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I had cellulaze one month ago by Dr. Byrd at byrd...

I had cellulaze one month ago by Dr. Byrd at byrd Astetic and anti -aging center in Roswell Ga. I was treated on the back of my thighs and my buttocks. First I'd like to say if you go on the Cellulaze website they say there will be minor bruising. If you think getting hit by a Mac truck is minor bruising then I guess its minor. I was advised not to work out for two wks after the procedure. Before the procedure I felt put out by this, afterward I understood better. You will not feel like working out believe me.

I am 56 ,5'4 and 125. I work out like crazy and still wear jeans all yr long. I am so embarrassed by my cellulite which has always been bad and is just getting worse as I get older even though I do a tough workout and eat healthy. Before I had my treatment I researched it. From what I read they believe it is permanent which is important to me. I do not have the money to go back every few months and spend thousands for touch ups. I am a single mom and this is ALOT of $ to me. But have been through a very tough divorce and decided to treat myself. I wanted to wait a month to post anything because I figured I'd have some idea if it worked by waiting a month although Dr. Byrd told me 3 months is when I'd be able to see any real improvement.

So far jury is still out I definitely see improvement on the back of my thighs but since there is still swelling and bruising it hard to tell if it is the cellulose or just swelling. btw my spell check keeps correcting the name of my procedure so pls ignore that lol. Dr. Byrd told me it will get worse then better than as swelling goes down. If my thighs remain as they are I will be happy with that. BUT there seems to be NO change on my butt and I am very disappointed in that so far. Trying to be patient since you really have to wait 3 months to begin to see any real changes. So far happy with thighs very displeased with butt.

Well yesterday was my 2 month "anniversary" of my...

well yesterday was my 2 month "anniversary" of my cellulaze treatment. Really see a nice difference on my thighs now see a little on my left buttock but not on my right. Would also like to point out that you must have a realistic attitude going in. I have ALWAYS had very bad cellulite. I work out and check out other woman and must say I have always been on the bad side dispute a very hard work out and eating very healthy. Sometimes you just can't get past poor genes. Some of the "befores" on this site make me laugh as I would be happy if they were my afters! Just would like to feel better about myself when I wear shorts, or am alone with a new man lol! Will post again in a month, hopefully will
have better news on the butt front then!

So at the three month point. Would say it's worth...

So at the three month point. Would say it's worth it. I don't think VIctoria's Secret is going to ask me to model for them anytime soon but I do look better. Especially on my thighs. Still hope by butt gets better not nearly as pleased with that though I do see a little improvement. Dr Byrd says that I will continue to improve for up to a year so there is still time for improvement.

About two wks ago I went in for my 3 month review...

About two wks ago I went in for my 3 month review of my treatment with Dr Byrd. I see a nice difference on my thighs. I might even wear shorts this summer lol. My butt is a different story. I see very little difference there and I am very disappointed. Feel it was worth it on my thighs but a waste of money for my butt. Dr Byrd wants me to come back in July for my 6month follow up so we will see if there is any difference then but at this point I don't hold out much hope

Touch up

Well here is an unexpected update. Three wks ago I received a phone call from Dr. Byrds office asking me to come in for my 6 month check up. Well my 6 month point is in July and I already had an appointment but work had been slow and I had the time so I figured why not just cross this off my to do list. When I went in Dr Byrd checked out my results and offered to do a touch up. I jumped at the chance as I was still unhappy with the results on my butt. They did the touch up the very next wk. The touch up was much less taxing then the original treatment. Dr Byrd wanted to focus more on the tightening aspect of the cellulose (sorry spell check again) treatment this time. I went home and wouldn't you know work called. I had been instructed to rest but I get paid by the hour and being a single mom never say no to work. After my first treatment I would have NEVER been able to go in to work but could this time (although it was very tough to get through the night, it was still do able. My biggest problem was I broke out from the antibiotics Dr. Byrd prescribed. It's been a little over a wk and the bruising is already greatly subsided. I think I already see a little improvement but know that is probably just swelling and I have to be patient and wait at least 3 months. I am happy I chose Dr. Byrd as I feel she takes pride in her for work and cares about the final results. I have my fingers crossed and hope this helps...
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