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Hi, I am 30 years old and 5,3 with a breast cup...

I am 30 years old and 5,3 with a breast cup size of 32G. I have always been concious of my large bust and have been considering a breast reduction for 8 years now. I went for a consultation at age 22 (cup size 32E at this time) and then changed my mind. Since then my breast size has only increased resulting in even more physical and mental strain. No amount of weight loss has ever helped in reducing the size of my breasts. My husband and mother have witnessed my discomfort for years and fully support my decision to have a breast reduction. As I sit here typing this review I am experiencing horrible neck and shoulder pain that I get most days from the weight of my large breasts.
After a consultation with Eva Mithoff on the 15th of December 2015 my decision was final and I am booked in for my operation on the 26th of April 2016 (just over 2 weeks to go) I am both excited and nervous. I have found real self to be a god send and I am grateful to all the ladies who have shared their experiences.
Ps price above is £ not $. I will post photos of pre and post BR.


32g breasts

Inappropriate comments

Hey girls,
I have seen girls on this site complain about inappropriate comments they have received from creepy users. To my dismay! I myself received comments on Friday night. I strongly suspect this user is a man trolling through this site for his own interests. Very weird! I have reported this user to the real self team.

Post op

1 day post op. Pleased its over and done with :-) post op sports bra is 34d in this pic and I still have extra room in this cup. Once swelling goes down I'l see but looking good so far. A few painful episodes post op managed well with pain relief. Do not wish to suffer in silent so no hesitation in reporting pain. All staff I have encountered have been extremely nice and couldn't ask for better care. NHS hospitals in my area provide a fab service and care but Could defo get used to being a private patient. Check out my pics! Can't believe it's me :-)

Post op pic

Healing well (10 days post op)

I am healing well and do not need as much pain relief Now. Over done things today though! Trying to do too much around the house. Been out and about and enjoying my time off work recovering. Had my follow up appointment on tue with my surgeon, although healing is going well and I am very pleased with the outcome and how my breasts look. My breasts are very badly bruised, my surgeon was also surprised at the amount of bruising present, it is not painful but i am hesitant to post pictures at the moment incase it puts people off having a BR. I would recommend a BR to anyone who needs the procedure done :-) I will post pictures once the bruising fades down, I am using arnica as recommended by my surgeon so hopefully it will fade quicker now. Thankfully I am healing well and I am very pleased with my breasts! Eva Mithoff has performed a miracle and I would thoroughly recommend her.

Oozing from left breast

Hi guys, Feeling a bit down in the dumps this week. During sleep I rolled onto my left side I instantly woke with the pain. The pain was quick to resolve and I fell back into sleep, next morning I noticed blood staining on my pj top. After observing my breasts I could see the left breast was oozing a small amount of blood where the t scar joins. I cleaned the area with sterile water and applied inadine and new steristrips. The oozing started again last night, I have to attend the wound clinic at Ross hall hospital this afternoon. Just when you think healing is going well there's a set back like this. I don't regret having my BR surgery but I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself, then I know it was my decision to have this done so don't feel entitled to pity.

Thanks for the support

Thanks peebeeuk and 30HH for your comments, nice to have reassurance on days like this :-) nice tip about pillow nest il be building one tonight. Wound review went well, nurse said its a heamatoma and the wound is in tack! Phew!
She cleaned me up and renewed my dressings. Iv to go back tomorrow late afternoon to get a check with the tissue viability nurse and my surgeon will be at the clinic to cast an eye also. My moods better after the clinic review, feel reassured and well looked after. Nice to come home & log into my profile to find your supportive comments!
Thanks ladies! I will let you know how I get on tomorrow after my surgeon review :-)

Reviewed by surgeon

I was reviewed last night at Ross hall with the tissue viability nurse and my surgeon. All is well , not a heamatoma! Said it was blood oozing from a suture and that there's nothing to worry about. I have a new dressing in place (inadine and micro pore absorbent dressing) to Absorb the blood and keep bacteria at bay. So pleased that's there is nothing to worry about! Shame that the worry put a dampener on my week but after my review my mood lifted straight away. I have been given sterile water, swabs and dressings to keep on top of dressings at home. I will attend my surgeons clinic a week come tue for a further check up, I have been given the all clear to go back to work on Mon :-). Advised to carry out lighter duties which I fully intend to do. I used 3 weeks annual leave for my BR. My work do not know that i have had a BR. My work are aware that I have sciatica So I will claim that my sciatica is bothering me and ask for lighter duties. So relieved that I am healing well and long may it continue. Thanks for all your support realself ladies.

7 months post op

Hi all
Wee update to show how well I have healed. Love my new breasts and finally feel free!! Priceless feeling :-) no regrets!
Eva Mithoff

On meeting Eva Mithoff I quickly felt relaxed. My doctor recommended her and on researching Eva myself through real self and online I am confident that she is the right surgeon for my procedure.

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