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I had a horrible experience at Atlanta Dental Spa....

I had a horrible experience at Atlanta Dental Spa. On top of a bad experience I have expensive veneers that look like fake dentures. It started with the unprofessional office manager Debbie and a few dental assistants that was laughing at my previous botched dental work. I'm writing this from my phone but I will go into full detail in a few days. I have expensive fake looking teeth that were placed by Dr. Bolden. I plan on going to every review website I can to tell my story. He was there for me in the beginning but once they got final payment and I wanted to discuss ways to make my veneers look natural he was busy. I admit I was pretty upset so instead of dr bolden I got debbie. Instead of trying to help me she antagonized me and tried to get me to say something stupid. She kept mixing my words so I finally told her I'm upset not stupid. I don't threaten people I just want my teeth fixed. So she changed tactics and started saying how great I looked and how I had nice teeth. Long story short I ended up leaving and I said I would make an honest review once I got where I was going. The last two days on the road have been bad. As soon as I speak either people laugh or turn away and won't look at me. I walked into atlanta dental spa with bulky chicklets and I walked out with fake shiny dentutes. I plan on going to numerous websites to tell my story. I will not contact anyone but if you contact me I only offer the truth. I will give the full story of everything once I get to a computer. I also plan on keeping daily or weekly updates. Another thing is anyone with veneers can tell you they look different in different types of light so a person can't tell how they look from a mirror. I trusted what dr bolden said and I got shined up fake teeth. I plan on voicing my opinion which is my right but I will do it legally. I already see what debbie tried to lead me to and I know she talked with the other Dr's before she did it. I am truly upset by my fake teeth but also how they keep trying to tell me it's in my head.


Uglier than dentures



Still not getting answers and now there is no more contact with Atlanta Dental Spa

So I have been trying to get answers to my questions from Atlanta Dental Spa but I keep getting that all of this is in your head. I don't know how people laughing up in my face can all be in my head. The final selling point for my getting veneers there were Debbie's veneers. Her veneers are very natural and life like and I'm sure only a qualified cosmetic dentist on close inspection can tell any difference. She said I got my veneers done here so I thought that was what I would be getting. I told Dr. Boulden how I spent the last 10 years as a recluse because of my veneers and he said he could help. At first he wanted to know what people thought of them. I told him I don't know because I could not get a straight answer from anyone. I told him friends and family wouldn't say anything but they would sometimes stare or laugh. I think friends and family didn't want to say anything because they thought it would make me feel worse. I also can't fault them for maybe laughing because if something is funny you may try not to laugh but after a while it will get the best of you. So I talked to Dr Bolden and he said he thought they were bulky and that's what people were picking up on. I'm like anything else and he's like they are bulky so I felt good that I finally got someone to say what the issue was. Dr bolden said lets take baby steps because I want to make sure this final product will be exactly what you want. Every single visit I said Dr Boulden my main thing is I don't want anyone to know I had cosmetic work done. My veneers, teeth or whatever you want to call them should look life like and natural. I kept stressing the point that I went through years of torture because everyone wanted to look up in my mouth. He assured me that no one would be able to pick up that I had dental work done. My next visit I came in and I meet Debbie and two other women at the receptionist desk. They were smiling almost like they knew what time my visit was and they were waiting for me. I was thinking they are really going to do a great job and they are excited for me. She takes me to the back room and we discuss the wax up and it looks good. The only issue I had was the wax up teeth did look bulky but she assured me that it was just the wax up and the final product would be better. I tell her as long as they look natural and no one can pick up on them then I would be happy. She said the only problem you will have is people complimenting you on how nice your smile is. So my next visit when I got the temporaries everything went okay. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but they did put some type of clamps in my mouth that hurt really bad. I guess it was there to help from the debris going down my throat. I do have a high tolerance for pain and I was in the Army for a decade. I was always taught when going through things like this to deal with the pain and it will be over sooner if you don't complain. So once the temporaries were on I was pretty tired so I went home but I did notice they were very white and I thought people might pick up on that. So a week later I go back to talk about the color and everything else. I mention they are really white and he said the temporaries come in 3 colors but he could make them darker. He said I should go out and start enjoying life so I said me and my mom would go to dinner. I just brought my mom for emotional support even though I wanted to get her opinion I know she wouldn't say anything negative because she didn't say anything negative about my first pair until I told her Dr Boulden said something. So we go to the mall and at first I'm not getting any negative responses and then I talk to this female and ask for a belt and she starts laughing. I get the belt and she's staring dead center of my mouth so I know she is trying to figure out what's going on in there. I talk to a few other people and responses range from looking away to laughter so I'm like they notice these but these are just temporaries. I go out to a few other places and get mixed responses but 90% of them are negative from smirks, laughter to people turning away and getting out of the area. I forgot to say Dr Boulden did call me and ask how I was when I was on the way home with my veneers. No other Dr does that so I was like looking at him as a God. I know that sounds crazy but if you go through 10 years as a recluse because of your teeth then you would understand. I'm thinking if he says they are bulky I must have looked like the black Gary Busey. Now that I say that I do remember someone at a previous job mentioning Gary Busey in a joke and at the time I thought it was referenced towards me. So the day I go in to get my permanents done my vehicle breaks down half way there. I call debbie and ask if I can get a rental if I can get there a little later and still do my appointment. She said don't worry we can fit you in tomorrow and I'm like oh my gosh these people are amazing. I went to the body shop to get my truck fixed and the guy initially turned away when I talked to him. After speaking with me for a while I guess it was not a issue. When I did ask another mechanic what was the issue with my truck a laughed a little but after that they just talked to me normally. So I thought maybe they noticed them maybe not but I don't care because tomorrow I'm getting the permanents. When I get in to do the permanents Debbie already looks a little nervous and I thought it was because I still owed a balance and they were putting in the permanents. I'm talking to her and instead of one dental assistant it's two and they are giggling but I was like whatever. By the time Dr Boulden got in there the other assistant was gone. They took off the temps and put some try in glue and Dr Bolden said these are probably some of the best veneers we have done in a very long time. They look natural and no one will be able to tell that these aren't your natural teeth. After he said that I didn't need to see them I was like where do I sign. God just said I have natural teeth and I have my life back. So they see here is a mirror take a look at them and I'm like okay. I mean I was like I guess they are okay but the only thing I really care about is if other people can tell if I had dental work done. Then the assistant said you can go outside and look at them in natural light and I'm like sure. So I go past the receptionist area and without even opening my mouth there is this woman in there giggling and she is looking directly into my mouth but I didn't even open my mouth. At the time I thought she was laughing at something on her phone. I go back in and go to the bathroom and soon as I open the door debbie and a dental assistant or walking away very fast and the dental assistant is looking up in my mouth. I'm thinking I guess she wants to see the awesome work her boss just did. Then I thought if she wanted to see them all she had to do was asked but I just brushed it off. So they break off the bottom veneers and I go back outside and the same giggling woman is now sitting in her car like she's about to leave. Only thing she doesn't leave and I can tell she is waiting for me. Out of the blue this guy comes up to me with a wide grin on his face and was like veneers try in huh. I'm like how does he know I have veneers because it was obvious he had all his natural teeth. Then I think may be he has a family member with them but I also saw a guy across the little street just standing there. So I'm like all these people standing around can not be a coincidence but whatever God just told me I had natural teeth and no one would notice. Before I forget I did call in about my temporaries and I asked the receptionist did she ever here of someone saying the temporaries looked fake and she said yes but I should talk to debbie. Debbie said no I've never heard anything like that and I think your previous experience has really damaged you. I think I had another question so I called back and I again asked the receptionist about temporaries and she said she didn't know anything and all questions will be answered by debbie or Dr Boulden. I'm still thinking the temporaries are not translucent so the permanents will be better. All I know is what I read and I told Dr Boulden I would rely on him heavily because I didn't have someone that would give it to me straight. So I left thinking no one will pick up on my veneers. I go straight to the bank and I'm like this is the moment of truth and I talk to this well dressed young black gentleman. I didn't get any weird vibe until I said hello I need help. He immediately turned his head and started answering my questions without even looking at me and I was devastated. I had a issue with my account so he had to talk to the manager. Meanwhile the woman that handles the outside customers was talking to me like she new me forever while staring exactly into my mouth. I'm like yes she must like them because she can't take her eyes off of them. So I'm on my way home and I make it a point to stop at gas stations and talk to people. I want to make sure they have to talk to me so I ask how do I get to this place. Out of the several people I talked to I was met with either laughter, giggles, people turning away. I was in a store that was partnered with a subway and the guy was like I know he knows so I went to talk to the guy at the sub shop. He was basically trembling while I was talking to him while the other guy who sent me there was hopping up and down laughing. Needless to say I was devastated and I didn't think Dr Boulden was God anymore. I was still hoping there was something he could do because he did say if you still aren't happy there are some things I can do so I held onto that. I knew calling them back immediately the next day would be met with you just have to give it some time so I thought I would ask friends and family members even though I knew their answers. Every last one of them I asked about my first pair said there was exactly nothing wrong with them but I knew there was because the way they acted around me and even after me saying I don't want to be bothered they would continue to try and push new people in my face. At first I was like they are trying to break me out of my shell but if I'm being met with laughter than that's not cool. I mean there would have to be something wrong with them because if there wasn't why would Dr Boulden take 25,000 dollars of my money. I didn't go in there asking for a little better job I went in there asking for natural looking teeth no one would recognize that was dental work. The only problem they said I would have is people basically complimenting me on my great smile. So I'm not getting compliments only laughter and being ridiculed. I called Dr Boulden back on the personal phone he called me from and I told him people are still picking up on them and it's negative attention. I told him my 13 year old nephew said they were shiny so I thought that's what it was. He said well his use to be that way and they dull down a little. I also said this woman on real self said hers were shiny and her doctor polished them down a little and maybe that's what it is. If you look through my reviews you will see I said that and I'm trying to find answers. When I saw debbie's veneers I thought that's what I was getting so I decided to start college in a new state. I thought I was getting the laughs and ridicule from people that were jealous they didn't have great teeth like mine. I also thought hey they just don't understand a black man can have a great smile. So I go to McDonalds and I'm like no matter what I'm going to sit down in here and eat. No one is in front of me but I make it a point to stand there for a few minutes before saying anything. I step to the counter and ask for a Number 1, I didn't even get to Num before everyone that was looking at me started laughing. There was even children laughing at me and this guy that looked like a bum with missing teeth laughing. I got my food and left out of there so mad I was about to explode. Before I did that one of the guys came outside and was looking at me laughing. I couldn't even see straight so I go home and cried myself to sleep. I'm like I got taken a second time and I was devastated. So the next day I'm like I will have the answers for them so we can get this fixed and I can move on with my life. So I make it a point to talk to numerous people maybe like 50 to 100 from all backgrounds. Poor, well dressed, bums, urban people. It's a shame I had to completely humiliate myself just to get answers. I ask people my doctor sent me on a mission to ask people if they think I had cosmetic work done. I'm like what do you have done and most people are looking straight in my mouth but they are like hey I don't know. I asked this why guy and he was virtually trembling and I felt horrible for even asking. So I saw most people were just not going to say anything because they may have felt it was rude. So I had to ask them questions like my nose, hair, my mouth and nothing. So I say invisalign, braces, dentures and automatically the guy was like yeah you got dentures I just didn't want to say it. He said it looks like you have a mouth full of fake teeth. Some people said my teeth were just very shiny, others said dentures, others said fake teeth. In the end everyone was like I would have noticed them if you didn't say anything but I wouldn't have said anything. So by this time I'm very angry and I'm like how can every last person see something but no one at Atlanta Dental Spa can't see a thing other than they look great and I should be getting compliments on my great natural looking teeth. So on my final appointment to get the back of my teeth polished I meet another dentist and she said how are you doing. I said I'm not good I have people telling me I have dentures, fake teeth they are shiny. Every last person is picking up on these and I need solutions to how we fix this. I want to speak with Dr Boulden. She said well that's between you and dr boulden I'm just here to do the cleaning. Then she started telling me how she does not see a thing wrong with my teeth. She starts saying if I'm okay with them it shouldn't matter what other people think. I told her I didn't care about my first pair I just didn't want to be harassed by others and the exact same thing that happened with those are happening now. Then she goes into Cosmetic Dentist 101 dealing with a unhappy patient. Deny, Deny, Deny and tell them it's all in their head. I said I don't mean any disrespect but I don't want to talk about anything other than how to fix this issue. She was like okay and she continued to polish the back of my teeth. A few minutes later she is telling me about her brother in a wheelchair and how people laugh at him. I'm thinking in my head i wonder how many other patients she told that story to before they paid there money, I can guarantee zero. I'm thinking now that you have my money I should just be fine. So I go in and talk with debbie and by this time I'm pretty upset but I'm thinking she will say Dr. Boulden will contact you when he has time and you can come in another day. Instead she tells me I don't see an issue and there is no problem it's all in your head. We go round and round and she starts trying to mix my words and I tell her debbie I'm not in here to argue I just want to know what will be done to fix the problem. She again says there is no problem so I don't know what you want us to do about it. I leave and I talk to other people I met on realself and they say we can't tell the issue. It's another guy who has issues with his teeth that are crowns and I guess they are not new to the veneers, crowns discussion but I take that advice and say well maybe it is that I live around a bunch of poor jealous people that just aren't use to a black guy having really nice teeth. I called back to the office and said I talked to basically two strangers that said they didn't see the issue. So I'm on my way to the new state in California and I make it a point to stop at gas stations, malls, rest stops and basically every person is picking up on them and most of it is negative. Now I'm in California and everyone I speak with notices them. How can it be in my head if people are looking directly in my mouth laughing. So I wrote a review and of course they were not happy about it. We had a discussion about removing the reviews and doing a partial refund just to make me happy. Dr Boulden said he still does not see a thing wrong with them and he was only doing a refund to make me feel a little better. In the end I could not remove the reviews so it was basically a deal breaker and after going out that night for dinner and being laughed at and followed I said forget a partial refund I want all my money back for shotty work. I did not expect them to accept that offer so I wrote in an email for them to say it was not acceptable and that's exactly what they did. What I'm trying to get through to these folks is I do not care about the money I want to enjoy my life. I can't enjoy my life if people are following me looking at me weird because there is something strange in my mouth. If Dr Boulden said hey I can do a better job here but you will still get unwanted attention and sometimes it may be negative I would have said thanks but no thanks. He said no one would notice a thing and after looking at debbie's veneers i would have to agree with him. The thing is they keep telling me it's all in my head and no one is laughing, staring or giving you a hard time. So now after begging them to help me I'm broke and have no contact with them. My only other option is to keep writing reviews and getting the word out to others. If someone came to me today and said I will give you a million dollars but you will have to live in your current situation of people laughing up in your face and harassing you because you have shiny dentures i would say no thank you. Not saying there is a issue doesn't make it go away.


Another thing the only reason I asked for a full refund because Dr Boulden and the rest of the people said they didn't see anything wrong. I new from the start they would not accept that and tried to explain to them it's not about the money. 75% of the money back won't fix the issue. I want to know what the issue is and how it can be fixed. I'm tired of being told it's all in your head. Those were exactly the same things that were being told to me by the first dentist. All I ask is how this can be fixed if it's simple or something complex. I truly find it hard to believe all these other people are picking up on something that they can't see. I talked to debbie and she said I have exactly what she has and I can't tell she has had dental work done. I can tell that her teeth look great and I would compliment them but not that something is amiss. I really am just looking for the truth and not about people in wheelchairs or how gorgeous I am. I don't want to talk about those things I want to talk about why are people picking up on my dental work and how it can be fixed. At this point I could live in a trailer home with a beat up car and be happy if I can go places without being laughed at or stared at when I open my mouth. I also didn't pay for 10% of people to think I have okay teeth while the other 90% of the world thinks I have shiny fake dentures. Dr Boulden said he wasn't interested in doing anything else to my mouth so the only other option would be a refund. The very last thing I want to do is go through this process again only to be disappointed again. That's why I just need honest answers instead of hey it's all in your head. I will find that cosmetic dentistry book and publish it for all to see. Standard answers for patients we want to get rid of.

Depressed Iraq war veteran

It makes me real sad and want to cry that I can't get answers from Atlanta Dental Spa. All the while Dr Boulden is on here posting about natural looking veneers and he can't even spot the fake shiny dentures called veneers he put in my mouth. If I can help save one person from ending up in my situation I will feel better. Debbie said they would vigorously defend themselves and I welcome that. Maybe I will finally get some answers instead of its in your head. I think if they saw the slightest issue they should have talk to me and prepared me for it. There is no way on this earth that people from South Carolina to California can see something but they see absolutely nothing. I wonder how they will spin this.

He started out great, he even called me and no doctor does that. Once I made final payment and the veneers were cemented he was to busy for me at least that's what debbie said. I guess she thought she had a plan to get rid of me if she could get me to threaten someone but it didn't work. I only put davinci veneers because I didn't see an option for veneers. I know debbie has the Ferrari of veneers. They charged me a arm and a leg and polished up some fake dentures and put them in my mouth. When dr bolden tried in the veneers he said these are great no one will be able to detect you had dental work done. I guess in reality no one can miss my fake dentures called veneers.

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