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I am 5'3", 145lbs. I am in pretty good...

I am 5'3", 145lbs. I am in pretty good shape and run 3 miles 3 times a week, plus do yoga several times a week.

I had smart lipo done yesterday on the outer thigh, inner thigh, and inner knee. I go back in 3 weeks for hips, lower abdomen, and upper abdomen. Total cost for 6 areas was just over $10K.

SURGERY: Experienced only minor discomfort, but overall it was pretty easy. I thought being awake would be way weird but it wasn't bad. When they fill you up with the lidocain, it feels and looks gross, but is not painful. A few times I could feel the heat of the laser. And a few times during the suction when the doctor got near the edges of where the lidocain was I could feel some discomfort, but nothing really bad. I took 1mg Xanax and a vicoden before surgery. I didn't feel loopy during surgery at all, I felt alert, but got a little sleepy and a little out of it by the end.

PAIN: I slept for a couple hours after I got home from the surgery. When I woke I hurt pretty bad and I was soaking in drainage and it was gross. But I got up and took a shower and felt much better after that. That was the worst part of the pain I have felt. I laid there for about 30 minutes feeling pretty shitty before I decided to get up. But getting up, moving around, and I think getting more drainage out in shower helped me feel much better.
Today, I am ok today. I had my surgery from 7am - 10:30am yesterday. I am luckily able to work from home today. My husband stayed with me all day yesterday after surgery. Today I am home alone but getting around myself totally fine. I am stiff and I walk funny, I am fairly bruised, but overall feel fine and am only taking tylenol.

DRAINAGE: Way more disgusting and excessive than I had expected. YOU MUST HAVE A SECOND COMPRESSION GARMENT. I feel like they should automatically give you two garments, there is no way you can suffice with just one because they get so soiled. When I got home from surgery I was a little out of it. I laid down on my bed (we had LUCKILY prepared bed with a shower curtain liner and many towels for me to lay on as to not ruin the bed. This was totally needed) and after passing out for a couple hours I woke soaked in nastyness. My garment was soaked, even though my port holes all had a maxipad over them. I had to wash the garment, I luckily happened to have a Spanx I could use while the one they gave me was in the wash, but it is not quite long enough to cover my inner knees.

I left surgery center at about 11:00 and took a shower at 2pm. I stood there and pushed a bunch of drainage out and it was way gross lol. They say have someone in the bathroom with you for your first shower in case you pass out. My husband was in the bathroom, took my nasty compression garment to wash it, saw blood dripping down my legs, and I thought my HE was going to be the one to pass out! There was blood everywhere. It is really bad. He put towels down as a pathway from my bed to the bathroom so I didn't mess up the carpet. You seriously need an extra garmet and about 700 towels and hopefully someone to help wash everything.

I took ANOTHER shower at around 8pm that night and pushed more drainage out. This time after the shower I put the other compression I had washed earlier back on, and my husband put the spanx in the wash. Again, the spanx was soiled even through the maxipads. I took a third shower when I woke this morning at around 9am. The drainage has slowed considerably. But I still had to wash my compression garment I wore to bed last night again.

I found it easiest to stand in tub after shower and tape the maxipads over the port holes. Then use a wash rag to wash excess blood that is dripping down legs. Then step out of shower onto a towel to put compression garment on (Pretty hard to do when you are sore, that part kind of sucks). Then put some sweats on and head back to bed to rest after laying a new, clean set of towels down over shower curtain. You need to wash a set of towels and the compression garment you are wearing each time.

-- A second compression garment
-- A shower curtain liner, or some kind of plastic protection for your bed
-- Lots of towels for the bed
-- Maxi Pads and surgical tape to cover port holes
-- A blanket that is easy to wash
-- Several pairs of sweat pants (you will want to swap out and wash these also)
-- Also towels to protect carpet where you will be walking, literally blood drips down your legs, it gets all over the place. I suggest laying towels out from bed to bathroom.
-- Tylenol

TBD. They say they removed 3.5 pounds of fat (I can't remember number of cc's). That didn't seem like a lot to me considering my thighs are huge lol. Thighs were my biggest area of concern. They are so swollen and bruised it is hard to tell, although my outer thighs do already seem to look smoother than before. Will continue to update as I heal and add pics soon.

Sorry I keep forgetting to upload my photos to my...

Sorry I keep forgetting to upload my photos to my computer. I do have several. But here is the recovery process status. Recovery was easy for me, I didn't experience bad pain like others. The leakage was the biggest annoyance.
-- Got surgery Wednesday morning
-- Worked from home Thursday and Friday. I was stiff but able to get around fine and could have gone in to the office if I had needed to, especially Friday.
-- Walked (slowly) 1 mile both Thursday and Friday and was fine. Seemed mobility made the pain lessen. The more I sat, the stiffer I was.
-- Friday night I went dancing lol. Literally, 2 days after my surgery, went out, wore heels I was fine. I was out for 3 hours and left early not because of pain, but because the leakage was bad still and the maxi pads filled so decided I better go.
-- Saturday I went to baby shower and then to dinner party, was on my feet all day. Again, the more I moved the more I leaked that was the only issue.
-- It took over a week for the leakage to stop but it was really bad for like 5 days
-- I rested most of the day Sunday then I jogged (much more slowly than usual) a 5K on Monday evening. I was pretty sore the next day, that was probably pushing it.
-- I walked/jogged another 5K on Thursday (8 days out)and I was OK that time.
-- I jogged again at day 11
-- I was back at my normal 5K pace on day 15
-- I did a 5K race this past Sunday and my time was about the same as the race I did just prior to the surgery. That was 2.5 weeks out and all the pain, stiffness, etc was totally gone.
-- I'm still wearing the garment all day, even when working out. I hate sleeping in it, it is uncomfortable, so a few times in the night I've ripped it off lol. But for the most part I wear it all the time.

I am still unsure how I feel about the results. I don't see a difference in my inner knee, which is frustrating since the Doctor added that at the last minute. My inner thigh looks the same too. My outer thighs seem to be smoothed out a bit. However, my thighs are visibly uneven. One is definitely bigger than the other which is frustrating. All the pain and swelling seems to be gone at this point, I leaked so much it seems most of the fluid made its way out of me, but still my thighs are very uneven.

I go in for my second surgery this week. I am going to talk to the doctor about the thighs. This next surgery I do Hips, Upper and Lower Abs.

I was originally supposed to do upper arms too. But then they added the inner knee at the last minute during my last surgery like I mentioned. Instead of doing arms I might just not do that at all and call it an even swap (knees for arms). For one, doing this in the summer is silly. If you do it do it in the winter when it is more comfortable to cover up. If I do arms, they won't be able to do it until July and I don't want to wear long sleeves in July. But the main thing is that so far the results are OK, but not worth what I paid. I want to wait to see how it all turns out before forking out more money.

Ok Posted THIGH pics. -- Before pics taken about...

Ok Posted THIGH pics.
-- Before pics taken about 2 weeks before Surgery (Surgery was on June 1st).

-- Pics at exactly 1 week!! My Captions lie lol, I just looked at the date those were actually Wednesday, June 8.(which makes more sense the bruising wasn't that bad after 2 weeks. Will see if I can update captions.)

-- Pics at 19 days (Monday, June 20). Plus some pics of bruising and the gory carnage u can look forward too lol.

Day after tomorrow, on to more fat sucking fun! Will see how the abs go.

Updated captions. Please note how I am wearing...

Updated captions. Please note how I am wearing the same panties in the before and 1 week pics lol. Perfect for comparisons. I see a slight difference, but not 5K worth. Especially the due to the unevenness. Hopefully after the rest of my surgeries are done, and more time for the fat to settle lol, it will work out.


Again, changed the plan. Was supposed to do Upper/Lower Abs and Hips. For various reasons went with the waist instead. I was more comfortable with this decision than the change we made last time.

Last time, I was already standing there naked, already had taken Xanax and Vicodin, already feeling a little vulnerable as the doctor (whom I had never met before this) circled my fat with her marker lol. Then she was like "Oh we really need to do inner knee if we are going to do inner thigh." I don't think I was in a state of mind to argue. I never had issue with my knee fatness . But it seemed like in her experience she would know what would produce the best results. Maybe in time I will appreciate that decision, but for now I am not super happy with my inner knee, I see no difference, would have rather done my arms as planned, so I am upset I added it. I was more concerned over my arms, and now I don’t think I am going to be able to do that. I am also not super happy with my inner thigh, which was a primary area I did want done, I just don’t see much of a difference there.

This time, I requested to consult with the doctor before all the surgery prep and before my drugs were taken. I discussed with her my issues with my thighs and their unevenness, where I see pouchy pockets of fat, how I see no difference in inner knee etc, and how I was a little frustrated with everything. She said they could not do anything that day to fix the thighs (they were already 1 HOUR late with my appointment, I arrived at 12:30pm and was not seen until 1:30pm, had 3 areas to do, and doc had another appointment at 5pm - ARRRRRRRG.)
Plus the doctor says that it really takes a couple of months for everything to settle and even out, it’s not an instant fix, they can't do revisions this early on.

This place does do FREE revisions at 6 months if you are not happy with the results. That is actually one primary reason I picked them. But what a bummer to spend this much money, have to deal with uneven thighs with lumps for the time being, and then go thru all this drainage and stiffness and mayhem again in 6 months. I am like 99% positive I am going to need a revision, they say it is too soon to tell, but whatever, we will see. Hopefully they will be able to fix what I am frustrated with, but certainly the added inner knee is money out the door I think I should not have added that. I didn't like how that was thrown at me in that state. I wish I had met with the doctor prior to the surgery.

Was supposed to do Hips/Upper and Lower Abs. But after more understanding on how all this goes, and now that my hips were more fluid with my outer thigh from previous surgery we decided to exchange hips for waist.

SURGERY: I felt this surgery was a little more uncomfortable than the thighs. Filling up with lidocain I felt more poking pain this time. Plus the sensation of getting filled up was much more, I can't describe it, just more uncomfortable. I was also on my period this time, which apparently makes you more sensitive. I just had to close my eyes and breathe a little deeply and kind of meditate to relax a bit. I almost asked for more xanax but it wasn't that bad so just stuck through it. The laser, this time was easier. Last time I felt the heat several times and it hurt, but this time I felt nothing at all from the laser.
The actual suction seemed much worse than the thighs. Just like last time there was some pain when she got near sensitive spots, or when she was at the edges of the lidocain. That was similar to last time. It was not bad pain, just quick jabs that made me go "Ahhhh" for a second then was over. But the vibration of the suction made my whole tummy feel just gross and weird. Again, it was just way more uncomfortable, overall I felt just more icky this time. Still, I would not call the process painful per se, it was just not pleasant (the thighs were not like a fun walk in the park either, but the tummy was just more sensitive and a bit harder to take). Overall, it is not bad.
They took WAY LESS FAT this time. I was already not super happy with the results on my thighs, and she removed much less fat from my abs/waist. So we will just have to see how it turns out.

PAIN: I got my surgery yesterday from 1:30-5:30. Pain has not been bad. It is 11am. Walking I feel no pain, laying down I feel no pain, it is slow/stiff to sit or bend over. Might take some time to kick in. I've also been utilizing my Vicodin this time :). I took one when I woke so that might be why but I am getting around fine, took a shower on my own early this morning (Mom came to help a bit), am now doing my work and getting laundry done etc. I feel OK.

DRAINAGE: Luckily the doctor put a port hole in the center of my lower abs just above my pubic hair line. I was terrified of the idea of getting "utters" which I have read on here from others - basically where the drainage seeps down into your va-jay-jay and your lips get giant like utters lol. That has not happened (yet lol). I did drain a lot. I used the same process. I bought an extra compression garment at the doctor this time. I put shower liner/towels on my bed (Yes, Needed). Slept for a couple hours. Took shower at around 8pm. Had to wash first garment and towels I was sleeping on, put new maxi pads, new garment, this time I get to wear a lovely diaper to help with the drainage from the hole at the pubic line (see the lovely pics ha ha).
I found the drainage was harder to push out in the shower than the legs. But it seems to be seeping into my maxipads/diaper just fine. I am pretty swollen/bloated today, but for some reason in the shower it is not working as well to push the fluids out. I have my post-op appointment today I will ask them about that.

I feel better today then I did the day after my legs. However, due to diaper I look funny it would be hard to hide under clothes. Again, luckily I can work from home. I would not want to have to go to work this way.

I don't feel super optimistic at this point which is a bummer. They barely removed any fat yesterday, half as much as from thighs in previous surgery. $10K for all of this, that is a TON of money. I did not expect to look like a super model. But I am in good shape, just flabby from getting older and losing weight that I had gained previously. I wanted to get rid of this flab that my running/yoga hasn't gotten rid of. I guess only time will tell.
Physicians Skin and Weight Center, Menon

I went to Sono Bello and a couple of plastic surgeons in the area for quotes before choosing them. For the most part, I have been happy with them. There have been some minor annoyances. They switched doctors on me and had to push out my surgery by a week, but it wasn't their fault, as the doctor I was scheduled with took a sudden leave of absence. But still, pretty irritating. Also, I did not plan on doing my knees. That was a last minute addition the doctor said I would not be happy unless I added it, which is why I feel you should meet with the doctor first, not just the sales consultant. I felt the doctor was very rushed. There was another appointment right after mine. I was supposed to have my arms done too, but she said they already used too much lidocain. That may have been true, I would not want to be unsafe, but just as she finished the three areas she rushed out to another appointment. She would not have had time to do a 4th area for me anyway. That felt a little frustrating. Anyway, it is too soon to say if I recommend this place or not. But the site is making me choose, and overall I have been happy with the staff there. So, as long as things continue to go well, so far I say I recommend them. :) I have a second surgery in three weeks.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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5 out of 5 stars Payment process
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