34 Year Old One Kid Breast Reduction. Glasgow, GB

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Ok so today I have now started my time off work....

Ok so today I have now started my time off work. I'm thinking how to occupy my day as tomorrow is op day and I'm first on the list at 8am. I'm really anxious and have butterflies in my stomach. I'm just terrified I won't wake up or something will go wrong. Hope I will be a bit more settled tomorrow. Eek!

Goodbye boobies

Thought I'd update a before picture before my op tomorrow

So today's the day

So I've woken up about an hour before my alarm. Feeling a bit anxious still. I guess today it'll be all over. I'm going to have a shower and thinking today will be the last day I have to lift my boobs up to wash under them. Feeling tired already!

So I'm one day post op

I'm not gonna lie i feel absolutely drained and also I little tight chested. The pain isn't to bad just more uncomfortable. I can bear myself to look at them it's a weird feeling

I'm at home tucked up in bed

Still in a little bit of pain. So sleepy and my dressings are soaked getting them changed tomorrow though. I'm really scared to see them though? Anyone else feel like this and a little bit miserable and paranoid

Cold water sensation

Has anyone else had like a tap running or vibrating sensation in their healing boobs. I have just wondering what it could be

So the first picture of my new boobs

Still feel a bit drained. Although managed to eat a bit more today. As I haven't really been feeling up to eating. I know it's probably a long road to recovery but I've been feeling pretty miserable today. Don't regret it just I'm not used to things taking time.

4 days post op

So today I'm still feeling rubbish. I got up and went and sat in the garden for a bit but it was too hot so came back in. Thought I felt up to having a shallow bath came out and felt exhausted. Has some food now I'm tucked up in bed. Feel very weak and lightheaded also my back and neck are aching from trying to sleep this way. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

6 days post op

So today is a much better day got a better sleep last night which in turn made me feel better today. Not in much pain just a heavy feeling on my chest when I stand up and can't really stand up straight yet. Feel it's easier lying down when I can as my chest is quite tight whilst sitting. Went out today and yesterday for a bit but still pretty exhausted. Looking at my boobs before what a difference. I had 1.6kg removed from each breast. Quite a dramatic change. Haven't really noticed the difference on my back yet as my backs still a bit sore from sleeping on it and trying to get comfortable. How long does it take to feel normal standing upright and for the tightness to disperse?

11 days post op

So I thought I'd update a couple of pics. Healing is going well. My left breast he's literally no pain whatsoever. My right breast however has quite bad pulling pain every now and again and if I move sometimes and it's still bleeding a little. I'm trying to take it easy a little bit. Really happy with how they are starting to look though. I know they are still swollen etc but mr chew is a perfectionist

What a difference

Before and after pic

15 days post op

Yesterday I felt great so went out and did a bit of shopping. Today however I feel quite hot and generally rubbish and my breasts have swelled up a bit more than yesterday. Maybe I ended up doing a bit too much. Feel a bit teary and have cried a bit today

16 days post op

Left breast looks a bit more swollen but happy with the look so far

16 day post op

Did anyone else have their anti clotting injection in their arm? Mine still hurts and still a big lump underneath my skin. Also getting pins and needles in my arm.

17 days post op

Went to see the nurse today and I had a seroma on my right breast so she drained most of the bloody fluid out. Maybe that's why my right breast has been so painful although I've not noticed any more swelling in fact I think my left breast looks more swollen. Hopefully that'll be it.


Has anyone went on holiday 4 and a bit weeks after. I'm planned to go to Spain for 9 days but still feeling lacking energy and drained???

20 days post op

Thought I'd do a photo update while I'm changing tape and cleaning.

22 days post op

Went out today and was walking long smiling to myself. I was thinking to myself how great it is that I no longer have to try and hide my boobs or fold my arms over the front of my body so no one can see them. Also I noticed that no one even gave them a second glance. Where as before everyone used to stare at them(or so I thought) great feeling

24 days post op

My breasts are still really hard and especially around all the scars. I thought maybe they would be starting to soften but they are still quite hard. I keep moisturising them too but they are quite dry still. Have felt a little miserable this week I dunno what it is I'm happy with my breasts but I think I'm getting down at the lack of energy I have and how I'm always tired. I think my husband thinks because my boobs seem to be healing well then I should be back to normal now but I just don't feel like doing a lot of things because I'm so exhausted. Hope the tiredness passes soon I think that's what's getting me so down

27 days post op

Hi just a little update. Today my breasts are sooooo itchy I could scratch them off. Also my right breast is still really hard under my arm and all along my stitches it's feels really uncomfortable. Although my left one doesn't seem to be as hard. Got a little bit of shooting pains today in my left breast. See the nurse again on Thursday then off on holiday on Friday to Spain so I'm hoping the heat won't be too much and I can relax on the sun.

One month post op

Wow one month has passed really quickly since I had it done and it will soon be time to go back to work. Boooo! My right breast is still quite red hard and square it just feels totally different to my left one.

Still quite mishapen

5 weeks post op

Updated photo. On holiday at the min feeling pretty good. Right boob still leaking yellow fluid from T junction. Think the sun has done me good. Have had some quite annoying upper back pain the last few days

8 weeks post op

Thought I'd do a quick update as I've just been getting on with life. My energy levels are now back it took a while. I'm back at work and loving my new boobies I'm half the person I was before. My right boob is still a bit hard underneath so they look a bit uneven still but I'm not too bothered. I'm just relieved they're small and not breaking my back anymore. I can't even remember having big boobs now it's a distant memory. I could still do with losing a stone now and going to aim to get back in the gym. My boobs still feel quite tight at the scars. I went for a little run the other day and God they hurt afterwards. So I'll ease myself in gently. Best thing ever though and wish I done it sooner I'm loving blending in with everyone else now

11 weeks post op

Does anyone else have tight scars underneath my scars are still really tight?
Ben chew

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