27 Years Old, 2 Kids, Breast Lift Only (Possible Inplants in a Second Stage) - Glasgow, GB

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Cost above is actually £ not $. I have always...

Cost above is actually £ not $.
I have always hated my boobs. From a combination of pregancies, weigh gain and weight loss (more than once) and breast feeding i have been left with very little breast tissue and lots of skin!!
I was adamant i wanted a lift with implants, travelled to meet my surgeon and then shebtold me she wont do lift and implants at the same time. She would only do them as 2 seperate surgeries. I felt so deflated. However after having time to process all the information i could understand the reasons for doing the surgeries in stages and agreed to the uplift only for now. Who knows.....i might be happy after that and not want implants afterall!! (doubtful!)
5 days til surgery!! Starting to feel nervous now.

2 days to go

I am getting very nervous. I also got my period on friday and the combination of nerves and hormones is not great. Praying this surgery will be a success and i will be happy with the results.

Surgery Day!

I am sat in my hospital room and i am sooooooo nervous!! Wish me luck! X

The day after surgery!!

Thank you all for your kind messages. The surgery went well as far as i am told. I wont get to see the new boobs til Tuesday. The op took 3 hours and i had to spend a lot of time in recovery as i forgot to mention how badly i react to morphine. Woops!! I couldnt stop vomitting! All fine once that passed. I am in a lot of discomfort today but its bearable. I will have spent 2 nights in hospital as my surgeon likes them to stay in for 48 hours. Cannot wait to get home.

Home now

I am home now. My breasts aren't too bad pain wise but my back, neck and shoulders are all really hurting. My breasts are aching but it is manageable. Much better now i have the drains out. I wont lie....that was horrible.
The 3 hour drive home wasnt much fun but im on the couch now with my pillows catching up on my tv shows.....bliss. My husband is being very helpful and a good nurse. I am covered in tape at the moment so i will try and get photos on tuesday when i see my surgeon again and have the dressings changed.

The grand unveiling

Went to have allbmy dressings removed and to see my new boobs for the first time today. Bearing in mind they still need to drop slightly into their final position.....i am so happy. Compared to how they were before i just cant believe these belong to me!!! Hopefully i will heal well and continue to be happy.
At the moment i am thinking i wont want implants later on i am happy with the size. Will need to get measured to find out what bra size i actually am. Ive always just guessed as i was too embarrassed by my old boobs to let someone measure me!!!

3 weeks post op

Its been 3 weeks since my surgery. My husband has been home from work for the last 4 weeks to look after me and he goes back to work offshore tomorrow. Thankfully I am able to do most things now, as long as i am still careful and sensible. Main thing is i can drive, that was my main worry that i wouldnt be able to get the kids to school.
I am wearing the flesh coloured tape on my incisions now. Everything is healing well. One breast has settled down more than the other so far but im sure the other one will catch up. As the tissue settles down it will move the areola up a bit so one is still slightly lower than the other at the moment. I am so happy with them though. If you look at the 2 moles in between my breasts and notice the breast position next to the moles...then look at my before pictures and do the same. What a huge difference!!!! Im amazed. Very pleased so far. I get to see my surgeon again on 9th June which i didnt expect. Happy healing everyone xxxxx

4 weeks post op- cant believe it!

After being so overjoyed with how well everything was healing, on of the incisions round my right areola decided to open up! I am soooo squeemish i almost fainted. Ive been told its nothing to worry about, to keep it clean and dry and with a dressing and it should heal on its own. It has been put down to me doing too much too soon. I am terrified i end up with an infection, my husband is on a rig in the North Sea and i am home with our 2 children PLUS i will have my niece and nephew for 3 days too, i cant afford to be out of action now!!!!
Take it easy as long as you can ladies!! This can happen ????
Eva Weiler-Mithoff

I would definitely recommend Ms Mithoff to anyone considering breast surgery. She is very professional and gave me excellent advice. My surgery went well and i am overjoyed with my results!!

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