major difference so I was already thrilled!!! I dont know whether it was the meds, the surger, or a stomach bug, but I starting Friday, I couldn't eat anything without throwing it up, so I basically had nothing to eat until Sunday. I box and I went back to doing that after 1 week, not hardcore but a lighter than normal workout. Im now 3 weeks po and my leg feel great, I see improvements in them every week, they are still swollen, though not as much, bruised a little and are still a little tender when sitting down. I wear my compression garment nearly 24/7 since the nurse said she sees better results when its worn for 6 wks.

So, I was so happy with my thigh lipo, I had my upper, lower abs, flanks/love handles and bra line done today, yes 3 weeks after my first surgery. I decided I wanted to recover all together. The surgery took three hours and I am so glad I'm done. The abs hurt more than the flanks, back or thighs. I hate to be back in constant pain mode again but I know it will be worth it. I was only supposed to have the abs and front half of flanks done but Dr. Ruff decided to do everything at once so I would have less recovery time plus I'm not overweight much there wasn't too much to be removed. I've been reading about those hard bands that ppl get because of the crease in the garment so I've been keeping my abs straight until I can put something there to prevent it. Every move I make seems to hurt either my left or right flank area but it feels more like muscle soreness than wounds. I am majorly swollen, nothing like my thighs which didnt seem bigger than before surgery, but the good news is my husband didnt notice the swelling until I had him feel my stomach, so hopefully I can hide it with baggy shirts. I refused to take any pain meds other than tylenol since I didnt want to get sick again. I have cats who like to sleep on top of me, my stomach particularly so this first night at least im sleeping on the couch with a pillow over my stomach. I just keep telling myself that in two weeks I'll feel much better.
Dr . Ruff

The nurse Dawn did so much to put me at ease, not just before the procedure but during too, keeping my mind off the pain. The banter between her and the doctor was comical and a great distraction. Dr. Ruff was very attentive to every move, breath or sound I made in response to the pain. He seems to strive to get the most fat out he could and was great at explaining what was going on.

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