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I am a 28 year old male who over the course of 3...

I am a 28 year old male who over the course of 3 years lost 10 stone (22 stone down to 12 stone) through changing my diet and exercising. After I lost the weight I was left with a lot of excess skin and tried using a personal trainer to improve the appearance of my body. I did manage to put on muscle mass and decrease my body fat percentage but never visually looked any better due to the skin not being able to shrink as it had been stretched so much. After accepting that I had tried every possible method of improving my appearance I decided to go down the surgery route. After trying to get surgery done on the NHS I was told I would need to wait 18 months for an appointment with a psychiatrist before even being considered for surgery. Since I had put in all the work and determination to get to this point I didn't want to wait another 2+ years to get to an end point so I decided to go private. I found out today that I will be having the procedure 1 week today so decided to create my own 'review' on this page as I found it quite hard to find any stories from men regarding this type of surgery. I've attached a few photos to show the end result of dieting and exercising. As much as I would like to have a few areas worked on, I will be getting an adominoplasty carried out first as I feel this is the main area that needed dealt with. I have been doing a lot of research about post op experiences but as nervous as I am feeling about everything I don't think I will be able to fully prepare myself.

Morning of surgery

I'm just about to have my last drink of water before fasting starts. Going into the hospital in 5 hours and starting to get nervous. I'm also very worried that the Dr might have to re-schedule the surgery as I have a cold starting up and have read online that they won't operate if you're coming down with anything. I hope they don't have to delay as I've been waiting so long to get to this point. We'll see how it goes when I get to the hospital this afternoon.

4 hours post op

Stomach is feel quite tight but isn't too sore, just uncomfortable. It's now 10 at night so I'm having something to eat before taking some pain killers and then I'm going to get some sleep as I'm very tired. Had a peek under my gown but can't tell much due to the dressings. I've got 2 drains in which seem fine.

Surgery Guides

Here's the surgery lines the doc drew on me earlier

Morning after op

Had a very broken sleep last night only managing to sleep for a hour over the whole night. I think it was due to the position I'm having to stay in bed more than anything else. I've noticed the swelling has well and truely started as my stomach feels bigger than before but that'll pass soon I'm sure. Going for a pee has been quite the mission having to get a nurse to help roll me out of the bed to go in a bottle. Seem to have a lot of wind building up as well but luckily my visitors had left by that point haha. I've also had to have one of the drains redressed 3 times over the night and the bedding changed due to leaks. I've added a photo that shows the dressing, apologies but having to take it myself was a bit tricky so it's not great.

Dressings removed

The surgeon has removed the dressings this morning to check how the wounds were healing. I'm getting my drains removed later this morning and then I'll be discharged from hospital too. Feeling sore still but it's bearable. Went for a lot of short walks yesterday and also went up and down 2 flights of stairs a few times. Not been sleeping too well yet though so I keep getting hit with drowsiness when I'm in the middle of conversations haha.

Back in hospital for ultrasound due to swelling

I'm back in hospital today as the the swelling has gotten really bad on one side of the abdomen. In the past 12 hours I have been sweating and then shivering a lot. It's getting harder to get out of bed and this morning I woke up with a bad headache and really dehydrated which is unusual considering the amount of water I've been taking. The dressings have have been cleaned and changed and I've for some blood work getting done now. I'm currently waiting to get an ultrasound to see if there's too much fluid and if so I'll be going back into theatre later today.

Most dressings removed, swelling dramatically better

I've now had most of the dressings removed apart from the belly button and one of the drains at the side which I am cleaning and redressing everyday. The swelling has gone down so much in the past week which was such a relief, I think it may be down to doing a lot of walking (about 4x 3 mile walks last week). Been feeling a bit more pain in my ab muscles the past couple of days and been very sensitive with clothes against my wounds. Not bad enough to go back onto pain killers but I think it might be my nerves starting to heal up again and be able to feel the external incisions.
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